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(Self Release) Reviewed 20th October 2017

Fronted by Anna Rogg, Inner Core is a Symphonic Metal band that come from Germany. There are ten tracks on this recording, and it all gets going with the 8 minute plus epic title track that is as catchy as hell and exhibits awesome guitar and keys. ‘Sweet Addiction’ follows, is equally as good and bounces along rather nicely thank you. I am beginning to like this record from this band with the gloriously Symphonic ‘Snowstorm’ maintaining the momentum. This is in fact a good album with further good cuts including the catchy and melodic hard rock sounding ‘Crucified’, the keyboard led ‘Screw That’, the bouncy ‘Blame’, zikes, I give up, here is another album where every track is a melodic corker. Oh, and I just love the track ‘Monsters’ another 8 minute epic! This record sure is well worth checking out, the band’s Facebook is here...10/10 (Dave)


(Self Released) Reviewed 12th October 2017

INFINITAS come from Switzerland and CIVITAS INTERITUS is their striking debut album, chock full of awesome Folk/Metal. The striking, concise and extremely powerful voice of frontwoman Andrea sings the compositions with dedication. And, with her solid vocal repertoire, she also shows herself as being extremely changeable and multifaceted. The complex arranged, elaborate staged interplay of guitar, violin, bass and drums cooperates in an ingenious way, and it all goes together rather nicely. Everything on this record ticks all the right boxes, mixing Metal with Folk and even incorporating some thrash elements too. Fave tracks include 'Samael' and 'Amon' but these are only two that are plucked from a album full of classic cuts. The closing track starts with an atmospheric spoken acoustic medieval intro, leading into a few minutes of relaxing flowing water, before a reprise of the track 'Samael' comes blasting out of the speakers. This album is a good un, the band's website is here...8.5/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 5th September 2017

Kari Rueslåtten has of the finest voices of alternative Nordic folk-pop. She is known for her dark-edged melancholy, always aiming to uncover the beauty hiding in the dark. She was one of the founder members of the progressive doom metal band The 3rd and the Mortal. The band was a source of inspiration for many other bands worldwide, among them Nightwish and The Gathering. After leaving The 3rd and the Mortal in 1995 she has released six solo studio albums, and one collection, even taking time out between 2005 and 2013. Kari has now released this, her latest offering. And you know something, this is just simply beautiful! Kari's voice is awesome, shear perfection to be perfectly honest! I am not going to list any tracks as everything here is damn awesome from opener 'Believer' to the closing 6 minute plus title track. Take a trip to her Facebook here, and if you want to listen to a masterpiece from one of the best voices in the business, this is it!...9.5/10 (Dave)


(Atlantic Records) Reviewed 23rd July 2017

Fronted by Maria Brink, I like this band. They released their debut ‘Beautiful Tragedy’ in 2007 and basically haven’t looked back since. ‘Beautiful Tragedy’ released on March 20, 2007, backed by the singles ‘Prayers’, and title track ‘Beautiful Tragedy’, combined sounds of metalcore and hard rock, while the lyrics drew from Brink’s personal experiences about abandonment and tragedies. The hard rock/metalcore sound was apparent until the release of ‘Blood’ in 2012, which took on a more industrial style. Now in 2017, we have their 6th effort and rather good it is too. I have already seen mixed reviews of this album, but to me it is a grower. Kicking of with an atmospheric intro, the first single ‘Oh Lord’ kicks in and once it gets going delivers a catchy chorus. ‘Black Wedding’ borrows the chorus from Billy Idol’s ‘White Wedding’, while there is a faithful reproduction of the Phil Collins song ‘In the Air Tonight’, given the Maria Brink treatment. Overall, the album is less sexually provocative than their previous album ‘Black Widow', with Maria Brink stating that: "I wanted to show people and definitely women a different side of strength in me that was a really powerful force in me that didn't need the sexual part, so there's definitely a more serious overtone...a more serious deeper side of us." To my ears the record seems to get going as we progress through the tracks with some belters popping up including the melodic thumper ‘Half God Half Devil’. I like this record, damn good and well recommended…9/10 (Dave)


(Nail Records) Reviewed 14th July 2017

Here we have from these Hungarians fronted by Anita Kun, an absolutely awesome slab of Alternative Rock/Metal coupled with oudles of melody to welcome these summer days. There are eleven tracks of mainly up tempo awesome mind blowing music, with the odd ballad thrown in to slow things down a bit. The album from this band that has been going since 1994 is released in both Hungarian and English and is well worth checking out. Their Facebook page can be found here... 9.25/10 (Dave)


(Pitch Black Records) Reviewed 8th June 2017

Formed in 2009 and fronted by charismatic vocalist Zoe Federoff, US/Canadian act INSATIA released their self-produced debut album ("Asylum Denied") in 2013 and has since then opened for multiple international acts, including Sonata Arctica and Dark Tranquility among others. This, the band's upcoming release is a 10 track melodic power metal album with masterfully blended folk and symphonic elements, all wrapped up in this neat little package. The emphasis is more on melody and less on power and to top it all off, Zoe Federoff's amazing poppy vocal style adds a spectacular dimension to the album's already superb atmosphere. The album features guest performances by Apollo Papathanasio (ex-Firewind, Spiritual Beggars), Chris Amott (ex-Arch Enemy, Armageddon), Christian Hermsderfer (ex-Visions Of Atlantis, Serenity) and Erica James (The Erica James Band) as well as the astonishing artwork of talented artist Gogo Melone. This record is due June 23rd and well worth checking out....8.75/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 9th May 2017

KARKAOS, has evolved into one of the most reputable and celebrated melodic extreme metal acts hailing from Montreal, QC. Unleashing their debut LP 'Empire' in 2014 and EP 'In Burning Skies' in 2011, this female-fronted band returns in 2017 with this their forthcoming offering, which features new vocalist Viky Boyer, drummer Justine Ethier (Blackguard) and lead guitarist Samael Pelletier. Due out May 26th 2017, this is an album for fans of Epica, In Flames, Arch Enemy, Amon Amarth, Children Of Bodom, Iced Earth among many others. Featuring collaborations with guest artists Lindsay Schoolcraft from Cradle of Filth and Morgan Lander from Kittie, this new record from the band is an absolute belter. It hammers along from the opening whistle, with clean female vocals and growls to boot. After a brief intro the track 'Skymaster' gets things going good and proper and it continues with thundering tracks like ‘Kolossos’, the belting ‘Children of the Void’, the ultra heavy 'Tyrants', the Power Metal feel of 'Lightbearer' and the closing mid paced melodic 'Bound By Stars'. In summary, this is a thundering release, and with melody always bubbling under the surface will appeal to a wide range of metal fan, more so those at the heavier end of the spectrum. The band’s facebook is here… 8.25/10 (Dave)


(Bagana Records) Reviewed 9th May 2017

KILLIN' BAUDELAIRE fronted by Elisa Helly Scandella is an all female rock band from Italy and this is their debut EP, featuring 4 tracks of uptempo and catchy Alternative Rock/Metal. The EP is strictly connected to the symbolic image in the front cover and to the related concept behind it.
It's a wordplay that connects immediately to that image, but also consequently related to the concept of Love. A Love that is supposed to taste like sugar, but like every human expression, reveals also a dark side. The music that includes a cover of the tune 'Summertime Sadness', the worldwide famous song originally from Lana Del Rey is good and I recommend this little release...8.5/10 (Dave)


(Napalm Records) Reviewed 27th April 2017

The latest offering from Kobra and the Lotus, is a rock juggernaut full of blistering guitars, pounding rhythms and haunting vocal melodies that will take the listener on a sonic journey leading them out from the darkness and into the light. Produced by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Amaranthe, Epica etc) and mastered by Grammy award winning Ted Jensen, there are some pounding and highly melodic songs on this record, this well showcased in the opener 'Gotham'. Further classic numbers include the very catchy 'You Don't Know', the monstrous 'Specimen X (The Mortal Chamber)', the anthemic 'Light Me Up' and the bouncy closer 'Prevail'. The songs here will undoubtedly usher the band to a much deserved elevated hard rock status. Evolution is inevitable and Kobra And The Lotus have delivered their most powerful album to date, Prevail I is here, with Prevail II to complete the story in the not too distant future. This album due 12th May...awesome, totally...9/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 25th April 2017

Based in London, but with a distinctly international flavour (two Brits, an Australian and a drummer from Siberia), Kill For Eden has been making high-octane heavy rock together since 2011. The band’s singer Lyla D’Souza is a seasoned professional hailing from Australia - Dave Garfield Brown is a veteran guitarist who has toured alongside acts from Joe cocker to Rammstein - alongside bassist Julian Palmer and drummer Wally Miroshnikov. This new release that features guest performances from singer Doogie White (Rainbow, Michael Schenker Group) and guitarist Dave Colwell (Bad Company), is an impressive offering of tunes including a cover of the Republica song ‘Ready To Go’. There is variety here on this record including rockers like the opener ‘Burn Out’, the pop/rock feel of ‘Woke Up Alone’ with its powerful lyrics, the poppy ‘Love You So’, the metallic but melodic ‘Give In To Me’, the rocking ‘Toe The Line’ and the acoustic vibe of ‘Brave New World’. Everything here in-fact is good, a great record from a band that deserve loads of success. Worth of a purchase - facebook is here… 8.75/10 (Dave)


(Maqueta Records) Reviewed 19th March 2017

Ida Elena is the Singer/songwriter/frontwoman of the awesome band Bare Infinity, but she is also a solo artist performing Medieval Rock, Celtic Rock, Folk and World Music. This five track EP is aweseome. Do not expect a blast of Symphonic Metal, but do expect five tracks of the aforementioned style of music - I like to call it camp fire music. Very catchy and it will have you dancing around your living room in no time whatsoever. All the numbers here are good, but I do rather like the title track, the whole little package closing with 'Folliapoesia' sung in Ida's native tongue. The is EP is a beautiful little package and I can well recommend it. Ida's website is here... 8.5/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 19th March 2017

Reminiscent of Arch Enemy and Carcass backed up by some seriously beefy riffs like Gojira’s musical sound with Lamb of God’s groove elements, IMPAVIDUS sure do rock. With pounding songs that flow offering groove laden heavy riffs and driving beats, coupled with ferocious vocals from Michelle mixed occasionally with melodic vocals, Impavidus sound like nothing else on the Manchester Metal scene at the moment. This EP is a four track metallic beast of an album and in all honesty, this is what Metal is all about, surely? Call it what you like but this EP is awesome - four tracks of Melodic Death Metal at it's best. And what a vocal performance from Michelle, she can scream like a demented honey monster one moment, and like an angel the next! The band's Facebook is here, this EP is worth checking out... 8.5/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 13th March 2017

German Band Killing Suzy fronted by Ambra is a DarkRock/Gothic Metal band and I understand this to be their debut release. There are 10 tracks here of mainly mid to up tempo synth/guitar driven Gothic Rock with a catchy, melodic and at times retro feel. This is a good album from this band and is worth checking out. The band’s Facebook is here. A brief review but a worthy 8.25/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 10th March 2017

Originally, IGNEA was formed in early 2011 under the name PARALLAX, as the first Ukrainian band to play Oriental Metal. After active rehearsals in summer 2012, the band started working on the debut EP titled 'Sputnik'. Its concept is based on space topics, in particular on Mars and first ever human-made Earth satellite, Sputnik-1, as well as John Carter movie and Pioneer One series. In the Autumn of 2015, the band changed its name to IGNEA and released the debut video for the track 'ALGA'. The band is led by Helle Bogdanova — clean & extreme vocals & lyrics and Evgeny Zhytnyuk — keyboards, extreme vocals. There is certainly some up tempo and bouncy music on this record and very enjoyable it is too, while the band can slow it down on tracks like ‘Theatre’ and the orchestrated Folky feel of ‘How I Hate The Night’. The Oriental theme runs through this awesome record in a subtle way and although there are growls, they are used sparingly. I would fully recommend this album to all and sundry, Ignea’s Facebook is here. A great release!... 9/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 19th December 2016

Invocation Array is an epic story-driven electronic music duo consisting of extraterrestrial musicians, Cerys and Kailani. I know as I met them when their spacecraft arrived at the bus stop the other day. Seriously, this duo are good, basically plying the trade by way of electronic rock music, with the emphasis on the electro elements.I reviewed their debut 'A Color For Fiction' last August and was impressed. This album keeps up the momentum of the debut and has strong crossover appeal, featuring 10 tracks of catchy electro Pop/Rock. Consistent and impressive, may not be one for the metal heads, but good nonetheless... 8.5/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 29th November 2016

The new Infinitus Mortus album is here. Fronted by Mariana Santiago (female vox) and Vincent Meehen (male vocals), the band offer a mix of heavy driven Metal, coupling it with strong hooks and melodies that will please a wide range of music fans. Making music that would go down a storm in Europe, this New Jersey band with their main man Steve (Stoki) have pulled of yet another fine release to add to their previous two albums('2012' and 'The Conspiracy of Love').This is a corker of a Symphonic Metal record with the opening salvo of 'The Planet Of Sorrows Pt 1 and Pt 2’ kicking things of rather nicely. Then the ultra-melodic 'Pieces of Her Broken Heart' follows, this being a catchy Symphonic Rocker with a great choral back drop towards the end of the track. The awesomeness continues with ‘Dreams Deferred’, the folky ‘Into The Void’, the awesome ‘Bloodlust’ ( a remake originally on the ‘2012’ album), while the closing track ‘Un-happily Ever After’ is a piano driven classical version of the cut that appeared on ‘The Conspiracy Of Love’, the band’s previous effort. This album is a good un – the band’s Facebook is here… 8.5/10 (Dave)


(Red Vixen Records) Reviewed 3rd November 2016

On November 11th, JOANovARC release their raw, raunchy and powerful debut album ‘Ride Of Your Life’, through Red Vixen Records. Fronted by Sam Walker, 'Ride Of Your Life' finds JOANovARC at their full creative tilt. Describing themselves as “Puss In Boots”, this four piece force of nature has delivered a statement of intent with their debut album. There are eleven tracks on this recording delivering consistent hard-hitting, retooled classic rock with a modern and melodic twist. This is a pleasing release, inoffensive rock music for the winter nights that lie ahead. Produced by Grammy Award winning Gil Norton (The Pixies, Foo Fighters) this album has the essence of an old school record. Recorded at the legendary Rockfield Studios in Wales, the album encapsulates and distils perfectly JOANovARC’s live energy. Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) has said that these girls shred. That sounds about right to me as these girls not only shred, but also give you the ride of your life. Recommended… 8.25/10 (Dave)


(Self Released) Reviewed 30th June 2016

JTR SICKERT was formed in 2005 from an idea by guitarist/composer of that time, and then producer of electronic music and Tecno DJ, Daniele Rezzaghi. It’s with this fusion of electronic and heavy metal sounds that gave creation of this project. Shortly after, Rez contacted and proposed the idea to his friend Billy T Cooper, who accepted enthusiastically to become the band's frontman. Together, they decided to include a female voice and shortly after Erika Miraglia was recruited, who positively shared the ideas of the two composers. The band then took on the name JTR Sickert, an acronym of the 19th Century painter, Walter Richard Sickert, considered by the criminalist writer Patricia Cornwell to be Jack The Ripper, hence JTR. There have been changes in the female vocalist department, with Emy Zona now handling those duties, and now 2016 sees the release of this album. And it is flippin' good too. In-fact this is my first foray into this band's music, and basically they throw at the listener 10 tracks of melodic industrial metal, with the pounding 'The Quest For God' a fave track of mine from this specific record together with the awesome ‘Oblivion’, with its little bit of rap. Indeed, everything on this record ticks all the right boxes, including further tracks like the hideously catchy and quirky ‘Enjoy A New Leader’ and the blistering pen ultimate number ‘A Great Dope World’. The band’s website is here… 8.5/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 6th May 2016

Ideal Pain ply their trade from Greece and they are fronted by Sandra Kakioni, with considerable help from a guy called Heretic who conceived the band in 2015. The album which is the band’s debut offers up ten tracks of Gothic Metal with a strong keys/synths influence running throughout the record. And I must add that this is rather good, and they can even throw in a rather cool instrumental to boot - ‘Dark Injection’. Without going into too much detail, this release is consistently good with a strong melodic undercurrent, something that we applaud here at Ravenheart. I seem unable to name any stand out cuts due to the consistently good music on this album. Anyway, check out the band for yourself at their website Recommended… 8.5/10 (Hannah Cooper)


(Inverse Records) Reviewed 22nd April 2016

Being a young and dynamic band, Kratos from Romania adapts to a new style which is reflected in this their new album. With a new image and line up, the band, who released their first EP in 1997 charges the Metal arena with a bombastic offering of nine songs and a bonus track album, which focuses on the drama, life contrast and inner struggles of the soul, a psychological puzzle “like an Arlechino act”. We- freaking killers, we-angels, we - victims, we- playful children, we-gods, devils, we- creating our own intriguingly and suspicious vision about universe and life, "lying ourselves with such a grace..". In fact, the album is a transposition of universal evolution of the human spirit, revealing such a stunning bouquet of feelings and emotions. On 'Arlechino' can be heard theatrical voices, especially angelic female voices (compliments Monica Barta) with an unusual construction regarding the backing vocals. All this is supported by a symphonic orchestra combined with dark and atmospheric passages, and with the intriguing sounds of an anvil to boot. Dramatic intense stuff eh? and guaranteed to blow your mind. I do rather like this, mixing metal with the symphonics and very well done too. We certainly seem to be getting some heavy stuff coming our way at the moment, and by and large, it is all very good. Indeed, the numbers on this album are consistent, everything hitting the right buttons, but I do currently rather like second track in, ‘Fishing’, although I feel that upon repeated listens, this may change. The record gets released 6th May, the band’s website is here… this is a well recommended album from a very good Romanian band!!...8.5 /10 (Dave)

INFRARED...S/T 5 track EP

(Self Release) Reviewed 12th April 2016

Infrared so happen to be four musicians from Milan who decided to finally give their music a shape. Their sound is initially influenced by the alternative rock of the 90s and has become a more contemporary, energetic one, oriented to the pursuit of melody. Many different kinds of music mix together within this 5 track EP to bring to the listener a pop, funky, post-rock, electronic and noise vibe. Tania Tiozzo's occasional soulful and at times seductive voice works a treat, backed up by a competent band of musicians. All five cuts here are kool and to be honest, have appeal that should in the ideal musical world see the band cross over quite easily into the mainstream. The band’s website is here - I do rather like this.. 8.75/10 (Dave)


(Nordavind Records) Reviewed 8th March 2016

Portuguese female fronted Gothic Metallers INNER BLAST so happen to be a breath of fresh air in a crowded and at times predictable scene. In a word, their music can be described as inspiring; everyone in the band pushes the envelope and sets new standards not just for themselves but for everyone playing in the style internationally. Fronted by a young lady called Liliana, I must say that this is a fine effort from the band, and furthermore, Liliana does the growly vocal bits as well so I understand. She also at times sounds to me like Sharon Den Adel (Within Temptation). 'Prophecy' is a highly accomplished and mature effort with some excellent tracks like the opener, the rather bombastic and symphonic ‘Private Nation‘, second track ‘Insane’, is insanely good, then there is the anthemic ’Tears’ and the Middle Eastern sounding ’Time Machine’ to name just a few. Here we have an up and coming bunch of musicians, a band that surely is on the path to making a name for themselves. A tantalizing, mesmerizing and scintillating release. The band’s website is here - all nine numbers are well recommended within the context of the album, that FYI gets released 15th April...8.5/10 (Hannah Cooper)


(Self Released) Reviewed 7th March 2016

High octane heavy rock is described on the band's facebook page ( as the style of music London band Kingbreaker throw at the listener, and that is an apt description me thinks. Fronted by the powerhouse vocals of Spinky who Dave tells me is Rebecca Spinks from The Mariana Hollow, this cd should be one of total orgasmic pleasure to any lover of British hard/heavy rock. No soppy sugary ballads here as the band gets straight to the point in the opener 'Outlaw', which is then followed by further pulsating tracks that include 'At The Kill', the pounding 'Shock Trauma' and the closing track 'Bury The Witness'. This is a thundering debut - hard rock done the British way and the way the only the Brits know how - well recommended.. 8.5/10 (The Nugget)


(Self Released) Reviewed 25th February 2016

The story of Inner Sense began somewhere around 2008 when Jenny Larsson and Markus Sarronlahti got the idea of starting a new band after they had both been playing/writing music together in another band earlier. The idea was to make story-based music with a heavy and melodic sound. In 2009 Drummer Tobias Gustafsson and his brother Fredrik Gustafsson (bass) joined Inner Sense and completed the current line-up. In late 2011 they played a few gigs in Stockholm and realized that the chemistry within the band live, felt very natural and solid. So in 2012 they focused on writing new songs for this their first full-length album. There are eleven tracks within a 50 minute package of rather good Melodic Metal, Jenny’s vocals tending to take the gentler more poppier approach. The album gets under way with the track ‘St Elmo’s Fire’, not to be confused with the John Parr version by the way. A cool start to the record and it carries on in a similar vein. ‘Pitiful Mind’ is a bouncy number with an anthemic chorus, while the awesome ballad ‘A Different Part Of Paradise’ showcases the versatility of Jenny’s vocal prowess. ‘Fluorescence’ is a fairly brief electro/synth influenced instrumental, while ‘Fountain of Youth’ kicks things back into action, again a great and powerful vocal display. We have guitar riffs, keyboard melodies and powerful vocals that characterize the songs on this album, and lets not forget the catchy choruses. This is a good album and yet again, another Scandinavian band delivers the goods. The band’s Facebook is here… 8.75/10 (Dave)


(Dissid) Reviewed 24th February 2016

JANIZ is a female fronted Alternative Rock band from Germany. The band’s name is actually a mix in honour of the great Janis Joplin and her amazing work. Back in 2012 the band started as Janiz Lee and released their debut record titled 'The New Black' in April 2013. After changing the band’s name to simply JANIZ and replacing their main vocalist with a stunning new voice (Juliane) in 2015, a whole new record is going to be released in April 2nd 2016, under the flag of the band's very own label Dissid. And to be pretty honest about it, this 15 track album is rather a good deal for one's hard earned cash. The Alternative Rock tag fits the music rather well. Some scorching and rather catchy music to take us through the Spring months into Summer. Where do I start? Well the opening salvo of ‘Ground Zero’ that merges perfectly into ‘Free At Last’ gives us an idea as to what direction Janiz is travelling. ‘White Flag’, the first single from the record continues the fine start to this album, with other awesome cuts that include the mid tempo ‘Through Glass’, the oh so catchy ‘Falling’, the bouncy ‘Event Horizon’, the piano led ‘Grayscale’ and the epic 6 minute plus closing number ‘Scars’, this by far the longest track on the album. In summary, this album does not belong to the Metal Family, but to these ears it is damn fine tuneful Rock Music with awesome poppy style vocals from Juliane. The band’s website is here, and for anybody that may think this record is going to be up their alleyway, it is well worth checking out!.. 8.75/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 20th February 2016

KANE’D is a hard hitting, 6 piece alternative indie rock/pop band from Wales, fronted by sexy rock chicks, Stephanie, Stacey and Chez. Behind the girls you’ll also find a raunchy all male backline. Apart from the unbelievable high energy performances and unforgettable music which will set your pulses racing quicker than Usaine Bolt, Kane’d will amaze you with unique harmonies and musical riffs. This is a pounding album full of in yer face rock tunes, with pummeling riffs and anthemic fist pumping choruses. This is scorching stuff with enough energy to light up the streets of Cardiff! Well worth checking out if you have not already done so (album was released last year), their Facebook is here... 8.75/10 (Hannah Cooper)


(Self release) Reviewed 12th February 2016

Last March, this site reviewed an EP by a Manchester band called MY WOODEN PILLOW. It is rather good but we have had some news from the band! Since last June the band MY WOODEN PILLOW went on a break and 3 of the 4 members - vocals, bassist and drummer put something else together called Impavidus. My Wooden Pillow will still continue under a different form, but Impavidus has kindly sent us their debut EP and tell you what, this is as good if not better than the EP under the My Wooden Pillow moniker. The band members: Michelle -Vocals, Paddy - Bass & Vocals, Gav- Guitar & Backing Vocals and Chris -Drums have given us an EP of what I would call Melodic Death Metal, featuring clean and growly vocals. Overall this EP is heavy but catchy and infectious all at the same time, no soppy ballads here I hasten to add!! This is worth checking out so visit their bandcamp here and buy! 8/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 11th February 2016

Founded in January 2014, French band Irradiance was brought about through the shared intent of Audrey, Stéphane and Lucas to establish a project in which 'originality' was the key word. Directed by a strong link to metal, coloured by elements of Retro-futurism, Irradiance do not hesitate to blend diverse influences from jazz to tribal music, whilst making passing references to classical music or the blues. Strengthened by their rich musical involvements, their education, training, performance and recording experience, the musicians of this group are constantly seeking improvement and professional development. Following a period of intense compositional work, Irradiance entered the scene in June 2014 and took the decision to realise the creation of this their first album 'Dissidence'. The concept of the album:- After countless conflicts to take rare resources over, the Reforme, a new self proclaimed government, tainted with religious radicalism and totalitarianism, took power on inhabited lands. Neutral territories extending between the reformed cities, true citadels with huge glass walls, still shelter a core of active resistance, led by former mutinous officers and other ambiguous personalities who fight for freedom, life and the right of expression. The movement, Irradiance, the refuge, every bit of hope. One watch word Dissidence. And this is a very ambitious and certainly a rather good record from what appears to be a very fine band of musicians, also featuring a whole host of guest musicians and a choir to boot! The music certainly has a strong, powerful Symphonic Metal feel with subtle progressive tendencies, coupled with the above mentioned diverse influences, and it all pounds along at an awesome pace and to be honest, the sheer quality of what is on offer here has blown me away! The band has a violinist within its ranks (Alexandra Vallet), and I really do like the addition of a violinist that many bands of this ilk now tend to employ, adding substance to the music. Without detailing any of the tracks that are all damn good, this release is awesome and will appeal most certainly to fans of Symphonic Metal. The band’s Facebook page is here.. well recommended…9.25/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 2nd February 2016

KLIODNA is a 5 member Symphonic Metal Band from Minsk in Belarus! Their unique style is created by Helena, who has a pure magical soprano voice, their dual guitarists Alexandr Korobov and Anton Michailovskiy who provide an incredibly powerful guitar sound, and their extremely tight rythms provided by bassist Vasya Sinspirit and drummer Rostislav Globnichy. A year ago, I reviewed a four track EP from this band and it was highly impressive stuff! Now we have their 10 track full length album, which features the four numbers that appeared on the aforementioned EP. To be honest and frank, this record is pure Symphonic Metal from the top drawer, that sees the band knocking on the door of the Premier League with the quality on show here. This is an all killer no filler album which after a brief intro, kicks off with the track ‘Kliodna’, a pounding Symphonic Metal number which leaves the listener in wait for what more is to come. And there is more, and damn good it all is too – check out the equally pounding and majestic ‘Road To Anywhere’, but hang on a minute, I will stop there and save my time, cos every track on this record is near faultless, enough said! Their website is at – go out and buy the damn thing!! Absolutely awe-inspiring!! 9.5/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 20th January 2016

Imperial Age is Russian and this is another fine release to come from that country. By and large, this is bombastic Symphonic Metal from this Moscow band, featuring female vocals, male vocals and a strong choral presence (pipes and all). Standout cuts a plenty here, totally mind blowing and a sure fire winner for lovers of the female fronted Rock and Metal scene. And I will further add that the final track 'Turn The Sun Off' is recorded live and is epic! Quoting from the band's facebook page ( "The spirit of ancient civilizations goes live in modern music". We here rather like this... 9/10 (Katie McIntyre)


(Sliptrick Records) Reviewed 18th December 2015

This band from Belarus takes their name after their scantily clad singer Kaira, and I suppose the music can be described as Symphonic Metalcore. And as a consequence, this is heavy stuff that does take a little bit of digesting. But it thunders along, with mainly screamo vocals from the aforementioned Kaira, sending the nervous amongst us to the hills until safety can be assured. However, if the mood suits you and if you wanted to annoy the neighbours, this is one cd that should be stuck into the player and played loud. And just when you thought there was no respite from the cacophony of noise, the more commercial sounding track ‘Lost Past’ comes screaming out of the speakers, and to my ears one of the more palatable numbers from the album. Also the closing cut ’No More’, although maintaining the heaviness, does slow it down a touch too, while I do also particularly like the pounding opening title track! This record overall is okay, but maybe just a little too heavy on occasion for my ears. But that does not mean to say that it isn’t good, so if you want an album that kicks real ass coupled with a very sexy looking singer that can let rip vocally with the best of them, this could be the one… 8/10 (Dave)


(Resurrection Records) Reviewed 16th December 2015

Inkubus Sukkubus come from here in the UK, have been going since 1989 and have released in that time a prolific number of albums - 17 in-fact including this one! They are a well established Pagan Rock Band, and do have a sound that is instantly recognisable, with vocalist Candia Ridley aiding and abetting that awesome sound. As in previous albums, ‘Mother Moon’ follows a tried and tested formula - catchy Pagan Rock with a Gothic undercurrent. After an up tempo opener being the title track, things do slow down taking on a more acoustic feel, before the rather good ‘Shadows In The Darkness‘ ups the tempo a wee bit. The acoustic feel returns with’Zephyrus’, while we can expect a broad mix of up tempo and slower numbers throughout the remainder of the cd. ‘My Demons’ and ‘Witch Child’ being two tracks that fits into the former category, while ‘I Am The One’ and ’Dark Sisters’ fall into the latter. By and large, this is a another good album from these UK rockers, although if there is a downside, some of their lyrics can be a little repetitive, a minor gripe!…. 8.75/10 (Dave)


(Massacre Records) Reviewed 29th October 2015

'Tears Of Silence' is the new album by multinational Gothic Metal band IMPERIA. For everybody who is a fan from the beginning and everybody else who is into epic metal, gothic, opera and of course the powerful voice of Helena Iren Michaelsen, then this album is a joy to behold. We have thirteen tracks of no nonsense music that will send fans of this style of music into pure ecstasy. Too many highlights to mention, but the album does flirt with Viking Metal with the appropriately titled and very catchy ‘The Viking Song’ - awesome! Other numbers that did catch my attention were the melodic ‘My Screaming Heart’ and the bombastic ‘Spirit Chase (Keep Fighting)’ with its great choral back drop and catchy chorus, but they are only three tracks from the 13 highlights! With my digipak version running in at over the hour, IMPERIA's music is full of vivacity, it is heavy, bombastic and orchestral, but it also contains elements of pure metal. This is another awesome release from Helena and the guys - due 20th November.. 9.75/10 (Dave)


(Self Released) Reviewed 21st September 2015

Born in Amsterdam on a cold winter day in 1991, Infy moved to Israel with her family at the age of four and grew up in Kibbutz Yotvata. From a very early age Infy has shown an immense passion for music. Her family confirms that as soon as she began to talk she used to sing just as often. She then grew and as a young teen she began writing and composing her very own songs. Despite her passion for music, she was a shy girl, but as a teen she began taking singing lessons with various teachers and preforming occasionally on local concerts and holiday celebrations. But during those years Infy's interests were varied, and music seemed more like a secondary hobby than an actual promising career. Everything changed in 2012 when she entered the studio with Omri Lahav, an old-time friend and a professional composer to bring her old works back to life. By the end of the year, they started working regularly on this her debut full length. And flippin' good it is too. There are 13 tracks of superb Melodic and at times Symphonic Metal, mainly mid to uptempo with the occasional slower ballady number, and boy, this is good! you wanna taster?, then click here. Plenty of highlights, so just get it and hear for yourself. Website is at (Dave)


(MyPixo Records) Reviewed 17th September 2015

This 12 track album by I Am Believe fronted by Morgan Riley was released last October around the time Dave suffered a suspected TIA, and as a consequence, was one album that slipped through the net. But as we have said before, it is better late than never. The music is a blend of heavy guitars with soaring melodies and gothic storylines. But here lies a problem I have, it lies with Morgan’s vocals. The vocals are okay, but to be perfectly blunt, I do not think she will win any oscars for her vocal delivery as her vocals to me are rather irritating. They may sound okay to other people but not to me. It gets better with the slower numbers like ‘Arcana’, ‘Slow Down and the superb closing number ’Sparrow’ (the best song on the album to my ears), but lets however, not get too carried away slagging the vocalist off as overall, this is not a bad album from all concerned. Some further good tunes here including the powerful ‘Isolation’ and ‘Gather Within Me’. And I must say that Morgan’s vocals do seem to get better as the album wears on, maybe as I am getting used to them a bit. I am sorry if I seem to be hyper critical here, but may be on the odd occasion we should be. Nonetheless, all criticisms aside, this is an album that is worth looking into if one has not already done so… 7.75/10 (The Nugget)


(RockCd Records) Reviewed 12th September 2015

Ice Blue from Zaragozana (Spain) was formed in late 2000 and in 2002, they released their first EP. Then it all went quiet, but after several years of silence and a change of formation, the band released earlier this year their second album, which we are reviewing here. Fronted by Elena Cintora with male vocals from guitarist Miguel Bravo, there are 11 tracks on this record of prime time Melodic Rock/AOR, that was all the the biz during the late 70s and through the 80s, until grunge came along and killed it off. This is an album that has come along as if the aforementioned grunge had never happened, and will have fans of Journey, early Bon Jovi and the like in AOR heaven! There are tuneful rockers and blissful ballads among the numbers here and to be honest, this is all rather good. I am unsure about the availability of physical copies, but the album is available digitally… 8.75/10 (Dave)


(Beyond The Storm Productions) Reviewed 11th September 2015

Kerion is a Symphonic Metal band from Nice, France that was formed in 2002. After a couple of demos, in 2008 their first album 'Holy Creatures Quest' was released and showed a powerful and distinguished kind of Symphonic Metal: direct, aggressive, epic and poetic. During 2010 the second album 'The Origins' was released and the album was the start of the Barberi’s tale. Kerion had grand plans for their new album and in 2012 the next album 'CloudRiders Part 1 : Road to Skycity' was released. It was a concept album with a whole new fantasy story - the music was a blend of the classic Rhapsody of Fire inspired Symphonic Power Metal together with folk and celtic music inspired by bands like Elvenking. Finally the time has come to present the new Kerion album, and the follow up to the 2012’s 'Road to Skycity' album. This new album includes impressive performances by guests like Elisa C. Martin [DarkMoor, Dreamaker], Rachel Aspe [ETHS], Phil Giordana [Fairyland], Raphael Dantas [Caravellus] and Fil Palmer [Replosion] and needless to say, this is a totally marvelous and bombastic release from these French Metal merchants. It takes you on a majestic journey filled with Symphonic Power Metal, cinematic influences and even some electro influences thrown into the pot - every track a real corker. The production was once again handled by Willdric Lievin and the artwork was created by Genzoman, famous for his involvements with World of Warcraft and Marvel. Kerion boldly steps out and calls this style “Comics Metal”. Call it what you like, this is frikin' awesome! Check out the band's website here: 9.5/10 (Dave)


(Kobra Music under license to Titan Music) Reviewed 28th August 2015

Canadian Heavy Metal band Kobra and the Lotus has just released an EP consisting of cover songs recorded by the band, in order to pay homage to the bands to which the band themselves grew up listening too. There are five tracks here: 'Lay It on the Line' (Triumph), 'Sign of the Gypsy Queen' (April Wine), 'Black Velvet' (Alannah Myles), 'Let It Ride' ( Bachman-Turner Overdrive) and 'Spirit Of The Radio' (Rush) - Kobra Paige would make a good Geddy Lee :) This is good particularly if you a covers person like myself. This is a brief review but the music is well worth checking out! Available on iTunes and the like…8.5/10 (Dave)


(Resurrection Records) Reviewed 22nd August 2015

Inkubus Sukkubus is an incredible UK band formed in the summer of 1989, when Tony McKormack, Candia Ridley and Adam Henderson met at college studying graphic design. They shared an interest in paganism, witchcraft and vampirism as well as making original music from an early age. So the type of band that was to emerge from the joining of forces was, quite naturally, an expression of this style. The original aim of the band was (as it still is today) to be the vehicle in which the celebration of the Pagan experience could be conveyed. Anyway, after a tsunami of awesome albums, the band throws at us this album that was actually released last year and has been sitting on our 'catch up' pile. But as we have said before, "better late than never". The style of this album is similar to past releases, so we have some great and catchy Pagan Rock music on the album, that will certainly continue to appeal to the band's large UK fan base and beyond too. The pulsating 'Lips Of Love' is a fave of mine from the cd but do not get me wrong, everything on this record is a winner! Just listen to other numbers like 'Evil Men' and the rather lovely haunting acoustic/string based 'Summerlands' (video here) - damn awesome! There is not a lot to fault here! great stuff... 9.25/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 10th August 2015

'A Color for Fiction' is the debut album from Invocation Array, featuring 10 songs of epic cyberpunk fantasy rock (their words). This Californian band comprising of two young ladies, Cerys and Kailani, uses curiosity and fearlessness to discover and present truths, inspiring and evoking progressive action, evolving through communication and diversity. Indeed, after studying Earth from afar and developing an interest, the girls dived into what would be the most progressive medium in order to assist and learn from the species they’re passionate about. Onto the music itself, and this is a 10 track album of monster Electro Pop/Rock songs. Of course this style of music may not appeal to everybody that visits these review pages, but what is on this record is good and if you are open minded towards the music you listen too, then this is well worth that listen. The band can be checked out at 8.25/10 (The Nugget)

JATD (Janina and The Deeds)...II

(Comand Records) Reviewed 27th July 2015

Fronted by the good looking Janina Dietz, German band Janina and The Deeds to my ears is an awesome Pop/Rock band offering up some hideously catchy tunes. In-fact we have 17 tracks on the version I have here, the final four tracks I think are possible bonus cuts. This is a rather cool release, check out numbers like the single 'By Your Side', the equally as catchy 'Heavenly Body' and the ballad 'You Are The One' as just three examples from a chockful of tracks. Many here scream mainstream radio airplay (Some mainland European radio stations have already been playing their music) and would certainly go down a storm in places like the USA. This is only a brief review but do check out the track 'By Your Side' here. If you like that, you will like this album... 8.75/10 (Dave)


(Terrific Music) Reviewed 23rd July 2015

Ivory is a 4 piece alternative Rock/Metal band from Germany and is fronted by Vanessa Vitkus. Driving drum beats and catchy guitar riffs, coupled with the awesome pipes of Vanessa drive the music along, with some great catchy melodic tracks to boot. Fave tracks amongst the thirteen rather cool numbers on offer include the catchy ‘Fucking Routine’ (how true!), the bouncy ‘Evil Eyes’ with its catchy chorus, the powerful ‘Broken Hero’, the ballad ‘For You’ and the single 'Sweet Sin', which so happens to be the title track. With their ‘Stateside sound’, the album reflects what Ivory embodies, alternative rock with the band's unmistakably own sound, yet leaves enough room for variety. Ivory’s website is at Recommended... 8.5/10 (Dave)


(Sensory Records) Reviewed 22nd July 2015

Jaded Star from Greece is a female fronted metal band that has recently exploded into a rather exciting female fronted metal scene that we have at the moment. Read on...
...Maxi Nil (ex Visions of Atlantis) and Raphael Saini (ex Iced Earth) after touring the world and captivating audiences along the way, decided to join forces and re enter the music world as the band Jaded Star! And then they decided to record this, their rather good debut album. From the opener ‘The Mask’ to closing track ‘Raining In Sao Paulo’, the ten track album explodes with catchy melodic metal energy and is well worth the purchase money. So another rather promising album one has to find the dosh for. So if you have not already purchased the album, do so now as I am damn sure you will not be disappointed. Check the band out here… 8.5/10 (The Nugget)