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(Noizgate) Reviewed 31st October 2017

Russian band Grai was created on the 3rd of July in 2005. Their style can be identified as folk-metal and this is well documented on this, their latest album. Indeed, this is an album filled with awesome melodic folk metal and is a worthy addition to any one's music catalogue. The disc is sung in the band's native tongue, which to be honest, adds to the feel of the record. Well worth checking out when released on the 1st December.... 8.75/10 (Natalie)


(Self Released) Reviewed 15th September 2017

Homerik hail from New York and they create symphonic progressive death metal, a genre that fuses ethnic and classical music with death metal at the size of a Hollywood film score. Their music features different singers, many who are women. Over the course of two and a half years, they worked hard on the music as they did on the content of their lyrics. ‘Curse of the Black Nile’ features soprano Anita Hilaly, singing in Ancient Egyptian. Translated from verses in the tomb of the Pharaoh, Unas, this Egyptian piece screams loudly about isolation and the desire to remain undisturbed. ‘Bread and Circuses’ is a political statement against tyrants, sung with the passion of a persecuted gypsy, as Forsakken's Brittany Diaz finishes off the album in ‘The Legion’, where we experience the overthrowing of that corrupt government. This is music that I found very interesting, extremely catchy and quirky, coupled with Middle Eastern and occasional folk influences thrown in for good measure. Certainly well worth checking out as this record ticks all the right boxes. Homerik's Facebook is here… 8.75/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) 7th September 2017

Hamka is a French Ethnic Metal band, basing their music on legends from ancient mystic civilisations. Elisa C.Martin takes care of the vocals dept on this epic 14 track record, ably backed up by her band and offers up a tsunami of great tunes, symphonic, catchy and melodic, with a subtle folky feel at times. ‘Hope’ and the epic ‘Seaquest’, being two such tracks from what to my ears is an awesome cd. A brief review, but another cool record for lovers of Female Fronted Rock and Metal Music. For more info, check out their Facebook here. This is well recommended, and such a cool end to the cd too… 8.75/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed May 11th 2017

Patricia Hill (Hillinger) was once the singer with Austrian AOR band CORNERSTONE, but has now broken out on her own with this, her first solo EP. Okay guys and gals, let us get one thing straight, this is not Rock or Metal, it is Electro Pop that would do very well on mainstream radio. This EP offers five tracks of radio friendly catchy Pop with the aforementioned Electro influences. If you like your music at the softer end of the musical spectrum, there is certainly nothing wrong with this EP from this lovely Austrian lass. Pop over to and check her out.... 8/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 24th March 2017

Here we have the debut album from Italian pop-rockers Halflives. 'Empty Rooms' (release date 14th April 2017) is the culmination of 18 months hard work, with 8 finely honed songs for your listening pleasure. The album's current single 'Burn' has achieved widespread radio airplay and the video is currently airing on SCUZZ TV. They band bridges the divide between pop and alternative rock through catchy songs, that are empowered by the strong and clear voice of their singer Linda Battilani. With tour dates lined up across Europe and the UK, this band is going places and on the strength of this record, they will sure get there. This is catchy stuff and although not perhaps heavy enough for the metalheads in music land, this is well worth one's attention if you are open minded towards the music you listen too :) The band's Facebook is here...8.5/10 (Rachel Louise Smith)


(Self Release) Reviewed 16th March 2017

Hexed is Tina Gunnarsson, Vocals; Daniel Håkansson, Bass; Stellan Gunnarsson, Lead Guitars, Keys and vocals; Teddy Möller, Drums. This is a rather good 3 track EP of Alternative Metal with heaps of added melody. Hailing from Uppsala in Sweden, this three tracker from this new band on the scene kicks off with the pounding and powerful title track that features Thomas Vikström from Therion (video here), that in turn setting the scene for what is to follow. The awesome melodic 'Forsaken' maintains the momentum with Tina giving it her all! This little goodie ends with the up tempo 'Light Years' and I must say that this is a highly impressive release. If you like bands similar to We Are The Catalyst as one example, you will sure like this. The band's facebook is here, and I look forward to hearing more from this band in due course.... 8.75/10 (Dave)


(Gateway Music) Reviewed 20th January 2017

Huldre is the elegant fusion of Nordic folk music and metal. Here wolves, forest nymphs and trolls mingle in the wonderful contrasts between catchy melodies, sonorous atmospheres and heavy rhythms. The sound is Nordic and medieval and the lyrics weave Nordic folklore and mythology into the brutal riffs. The band offer an intense hurdy-gurdy and flute entangled with vivid violin on the solid ground of thundering guitar, bass and drums topped by an almost unearthly beautiful female voice. This is catchy camp fire music with a few drinks and some dodgy smokes (although I don't actually smoke LOL). I do rather like this album and it is a little different to my normal listen. However, it is well worth looking into if this style of music is up your alleyway. The band's facebook is here...8.25/10 (Dave)


(Eagle Rock Ent) Reviewed 13th January 2017

Heart is one helluva band period. Recorded at the Royal Albert Hall in London with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in June 2016, this album (and DVD too) does what it says on the tin. It is quite simply an awesome live performance from one of the most well established bands on planet earth. The Wilson sisters and their band together with the orchestra kick ass. A short review but the album is simply awesome! Been in the shops now for just over a month, if not already purchased, we suggest you buy it!..... 9/10 (Dave)


(STF Records) Reviewed 23rd December 2016

HYDRA - a band as multi-faceted as its many headed namesake - is a symphonic metal formation from Regensburg, Germany (in Bavaria). HYDRA are influenced by many different music styles such as melodic metal, power metal and progressive metal. The music of HYDRA is characterised by deliberate contrasts: raw metal meets soft, orchestral arrangements evocative of fairy tales and enchanting melodies. In contrast to the majority of bands in the genre the focus is not a classically trained voice. Instead, front lady Lisa Rieger integrates her lighter, ethereal soprano into the musical tapestry, giving the band its characteristic catchy melodies. This is the band's 2nd cd, and the “if it ain’t broken why fix it" policy springs to mind. If you like their debut ‘Malachite Skies’, then you will like this album. Indeed, another cool release with symphonic metal highlights galore coupled with choral backdrops, the melodic belter ‘Towards The End’ being one such cut, with another awesome number being the bouncy ‘Days Of Thunder’. Then let’s not forget the symphonic 7+ minute epic ‘Horns Of Erakor’ (feat Henning Basse), a real belter! Everything here ticks the right boxes and is well worth checking out when released on 30th December… 9/10 (Dave)


(Megahard Records) Reviewed 8th December 2016

Melodic Power Metal from Brazil comes to us by way of HEAVEN’S GUARDIAN, already active since 1997. This is their third album encompassing some bombastic tunes with a total running time of just under the hour. Rough male vocals of Flávio Mendez unite with the melodic and dramatic female voice of Olivia Bayer, heavy guitar riffs meet up with keyboards and powerful double bass drumming. Opener ‘Religion’ is a brief instrumental intro coupled with spoken word before ‘Time’ cuts in, a mid paced melodic blaster, while next up ‘Strength is equally as good – heavy but melodic with a nice chorus! Other cool cuts include the pounding ‘Journey’, the thundering tracks ‘Dream’ and ‘Change’ and the power ballad ‘War’. All in all this is a good record being a must for all fans of Melodic Metal. And another thing I noted, all the song titles use just one word! This is a good album and another one to be added to the shopping list – release date 27th January 2017... 9/10 (Dave)


(Milagro Records) Reviewed 5th November 2016

What first began as an online correspondence in 2008 between guitarist Greg Hanson and vocalist Aleisha Simpson, has led to the inception of Symphonic Hard Rockers HEART AVAIL. Joined by Mick Barnes on bass and Seamus Gleason on drums, the Spokane, WA based band is now set to release this their debut self titled EP on December 9th. The five track release is inspired by the loss of loved ones and written essentially as a therapy session with painful lyrics to relate to those with similar experiences. The band's influences like Evanescence, Nightwish and Within Temptation are heard in each aspect of the music from the vocals to the drums. Opener ‘Broken Fairytale’ is a melodic synth driven belter and indeed one of my faves from this rather good EP, while next up ‘Vacillation’ is another up tempo and rather cool number from this box of goodies. And it doesn’t stop there – ‘Always’ has a haunting synths intro and incorporates a few progressive elements into the music mix coupled with an awesome chorus. ‘No Remorse’ is another belter, while closing track ‘Pink Lace’ is riff-tastic and is one of the heaviest numbers from the EP. This little effort to my ears is rather good and this band is one to look out for in the future. Their Facebook is here… 8.5/10 (Dave)


(Provogue/Mascot) Reviewed 10th October 2016

Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Beth Hart makes her highly anticipated return following her critically acclaimed 2015 album ‘Better Than Home’, with the announcement of her latest solo studio album ‘Fire On The Floor’, due out October 14th on Provogue/Mascot Label Group. This is Beth Hart's eighth studio release and this girl sure has a voice to set many a bar room on fire. Blues/Rock is her forte and she does it well. Kicking off with 'Jazzman', and as the title suggests is a Jazz number, while 'Love Gangster' follows and is equally as good, maintaining that Jazz/Bluesy feel. There are further corking tracks to keep the listener glued to the cd player, or what ever medium one uses to listen to their music these days. Tracks like 'Love Is A Lie' which is a great blues rocker, the quirky/catchy 'Fat Man', the slow, broody and beautiful 'Fire on the Floor' and the equally as nice 'Woman You've Been Dreaming Of' are all from the top drawer of bluesy rockers. The album closes with the beautifully executed 'Picture In A Frame' and 'No Place Like Home', the latter featuring just Beth's awesome vocal chords and a piano. This is music not for headbanging too but for chilling out with your loved one on the sofa. Beth has gone through a lot in life, but can still produce diamonds like this.... 8.5/10 (Dave)


(Concord Music Group) Reviewed 9th July 2016

Heart is an American rock band that first found success in Canada and later in the United States and worldwide. Over the group's four-decade history, it has had three primary line ups, with the constant centre of the group since 1974 being sisters Ann Wilson (lead singer) and Nancy Wilson (guitarist). Heart rose to fame in the mid-1970s with music influenced by hard rock and heavy metal, as well as folk music. Beautiful Broken is their sixteenth studio album, being a mixture of new songs and re-interpretations of music from their earlier albums. Among the previously released songs they've gone back and reworked are ‘City's Burning’, ‘Down on Me‘ and ‘Sweet Darlin', tunes the band often performs live, but which featured production they wanted to tweak. The title track was originally a bonus song on Heart's previous album, ‘Fanatic‘, but the new version is an almost entirely new song with vocals and some new lyrics from Metallica’s James Hetfield. Overall this is a damn good release confirming that Heart are still up there among the best of them. "There is really a seventies feel to this record both in the sound, and the way we got to the emotional core of each song," Nancy Wilson said in a statement. "We picked songs that we always wanted to re-do, plus we’ve added three new tracks. On both new and old, we have the band playing together the way we used to. This is classic Heart." We second that - a 1970s feeling album dragged by the short and curlies into the 21st Century! Fave tracks a plenty but I like the newie 'Heaven', with its psychedelic feel! Go get this album and get it now!!… 9/10 (Dave)


(Self Released) Reviewed 9th June 2016

History of Fail is a Progressive Metal band from Russia. The album has nine tracks, no tracks are longer than around 5 and a bit minutes, so do not expect any widdly diddly solos that go on forever. Song structures are sound, the album is solid, and the awesome vocals of Ekaterina Pekhova are angelic verging on the operatic at times. This is a good little album for fans of Progressive Rock & Metal and worth tracking down. Take a peek here… 8/10 (The Nugget)


(Revalve Records) Reviewed 31st May 2016

Hypersonic was born in 2006 thanks to drummer and male vocalist Salvo Grasso and guitarist Emanuele Gangemi. Line up changes along the way ensued but in 2016, Salvo and Emanuele are still there, with female vocals compliments of Alessia Rapisarda who joined the band in 2008. This new album, the band's second full length is a concept based on the existence of man and the spiritual affairs of the afterlife. There are some special guests like: Michele Luppi (Secret Sphere, ex-Vision Divine, Killing Touch, Los Angeles), Tommy ReinXeed Johansson (ReinXeed, Golden Resurrection), Jo Lombardo (Metatrone, Ancestral), Roberta Pappalardo (Black Roses) and more. The album offers up 70 minutes of rather awesome Symphonic Power Metal with plenty of emphasis on melody, something we very much like here. This is a consistent release, all the tracks are good, although having listened to the album a few times, there to me is not a standout cut that makes you want to hit the repeat button and play a specific track again. Maybe that is because they are all consistently good like the numbers 'Prayer In The Dark' and the closing epic which is full of emotion, 'The Meaning Of...(...Existence)' :) Anyway, this is a rock solid release and any fan of Symphonic Power Metal will do themselves no harm in checking this band and their cool album out. Their Facebook is here... 8.5/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 29th May 2016

Gone in April was formed in 2009, created by guitarist Felix Schumacher and drummer Yanic Bercier. They soon added Julie Bélanger Roy and Italian bass master Chicco Parisi to complete the lineup. It took them two years to complete their debut album, 'We Are But Human', which was released in 2011 to much acclaim. Now we have their second album to review - the band as mentioned is fronted by Julie Bélanger Roy, who is also a highly-skilled violinist and violist, and currently working on her master’s degree in opera (she already holds a master’s degree in viola performance). She is accompanied by death growls, these I understand provided by Aaron Rogers, who I am totally sure is not THE Aaron Rodgers who is quarter back for Green Bay Packers (as the Rogers has a 'd') LOL. This release offers up powerful and bombastic Symphonic Death Metal, ten tracks to feast your ears upon and to be honest, it is either your cuppa tea or not your cuppa tea. Okay, I am going to say it is okay to my ears, but don't expect a feast of melodic hooks that you can play to your Grandmother, this is an album for the metal heads, although the band can slow it down, the folk inspired 'Embracing The Light' one such cut from this long player. Give this USA based band a chance as this release is good! Their Facebook is here... 8.5/10 (Hannah Cooper)


(Svart Records) Reviewed 22nd May 2016

Attention sludge and stoner heads! HIGH FIGHTER ( is about to kick ass with this their new opus, due 10th June. So if you are into soft and soppy ballads, erm stop now, otherwise read on! The band started as a new band project born by former band members of A Million Miles, Buffalo Hump and Pyogenesis in the summer of 2014. Their debut EP 'Goat Ritual' was recorded live and in one weekend. Most bands spend months and months to deliver an EP of that quality. Nope, not High Fighter. Their "FUCK IT, LETS JUST DO IT" attitude still continues to do this very day. I do have a kinda personal interest in this band, and that relates mainly to their singer Mona Miluski, who I have met personally when she was in the band A Million Miles. Anyway, back to this 40 minute full length riff-tastic offering, Mona simply lets rip with her intense vocal delivery, the music from the band is simply skull crushing and mind blowing, and they take no prisoners in the delivery of the amazingly consistent eight tracks within this album. So if you're into Doom, Sludge, Stoner and pure no nonsense Heavy Metal, then look no further than this release. The album was recorded live at RAMA Studio in Mannheim, Germany (Ahab, The Hirsch Effekt, Fjørt & many more) by Jens Siefert, and is mixed & mastered by Toshi Kasai (Melvins, Big Business) - recommended... 8.5/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 22nd April 2016

Since 2015, French band Holispark have been playing radiant and powerful pop/rock, led by a beautiful female voice. Their music is a reflection of the strong bond shared by Manon (vocals), Kevin (guitar) and Roch (drums), who have been playing music together since they met in another band years ago. The band throw at the unsuspecting listener six tracks on this EP of the aforementioned catchy pop/rock. Well worth checking out if you like your music more poppy/ rocky than rocky /metal :) The band's facebook is here...8/10 (The Nugget)


(Self Released) Reviewed 18th March 2016

The Hellflowers from LA (USA) is a rock band reminiscent of 90's alternative rock, the music of which they have dragged by the short and curlies into the 21st century. Formed in 2015 by longtime friends Christina Lopez (vocals/guitar), Pete Grosso (guitar), Matt Eskew (Bass) and Katherine Wing (drums), they are a busy little bunch of musicians, expanding their touring reach and connection with audiences through their raw, live shows. This, their debut EP was released March 16th and offers up 4 tracks of catchy rock, very reminiscent of bands similar to Blondie and the like. This release is very enjoyable, very inoffensive, and absolutely ideal for radio airplay. Certainly a band to keep your beady little eyes on. Their website is here... 8.5/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 14th March 2016

Heel fronted by Margarita was formed in the winter of 2011 and are London based. I reviewed an EP of theirs in July 2014 and I was rather enthusiastic about it. As a consequence, I was awaiting any full lenghth offering with great anticipation and here it is. This is basically 10 tracks of high octane Alternative Rock - indeed the alt rock four piece are a serious force to be reckoned with, the album being jam packed with raw energy, infectious grooves and awesome guitar work, that will make you headbang before you even know you're doing it. This is a consistent release with no real standouts as the tracks are all rather good. The band comment: "This album is a paradox. It's the sum of different people and their different experiences but its utterly singular in its meaning. It's constructed from all the pieces of our past that we hide from the world as desperately as we show them. It was as torturous to make as it was euphoric. By making this album we lost something very important to us, but we couldn't be more happy about it." This may not be for any metalheads out there, but the record is well recommended by us here. The band's website is at 8.5/10 (Dave


(Self Released) Reviewed 28th January 2016

Haunting Eden come from the USA and was formed in 2009. Fronted by the powerful vocals of JoLee they ply their trade by way of a melodic and haunting brand of Doomy Gothic Metal. After a haunting instrumental intro, this 8 track cd gets going in epic proportions with the 8 minute plus ‘Here’s To’, a damn awesome atmospheric tune exhibiting doom and subtle progressive influences, but with powerful clean female vocals. The epic tunes continue into track three with another 8 minute slow haunting tune, ‘Listen’, this track reaching near film score proportions! There is some intense stuff going on here!! Don’t expect to be dancing around your living room with your air guitar, this is what I would call thinking person’s music - further tracks like the beautiful but powerful ‘A Thousand Miles’, the equally enthralling ’Rise’ and closing track ’And In The End’ back that up! Apart from two brief instrumental tracks (not including the intro) the other five tracks run in at well over 7 minutes so this is intense and epic stuff. This is music that will not grab you first time around, but it is music that gradually unravels more layers upon repeated listens. Well worth looking into…facebook is here…8.5/10 (Dave)


(Mausoleum Records) Reviewed 30th November 2015

Graveshadow was originally conceived in the winter of 2012 by rhythm guitarist, William Walker. The line-up features Walker along with vocalist Heather Michele, lead guitarist Matt Mitchell, keyboardist Valerie Hudak, drummer Roman Anderson, and bassist Ben Armstrong. The Graveshadow sound is defined by crushing guitars, beautiful keyboard melodies, thundering bass, and earth shattering drums. Powerful operatic vocals shift into unearthly growls to create a rich and dynamic atmosphere throughout the eight tracks on this release. And from what I believe, Heather Michele deals with all the vocals, so she can not only sing like an angel, she can also growl like a demented honey monster! The growls may not be to everybody's liking, but this album is damn good, and although from the USA, the band present the listener with a strong European sound. Although a consistent release offering some damn good music throughout the eight tracks, there are standout numbers to my ears, these being the ultra catchy 'Winter's Come To Call' and the melodic ‘Fading’. The band's website is here... 8.75/10 (Dave)


(Self Released ) Reviewed 24th November 2015

Ghost Embrace is from the USA and their front lady is a certain lass called Annette Freeman, who before we even get started, has an awesome set of pipes by the way. And not only that, she by and large runs the show as well, so a talented lady with a fine vocal presence. And with some rather cool harmony vocals from Leah Rose, this is another damn fine record to drop into Ravenheart Towers and is a fine slab of Symphonic/Progressive Metal, with a rather strong AOR/Melodic undercurrent running through the 12 tracks. And to be perfectly honest, those aforementioned mind blowing vocals of leading lady Ms Freeman are bang on the nail for the style of music this band throw at us the listener. Opener ‘Alone Again’ is a melodic corker, reminding me strangely enough of Queen with its harmony vocals! ‘Heartbeat’ is another melodic stomper, then we have the progressive sounding tracks like ‘If I’m Falling (Catch Me)’ the power ballad ‘Remember’, the bluesy ‘People’ that suits Anne’s vocal style to a tee and the acoustic ‘Question of Faith’. Annette’s writing and vocal style is highly influenced by her love of British Blues and Symphonic Metal and I must say that I am pleasantly surprised by this album, being a highly impressive release from this Denver based band, and well recommended as a consequence. Mastered at Sterling Sound, NY by Ted Jensen, you can check the band's website out here… 9/10 (Dave)


(Self Released) Reviewed 20th November 2015

Here we have an interesting release from an artist who goes by the name of Valerie Polichar. She comes from San Diego (California) and her music project is called Huge Shark. Vocally, she borders operatic, but the style of music I would class as Electropop. And to be honest, I have rather enjoyed the six tracks (about impossible desires) that are offered on this EP. Valerie's music fuses electronica and singer-songwriter styles — it has been compared to Eurythmics, Kate Bush, and Clannad among others. There is some beautiful music here - we have the electro elements of the opener 'The Line Of Life' and the interestingly titled and soothing '52_23' as two rather cool numbers. 'Almost Over' sees a release date of 6th December, but to be honest, I am not sure about it being almost over, but on this showing, Valerie is about to get going! It is not Rock and not Metal, but it is rather good! And it is mastered by the awesome Tom Baker as well at Baker Mastering. Check Facebook out here...8/10 (Dave)


(Napalm Records) Reviewed 19th November 2015

The Honeymoon Disease single 'Fast Love' (2014) was quite possibly the surprise of the year: The Quartet from Gothenburg Sweden didn't just release an acceptable debut single, but delivered a heavy-speed-rocking masterpiece, which could easily hold a candle comparable to classic outfits like DEEP PURPLE, THIN LIZZY or RAINBOW. With such a heavy hitting debut single, the weighted question remains as to whether the band can deliver the same quality on a full length debut. This album delivers, answering this question with an album full of future classics steeped in timeless charm, blessed with massive grooves, spirited with cocky howls, and seasoned with classic style riffs. Honeymoon Disease is proof that the Modern Retro Rock movement is not a male dominated genre, with two women, Jenna and Acid, jointly responsible for their unique sound. This for me is like taking a trip back to the 70s, with eleven tracks of infectious hard rock that has been dragged into the 21st century by the short and curlies. Great hooks, great melodies, great guitar solos, with tracks like the opener 'Higher', the catchy 'Gotta Move', the bouncy 'You're Too Late' and the closer 'Keep Me Spinning', ticking all the right boxes. This album is good, enough said... 8.75/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 9th November 2015

Ghost Reign is a Symphonic Metal band from France and is fronted by a young lady called Lucie. There are harsh male vocals as well, we think these grunts and growls are provided by guitarist Thomas, although we do not have that info as such, we only make that assumption from live photos of the band. Okay, how about the music? After a heavily orchestrated intro of near film score proportions, the album kick starts proper with the number ‘Skeleton Doll’. An up tempo Symphonic Metal number while the orchestrated/synth driven ‘Silver Throne’ which is rather good actually, sees the introduction of those growls. Listening to the album as a whole, it is consistently good without having any tracks that I would consider standouts as such, if that makes any sense as such. Numbers though that I myself would consider album goodies are the ballady ‘Slow Motion’ and the catchy ‘Lakes of Lava’. The band's website is at, and I nevertheless would consider this an album worth checking out, providing further strains on the bank balance.. 8/10 (The Nugget)


(Doolittle Group) Reviewed 4th November 2015

Haunted By Destiny was formed and born in Norrkoping, Sweden – where drummer Christian Gardefuhr and guitarist Johan Söderhielm decided it was time to make reality of their creations. Singer Evelina Eliasson was found on the musical stage, and immediately brought the music to new stages with her energy, attitude and her pop way of singing. At this point the recording of demos began, and new songs got written. Soon the band was joined by bass player Marcus K Johansson and young but talented guitarist Simon Weston. This is their debut full length release although there has been an EP 'Aria', released in the past. This album is an energetic slab of catchy Pop/Rock from these Swedes, and confirms my belief that the Scandinavians overall have been and are still very adept at producing awesomely good music no matter the genre, for us the listener to enjoy (remember Abba?). There are some rockin’ goodies here including the melodic ‘Turning Pages’, the quirky and hideously catchy ‘Freakshow’, the bouncy ‘The Road’ and the slightly heavier but equally melodic ‘Follow’. The list could go on as there is not a filler to be found. Haunted by Destiny wants to reach out and grasp the world, and so they should with their mainstream appeal on this showing. This is a very good 12 track release and although possibly not an album for the total metalheads out there, this will certainly be a record for anybody that loves very catchy female fronted Pop/Alternative Rock. The band’s facebook can be found here… 9.25/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 26th October 2015

Founded in 2013 as the brainchild of Amoral frontman Niko Kalliojärvi and vocalist/pianist Suvimarja Halmetoja, female fronted progressive metal band Humavoid combine heavy polyrhythmic grooves with rich harmony. Together with vocals altering between Suvimarja's crystal clear lines and Niko's trademark growl, the dynamic standard is set on this three track EP from this Finnish band. It all kicks off in dynamic and powerful fashion with the title track 'Glass', which blasts its way out of the speakers knocking you back against the wall in the process. A thundering start and before you are able to recover and catch your breath, along comes 'Light Pollution', another belter to blast your ear drums. Closing track 'Eyeshine' with its melodic chorus maintains the powerful momentum of the previous 2 tracks, and ends what is an impressive EP. The bands website is at where you will be able to view a couple of videos... 8/10 (Dave)


(Gothoom Productions) Reviewed 13th October 2015

Galadriel was an Elven queen, married to Celeborn in the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien. They are also a Slovakian metal band, founded in July 1995 by vocalist and bass player Dodo Datel, guitarist Voloda Zadrapa and drummer Dr. Victor Gieci. After many trials and tribulations, we fast forward to the present day and the current line up is: Dodo Datel vocals, bass; Sona 'Witch' Kozakova vocals; Tomax Gabris guitar; Michal Kolejak guitar; Matej Ferianc drums. And needless to say that this band is producing some pretty decent Beauty&The;Beast style metal, being well emphasised in recent releases including this 6 track EP. Plenty of melody as well that always pleases us here at Ravenheart Music. I suppose a slightly more upbeat Draconian would be one band that springs to mind as a comparison, and I would go as far as to say that like Draconian, Galadriel produce some epic music, indeed the six tracks here are all massive!! There is a fave of mine on this record, and that is the 7 minute ‘Strong One Against The Storm’, although the other five are damn awesome too. This release is well worth looking into… recommended.. 9/10 (Dave)


(Napalm Records) Reviewed 15th September 2015

Huntress is an American heavy metal band that was founded in the underground of Highland Park, California, when lead vocalist Jill Janus moved to Los Angeles, where she met an underground metal band called 'Professor' in 2009. Huntress then gained the interest of Napalm Records and was signed by them in November 2011. On December 27 2011, they released their first single, 'Eight of Swords', to promote their debut album, 'Spell Eater'. Fast forward to the present day and 'Static' their 3rd album, will be released on 25th September 2015, and features eleven tracks (inc bonus cut) of prime time top drawer Melodic Metal. Jill and the band has gone through a lot since the release of their previous album 'Starbound Beast', but they are back stronger than ever with this release. Jill’s trademark vocal style is as awesome as ever - if you like their previous efforts, you will want to be the first in the queue to get this on the 25th. There are fave tracks a plenty including the pounding up tempo track ’Sorrow’, the catchy but lyrically dark ’Flesh’, the brooding 8 minute plus ’Mania’ and the melodic ‘Noble Savage’. This album is a delight from start to finish, it would not be in my remit to think otherwise…Album number four!!! Bring it on!!!!!!…. 9/10 (Dave)


(Manifest Records) Reviewed 5th August 2015

G.O.T.H (Glam on Thy Hell) was formed in 2005, in the sunny city of Lisbon, by Ivan Prim. He sought to create a sound using the influences from different genres such as Glam metal, Heavy Metal, 80’s Rock, and today’s Gothic Rock. After some time had passed Ivan realized something was missing from the project that he had started. In 2006, after hearing Kate Prim sing while in passing, Ivan decided that a feminine voice was needed in this project. By adding Kate Prim they created a constant harmony that Ivan could have never achieved on his own. We have thirteen tracks on this release including the bouncy and extremely catchy ‘Darkly in Cradle, and this album sure is a grand old taste of Goth Rock mixed with the above mentioned influences. Some further corking numbers here including rockers and ballads, and these no doubt reflect the direction this band is traveling...which I am sure is up! The album was recorded and produced by Ivan Prim in his own private studio, and it is blatantly obvious that this man is a talent! If there was a Goth Jovi, this is what they would sound like! The band's facebook is here...9/10 (The Nugget)


(Self Released) Reviewed 3rd August 2015

Hitherside is a part American, part Belgian and part Dutch Female Fronted Melodic Hard Rock band based in Antwerp, Belgium. The band consists of vocalist Jennifer, her bassist/son Joshua, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist Sam and drummer Stefan. They turn heads with their infectious, Modern Rock songs that contain amazing guitar riffs, textures and memorable melodies with big doses of lush harmonies mixed in, and a touch of prog. And all that is confirmed in the 12 numbers on this album, it is all rather good and very listenable. The numbers ‘All But Not Answered’ being one of the more riff tastic tracks, with the up tempo ‘In Solidarity’ a foot tapping stomper. The record as a whole is recommended by us. The band’s website is here... 8.75/10 (The Nugget)


(Club Inferno Ent) Reviewed 11th June 2015

Coming from the South of Italy, THE HILLINOISE have released this, their new three track EP. Standing at the deep heart of each tune is the gentle voice of Daniela Stefanelli, surrounded by a Rock solid wall of distorted guitar riffs. Intense powerful melodies make up the framework of this EP, with opener 'Lighter' being an ideal showcase as to what is to follow. Second up 'Nymphetamine' maintains the momentum, with closer 'Sleeping Beauty' closing the EP. Okay, this EP aint bad, but do not expected anthemic hook laden choruses, this is more Rock of the alternative nature, which strangely enough, makes ideal background music for me although it does rock! For the curious out there, this is worth checking out, but for the female fronted Symphonic Metal anorak, you may be advised to steer clear... 7.75/10 (Dave)


(Irond Records) Reviewed 28th May 2015

Heavenside come from Russia which sure offers up a bubbling music scene at the moment. By and large a guy fronted band (vocalist Mikhail “Michael” Guzz who was also guitarist and composer of such groups as Forgive-Me-Not and Dark Princess), there are various tracks that feature an 'unknown female vocalist', so we have decided to make this a female fronted review. This is an album chock full of Gothic Metal wonders and rather good it is too. And if you like catchy Gothic tunes, then check out the tracks 'A Reason To Fly', the catchy 'The Ghost' (featuring that unknown female vocalist), 'Sinnersaint' with its melodic chorus, the excellent and soooo good 'Waiting For The Silence' (what a track featuring 'that female' again!), the hideously catchy 'Born To Be Drained', the female fronted and another memorable tune 'Children of the Fire' and hold on, there are still another four tracks left. Tell you what? check this band out for yourselves and check out the aforementioned track 'The Ghost' here. This album is another record full of golden nuggets - play loud and enjoy... 9/10 (The Nugget)


(Self Release) Reviewed 3rd March 2015

When one reviews an album by a band whose singer I know fairly well, then the task of reviewing the record in question can become a little more difficult. I have known Mona, lead singer with German Stoner/Sludge heavyweights High Fighter for a wee while now, certainly since she was singer with the German band A MILLION MILES. And I am sure she will not mind me saying that she is one of the nicest people I have ever met. Anyway, 2015 offers us the debut record from the aforementioned band, the record's opener '2Steps Blueskill' seeing the band kicking ass, while Mona (who proves she has a great set of vocal chords as she did with A Million Miles), lets out a devilish roar. The demonic quality of her vocal delivery continues on the next rather addictive number 'Breaking Goat Mountains'. 'Black Waters' is a pounding track that hammers your ear drums, but ends in a quiet soothing fashion, with 'Fire In The Sun' continuing the fiery vocal assault, as does closer 'In Veins'. To summarise, this EP of five tracks is a cocktail of heavy riffs and intense infernal vocals, that would send the most hardened of people running for cover. Take a sneaky peek here... 8.5/10 (Dave)