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(Self Released) Reviewed 20th September 2017

COBURG fronted by Anastasia Coburg is a Symphonic/Gothic Rock band based in London. And Anastasia not only is the vocalist in this band, she also takes care of lead guitar and synth duties, so she is quite a talented individual. This is the band's debut offering and rather good it is too. Opener 'A Cold Day In Hell' is a mid-tempo blaster while next up 'Echoes In the Night' after a cool choral intro is an industrial tinged rocker that thunders along rather nicely. The remainder of the record is damn cool with tracks like ‘Into The Darkness’ with its haunting intro that then becomes a synth driven belter, the totally awesome ‘Requiem’ together with magical guitar solo, the Industrial sounding ‘Thy Dagger’, the Middle Eastern tinged ‘Till The Bitter End’, the epic 8 minute plus beautifully put together ‘Warrior’s Blood’ and the closing awesome ballad ‘Rise’ that superbly ends the record. In summary, Anastasia has a winner here, her rock like vocal style suits the music rather nicely, ably supported by the band, making this a rather nice musical package, running it at over the hour. Check Facebook out here for further information…album due 24th October from major digital outlets, so become enchanted and buy!…. 8.75/10 (Dave)


(Lion Music) Reviewed 19th September 2017

Chrysilia is a soundtrack/symphonic/folk metal band based in Athens, Greece. Initially a concept child by musical actress & rock performer Chryso and composer/keyboardist Elias Pero (ex-Sovereign), this quickly evolved to the formation of a band consisting of ambitious, as well as experienced members. Chrysilia has evolved in recent years from a concept to a band with a full album, ready to demonstrate their work live. I have known about this record for a while now and this album is just awesome from beginning to end. The music from the band could be vaguely described as soundtrack metal, having influences from different music genres, ranging from folk, jazz and musicals to power metal. The main theme here is having clean cut, catchy tunes, no matter how heavy or complicated the musical background. And this is well showcased in opener ‘Beyond The Gates of Ypsus’ which gets things started in grand fashion. ‘The Menalon Trail’ follows and the video has just been released to this track, this being a great catchy symphonic number with folk influences. But to be honest, if I had a fave from this album, it has to be ‘Desperate Wings’. This is surely in my reckoning for the track of the year with an awesome video to accompany it, being a power ballad to beat all power ballads, sung with so much emotion by Chryso. I to be honest cannot stop playing this track, and Chryso plays the cello by the way too. Everything on this record ticks all the right boxes, ‘Arcadia’ is a bouncy up tempo track again offering up folk influences, while the title track is an atmospheric soundtrack sounding instrumental with choral backdrop and full orchestra – totally awesome! The track ‘Chrysilia’ is a slow acoustic based number again taking folk influences on board. ‘Alter Of Silence’ is a slow to mid paced symphonic number, while ‘King of a Stellar War’ is a catchy mid-tempo symphonic track. The closing salvo of the beautiful ‘The Fifth Season’ and ‘Desperate Wings (orchestral version)’ closes this awesome album. Producer Bob Katsionis (Firewind, Serious Black, Outloud) has played a pivotal role in this. He believed in this elegant but also dynamic amalgam of folk, soundtrack & metal and gave life to Chrysilia’s compositions, and he also composed one of the album’s songs. This record I believe will appeal to a wide range of listener and is well worth the purchase money when released 12th October. I say no more - the band's Facebook is here…10/10 (Dave)


(STF Records) Reviewed 18th September 2017

To be released on the 22nd September, this is Deathtiny’s latest record. From Germany and fronted by Julia Mann, with Dennis Buffing offering up guy vocals, the band offer the listener 11 tracks of Melodic Dark Metal containing catchy songs, plenty of melodies and head-banging riffs. It is all rather good mid tempo stuff from opener, the catchy and bouncy ‘Path No 8’ to closer ‘Prescribed Mind Decay’. This release is worth checking out if one likes their metal melodic and catchy. Great stuff….8.25/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 5th September 2017

CrimSun is a Metal band from Moscow. Featuring male and female vocals, they ply their musical business by way of Modern Alternative Metal using angelic female vox coupled with male growls.This record thunders along at quite a pace and it is all rather cool, offering some goodies in the process. Tracks that caught my ear include the ultra heavy 'I Miss The Winter', the tuneful 'Dance Dance Dance', the mid paced 'Moonless Life' and the closing rather awesome 'Whaler'. Check out for more info....8/10 (Natalie)


(Pitch Black Records) Reviewed 4th September 2017

DÖXA fronted by Rita Jiménez with male vocals from guitarist Dani G, came to existence in the Spring of 2007, in Madrid, Spain as the brainchild of Víctor Fernández (ex- Darksun). They released their first album in 2010 ("Once... and for All"). 2013 saw the release of the band's second album and now, four years since their last offering, this, the band's third album, is ready to be released. This is a good release, twelve tracks of Melodic Metal drawing heavily from Symphonic and Classic Metal, but also from other musical styles such as folk, new age and classical. Opener ‘Game Of You’ offers up a bouncy catchy start and that is basically how the record continues. The angelic vocals of Rita shine through the gloss that the album offers with further awesome cuts including ‘The Spring In You’, the mid to up tempo ‘Creole’ (with choir), the catchy and bouncy ‘Queen of Spades’ featuring Dani G on main vocals (clean), the melodic ‘Windlike’ and the awesome ballad ‘Two Roses’. Indeed, everything here is damn cool and with influences ranging from Dio, Blind Guardian, Epica and Skyclad, a fantastic(al) musical journey awaits for fans of melodic and symphonic metal! Featuring guest vocal appearances by David Readman (Pink Cream 69) and Ani M. Fojaco (Last Days of Eden), this album is a goodie. It will be released 29th September…. 9/10 (Dave)


(Self Released) Reviewed 27th August 2017

Greek band DIMORFIA was born in 2008. After a few line up changes, here we are in 2017, the band now fronted by the operatic vocals of Maria Loti has released this, their first album. The record being a feast of power/symphonic metal. There are nine cuts here, all consistently good, but I ought to say there lacks the standout track that makes you sit up and take notice. Nonetheless, this is a good little offering for you fans of Symphonic Metal - the band's facebook page is here… 7.75/10 (Dave)


(Nuclear Blast) Reviewed July 9th 2017

Cellar Darling is a Swiss band formed by ex Eluveitie members Anna Murphy, Merlin Sutter and Ivo Henzi. Not only does Anna handle the mic department, she also plays the hurdy gurdy. And to say that this is a good album would be an understatement. Kicking off with the metallic duo of 'Avalanche' and 'Black Moon', the latter having a progressive feel with quite a catchy chorus, this sets the scene for what is to follow. Not only are there the uptempo tunes including cuts like 'Hullaballoo', the folky feel of 'Rebels', and the melodic 'Under The Oak Tree', there are slower but equally bombastic cuts like 'High Above These Crowns' and further folky numbers like the pen ultimate epic track 'Hedonia'. With heavy riffs, powerful drumming and a unique voice, coupled with the signature folky, earthy tones of the hurdy gurdy, confidently fusing heavy alternative rock with strong folky influences and poetic lyrical tales with epic melodies, this album is well worth checking out... 8.75/10 (Dave)


(Killer Metal Records) Reviewed 6th July 2017

Hailing from St John's in Newfoundland, Category VI formed in early 2010. The band brings something new to the local Newfoundland metal scene as they are the only band from the city that play melodic metal, and the only active female-fronted melodic metal band in St John's too! Leading lady Amanda Gosse has one helluva set of lungs as the band powers their way through the eight up tempo tracks on this awesome record. Fave tracks include the melodic 'Out Of Time', with the epic closing title track ending what is a rather good album from this band. Check their facebook out here... 8.25/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 27th June 2017

Dierdre from Phoenix AZ is a band fronted by the powerhouse, dynamic and at times bluesy vocals of Dierdre Evans. They play a 12 track selection of hard rock, creating a distinctive style that blends the finest elements of rock & roll with soul throughout. This is well executed American Hard Rock - the band's facebook is here... 8/10 (Natalie)


(Self Release) Reviewed 25th May 2017

Founded by musicians from a small town in Central New York, DramaScream is a female fronted hard rock band. There are ten explosive tracks on this release, ensuring that the band is ready to make their mark in the world. This record is rather good, it is melodic and is well worth checking out for you lovers of Alternative Rock & Metal. The band's Facebook is here... 8.25/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 17th April 2017

Dark Reverie formed in 2016 and come from the USA. Fronted by the mainly operatic vocals of Cody Dennison, they are a Progressive Symphonic Power Metal band with a very European sound. This record consists of seven tracks of rather cool Symphonic Metal that gallops along rather nicely. Outstanding tracks include the catchy 'Dream Reach' and the mid tempo 'The Night Watch', both being current faves from this little cd. Closer 'Soul Submerged' is rather nice too. The band's facebook pages can be found here. Another little goodie for fans of the scene...8.25/10 (Natalie 'The Nugget' Gold)


(darkTunes Music Group) Reviewed 9th April 2017

Dust In Mind is an Industrial Metal Band from France with Death Metal influences. They are dual fronted with Jennifer Gervais on female vocals and male vox from Dam, who also takes care of guitars together with Jack Ruetsch. I reviewed their debut release in October 2015 and I was highly impressed, this album continuing the good work. There are some awesome cuts on this record, kicking off with the belter 'Get Out' and this opener sure sets the scene for what is to follow. I love this style of music with great tracks that include the catchy 'I'm Different', the awesome title track, the thumping 'Born To Fight' running in at just over 5 mins, the longest track on this awesome ten tracker and the closing up tempo 'Coward'. And unlike the last album, we have a ballad, the rather nice and interestingly titled 'MRS Epilepsy', I feel that there is something personal about this song and its lyrics. There are no symphonic influences here, just in yer face Industrial metal laden with stax of melody! I can whole heartedly recommend this release and while you are checking it out, purchase their debut album too - 'Never Look Back'... 9/10 (Dave)


(Self Released) Reviewed 4th April 2017

Vienna based Daedric Tales was formed back in the year 2009 by guitar player Aryan. Aryan thought that the epic Elder Scrolls saga deserves a fittingly epic band. Soon he found the guitarist Jakob and together they wrote some songs. After a year and a half the bassist Mathias joined the band. In August 2012 vocalist Alex, the keyboarder Gonzalo and the new guitarist Daniel joined the band and together they recorded their first EP "Hircine's Call". From 2012 to 2013 Alexander Müller was active as a drummer, but when he left Jakob Griller joined the group. The band on this record offer the listener a tsunami of Symphonic Power Metal with the odd ballad thrown into the blender (‘Demonic Twilight’). Fave tracks include the bouncy 'Catalyst' among others. The band’s Facebook is here. Yet another album to consider buying if Sympho Power Metal floats your boat... 8.25/10 (Dave)


(AFM Records) Reviewed 31st March 2017

CRYSTAL VIPER is a Polish Heavy Metal band, founded in 2003 by Marta Gabriel. Between 2003 and 2006 CRYSTAL VIPER was just a project featuring Marta on vocals and various other musicians, with whom she recorded a bunch of demos and rehearsal tapes, compilation tracks, and with whom she played several local live shows. In the summer of 2006 the first official line up became established, and CRYSTAL VIPER turned from a project into a regular band, with Marta Gabriel as a vocalist and composer. Recently due to health issues relating to Marta, the band was forced to stop its activity - the future of CRYSTAL VIPER was then placed into question. In September of 2016 the band finally broke the silence: the witch with her powerhouse vocals is back! This comeback album has finally hit the shelves and is a tsunami of metal madness. There are ten scorching tracks from the witch of metal including the piano led ballad 'Trapped Behind'. This is another goodie for peeps that like their metal rather more metallic! Recommended... 8.5/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 13th February 2017

Chronicode is a Brazilian heavy metal project formed in 2016 by Mariana Figueiredo who has responsibility for the mic stand. Obviously the band has not hung around, Shapeshifter being their debut CD and is a rather cool album to boot, offering 10 tracks of Melodic Heavy Metal. The tracks thunder along rather nicely with some catchy choruses thrown into the musical mix and despite initial hesitations for some reason, I do rather like this record. There are some good cuts here including 'Awaken' which is an awesome power ballad. If Melodic Heavy Metal floats your boat, then this little platter will be worth checking out. The band's Facebook is here... 8.25/10 (Dave)


(Self Released) Reviewed 19th January 2017

Cyclocosmia is a Symphonic/Doom metal band from London, UK, founded by British producer James Scott. In the words of James the band offers up a new and somewhat awesome vocalist (Aliki Katriou) with this their 2nd release, new prog direction and same symphonic misery! I just love the music from this band, with James who is such a nice guy, offering up growls that would scare the hardest of honey monsters. This 4 track EP is monstrous, well produced and not a duff track in sight. Don't expect monstrous hooks or catchy choruses, just as James has said, a decent helping of Progressive, Symphonic misery. My fave track though is the atmospheric 6+ minute closing cut, simply titled 'Immured IV'. This little EP is good, Cyclocosmia's facebook page is here.... 9/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 16th January 2017

Fronted by Briony Featon, Dead of Night is an exciting new British Symphonic Metal band from the North West of England. This is the band's second record, and like the debut, is a total awesome offering. I actually gave the debut album ‘The Dead Shall Rise’ a maximum score, which means that the band has to go somewhat with this release to top the debut. So have they? Well in answer to that, yes and I am sure they will soon be picked up by one of the major European labels. This is an album full of melodic Symphonic Metal tunes that proves to me that the Brits have got what it takes to challenge their European mainland counterparts. Again it is difficult to fault this awesome platter as every track ticks all the right boxes. I am a sucker for the odd ballad and the band pull it off with the string orientated number ‘Hiraeth’ – totally beautiful sending the hairs on the back of my neck on end! I am not going to list my faves on this album, but just sit back and enjoy the whole record! The first album had me gobsmacked, and this CD from track 1 to track 11 (another awesome power ballad) is doing exactly the same as the debut. Due 24th Feb and a must buy as far as I am concerned. Dead Of Night’s website can be found here…. 10/10 (Dave)


(Gravel Ent) Reviewed 9th January 2017

CHARETTA is a modern rock band based out of New York City fronted by Angelina DelCarme. Their sound can be described as aggressive, groove orientated heavy rock topped with in your face, passionate vocals. This twelve song LP includes two new songs recorded in 2016 and ten remastered tracks from the band’s two previous EP’s 'Apocalypse' and 'A Nation Distracted'. Overall, the album displays the bands growing maturity as recording artists and features some of their most memorable work to date. Opener 'We Will Survive' is a real corker with a memorable chorus as have many of the other cuts on this record. Over the past decade, CHARETTA has opened for such acts as Soundgarden, Nine Inch Nails, Hinder & Red, and have clocked in over 200 live performances. They are now setting their sights on new heights and are poised to make a significant impact, more so in their homeland with their latest recording, which I believe they will do. Awesome stuff and a band worth checking out!!... 8.5/10 (The Nugget)


(Self Released) Reviewed 26th November 2016

Desdaemona is an unsigned Symphonic Metal band from Italy fronted by the operatic vocals of Anna Holtz. The band was formed in 2011 and I understand this to be their debut album, that features nine tracks of rather kool Symphonic Metal. Having spoken to Anna on Facebook, she seems a rather nice girl. Now I may be wrong but I gain the impression that she could be a small lass, but she sure possesses a fair set of lungs. I know some parts of the media will say that all this style of music has been done before. Maybe they are correct but when it is this good, who cares. This album is a corker, some great music on this record and it is well worth checking out for you fans of Symphonic Metal. Pop to Desdaemona's Facebook page here...8.5/10 (Dave)


(Underground Symphony) Reviewed 24th November 2016

Degrees of Truth fronted by the awesome vocals of Claudia Nora Pezzotta, is an Italian Progressive Symphonic Metal band, born in 2015 near Milan by an idea of keyboardist Gianluca Parnisari. The prime focus of the band has always been the song writing, in search for a unique and distinctive sound introducing symphonic elements, electronic patterns and of course, metal riffs. This 65 minute album is a concept album about the theme of life and mankind evolution on Earth, from the primordial nothing to the civilization of the entire world, to the slavery and devastation brought by man on Earth. The album ends with a hymn of hope, which sounds as a warning for the whole humanity not to redo the same mistakes again, in vain. This is a very good recording featuring some epic tracks like the awesome title track, running in at over 10 minutes, the catchy numbers ‘Civilization’ and ‘The World Beneath My Feet’ and the epic closer ‘The Pillar of Hope’ (the aforementioned hymn of hope), with the whole shebang from start to finish being highly impressive. The album features the guest appearances of Omar Ruggiero - Varganath (grunt and growl vocals) and of Maestro Carlo Colombara (acoustic and ethnic guitars) and is well recommended... 9/10 (Dave)


(Napalm Records) Reviewed 11th November 2016

If unbridled passion for classical music meets raw modern metal, the result is most certainly going to be Diabulus In Musica. The Spanish band fronted by the awesome vocals of Zuberoa Aznárez, is surely the biggest Symphonic Metal act that their homeland has to offer, and the five piece has been storming Europe since 2010! Two years after their previous album 'Argia', the fourth album 'Dirge for the Archons' (Archon has been named as one of Atlantis` creators) travels with us to long lost worlds and thrills with the flair of the finest operas, rough growls, epic choirs, orchestral intermezzi and pure metal. A reference point is EPICA with some subtle electro influences thrown into the melting pot that I do rather like. This is an epic and bombastic release, tracks like ‘Earthly Illusions’, the awesome ‘Invisible’, the quirky ‘Ring Around Dark Fairies’, the slow and haunting power ballad ‘A Speck in the Universe’, the commercial, melodic sounding numbers ‘Hiding From You’ and 'The Voice Of Your Dreams' and the Folky feeling 'Bane' will have you screaming for more. This awesome record gets released 18th November, being one helluva release from start to finish… 9.75/10 (Dave)


(Independent/Rhythmethod/PlasticHead) Reviewed 7th November 2016

Devilskin is a four piece band from Hamilton in New Zealand formed in June 2010, already having guts, class, kudos and confidence. The sum total of a determined and accomplished group of musicians who know what they want, the music is organic, dynamic and real. The band features the spectacular Jennie Skulander on lead vocals. Her powerful and compelling voice and alluring stage presence sets her apart from any vocalist New Zealand has put up so far. With an unerring gift for melody, Jennie's incredible voice throughout these 13 cuts, sweeps from whisper to roar, rips with power, drips with melody and captivates with sincerity. Together, these New Zealand rockers have the ability to write songs that have depth and passion. They create a compelling and irresistible sound and perform a stunning, explosive, live show so I am told. I do not know anything about the New Zealand metal scene but if it is as good as this, I want to hear more. The band’s website is here…. 8.75/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 27th October 2016

With their first EP release ‘Opus I: Dawn’ Cathubodua proudly present thier own unique blend of Epic Symphonic Metal. Imagine a symbiosis between classical music, folky tunes and metal genres of all sorts. The reoccurring themes are based on fantasy tales and historical legends. Heroes, wizards, princes, romans and goblins: that is what you’ll find here! This band from Belgium was founded in the spring days of 2013, when the mind of violinist Katrien started creating marvellous metal symphonies. With Arely on drums, Roel and Kenny on guitars, Peter on bass and Sara as vocalist, rehearsals started to run smoothly. And the end result is this 5 track EP (including brief intro) of pounding Symphonic Metal. Check out the video to the track ‘Glorious Days’ here. This 22 minute EP is worth checking out… 8.25/10 (Dave)


(Inner Wound Recordings) Reviewed 20th October 2016

Dark Sarah is a music project by Amberian Dawn´s former vocalist Heidi Parviainen.. After parting ways with the band in late 2012, she started to build up her solo career and Dark Sarah became the name of her project. The debut album entitled ‘Behind the Black Veil’ was released in May 2015 and led you through the psychological adventure of Sarah, who is hovering between her two personalities. This new album continues the story that started on Dark Sarah´s debut. As explained by Heidi: "The Evil Tree had broken into pieces and Dark Sarah´s soul with it. She did not die, but was left in a loop between two worlds, between life and death. She was sent down to the River of Death to drift along the streams and she ended up on an island in the middle of a mighty ocean. She woke up on the shores of that misty island. It was a magical rocky island, the rocks were black and they sparkled like covered by millions of diamonds in the endless night. Sharp cliffs and huge statues painted the dark sky, the ocean was wild on its shores. Dark Sarah felt the air in her lungs - she was alive after all. She felt the strength coming back to her limbs, she got up and started to explore the island. She found a cave and went in. There she saw a light twinkling in the back of the cave and move towards it slowly. She looked through the small hole and saw something ...and was mesmerized..." Onto the music itself and firstly, the record features guest appearances from Manuela Kraller [ex. Xandria], Charlotte Wessels [Delain] and JP Leppäluoto [Charon, Northern Kings] and needless to say with a strong concept the album musically does not disappoint either, combining metal, film and theatrical elements within the compositions. After an orchestral intro, ‘Island In The Mist’ pounds out of your speakers with the awesome ‘Little Men’ continuing at the same tempo, a hideously catchy tune! There is in-fact a tsunami of great tracks on this album making it a must buy. Check out ‘For The Birds’ (I love the pipes), the quirky ‘Dance With The Dragon’ (featuring JP Leppäluoto), the beautiful ‘Cliffhanger’ and the closing duo of ‘Aquarium’ (feat Charlotte from Delain) and ‘Rain’ (with Manuela Kraller). I gave ‘Behind The Black Veil’ a 10/10 and I feel that this record continues the great work, brilliant! – released 18th November…10/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed Oct 12th 2016

Deep Sun fronted by the soprano voice of Debora Lavagnolo hail from Switzerland, and is a Melodic Symphonic Metal band. Formed in 2006 this I believe is the band's second release, the first 'Flight of the Phoenix' being a 6 tracker released in 2013. The platter kicks off with the catchy belter 'Race Against Time', and the band has laid their cards on the table with that opener. And it continues with tracks like the bouncy 'The Believer', the Symphonic Power Metal of ‘Good Old Times’ (great lyrics :) ), the 6 + minute ballad ’Nostalgia’ and the near 8 minute Progressive sounding ‘Des Königs Krieger’. Debora's vocals veer towards the operatic which is no surprise, as she lists Tarja as one of her favourite artists. All in all this is a good release, but I can hear certain critics say that it has all been done before. “So what” is my responce. Deep Sun’s Facebook is here. Female fronted anoraks should lap this up!.. 8.25/10 (The Nugget)


(Atom Records) Reviewed 14th September 2016

Austria may be known as the classical music centre of the world, but make no mistake - Cornerstone is here to rock! The band, composed of Alina Peter (Vocals, Guitar), Michael Wachelhofer (Bass, Keyboard, Vocals), Steve Wachelhofer (Guitar, Vocals) and Christoph Karas (Drums, Percussion), got signed by the US-based label. ATOM Records back in 2008 and have done numerous tours through Europe and America. This is Cornerstone’s third studio album, which was produced in collaboration with Harry Hess (Harem Scarem, Billy Talent, Muse,...) in Canada. And jolly good it is too. This band and their sound is developing like a good wine, and with Harry Hess involved, then surely one cannot go wrong. This is prime time AOR from these Austrians, bouncy radio friendly music from the opening track ‘Nothing To Lose’, to the closing acoustic/piano led ballad ‘Once’. My formative years (did I actually have any?) was spent listening to prime time AOR/Melodic Rock from the late 70s and through the 80s, until Grunge came along in the early 90s and killed it off, or had a damn good try. But AOR/Melodic Rock survived and this release from Cornerstone in 2016 is awesome! A tsunami of musical goodness here in-fact, this long player being available at all good retailers, all the usual website outlets and of course the digital platform. I said when I reviewed their debut back in October 2008 that I thought Cornerstone may well be going places. I will say no more! 9/10 (Dave)


(AOR Heaven) Reviewed 31st August 2016

Hailing from near to Ravenheart here in the UK, Dante Fox’s fifth album is a real corker. Their first was released back in 1996, and they have developed since then into one of the top AOR/Melodic Rock bands from the UK. Sue Willets sings with power and emotion, and the rest of the band add their bit as well, within what is a well balanced album of melodic rockers and slower ballads. The opening salvo of ‘Young Hearts’ and ‘All Eyes On You’ is a fine way to start the record, mid to up tempo melodic rockers, while the title track slows it down a tad but proves what a fine set of pipes Sue Willets has. There are further catchy tunes a plenty throughout this record, not of course forgetting the ballads, like the wonderful number ‘A Love Affair’. I like this album, the type of inoffensive music heaped with melody and passion I have a soft spot for. Well worth checking out if this style of music is your cuppa tea… 8.75/10 (Dave)


(Napalm Records) Reviewed 16th August 2016

2016 means ten years of DELAIN – and therefore ten years of larger-than-life stunning symphonic metal! EP 'Lunar Prelude' was a tasty treat earlier this year, but haven`t we all been waiting for the main course? DELAIN’s fifth studio album was mastered by Grammy award winning Ted Jensen and is a tasty morsel of symphonic greatness, offering on the menu catchy hooks and a good old solid dose of metal that the band is known for, while at the same time, cementing the band's position as one of the greats of the genre. Opener ‘Hands Of Gold’ is a typically bombastic opener while second up ‘The Glory and the Scum’ is so dynamically good. Both ’Suckerpunch’ and ‘Turn The Lights Out’ feature on the ‘Lunar Prelude’ EP, while ‘Scandal’ is actually a Queen cover from their album ‘The Miracle’, Delain making it their own. ’Fire With Fire’ is a melodic belter, while the hook laden and very catchy ‘Danse Macabre’ is one of my favourite tracks from an album full of faves. Meanwhile, tracks like the totally awe-inspiring ‘The Hurricane’ and the striking ballad ‘Chrysalis – The Last Breath’ do slow it down a notch! With ten years, two EP's and now their fifth full length album under their belt, 2016 will undoubtedly prove to be the biggest year for DELAIN so far! This album is the biz…. 10/10 (Dave)


(Massacre Records) Reviewed 9th August 2016

DARKWELL was born in early 1999, with the aim and motivation to create vivid and profound gothic metal. All band members are experienced musicians, and they know well how to add liveliness to their music, which results in strong compositions and mature arrangements. In 2003, DARKWELL parted ways with their vocalist Alexandra Pittracher, as personal and musical difficulties occurred, and started to search for a new dark front-beauty. Soon they discovered Stephanie M., who emphasized DARKWELL’s independent musical path even more. After a long hiatus due to personal reasons, the band in 2012 started thinking about returning. And soon it was clear that they wanted to reunite with original singer Alexandra , and both parties realized that the fire was still burning. DARKWELL is finally back, 'Moloch' being the result of that flame and it is due 23rd September, the band’s first album since 2004. Musically, I think the band takes a slightly more commercial approach than their previous offerings, and the vocals of Alexandra being less operatic and more angelic/poppy if that makes sense. The 11 tracks are run of the mill mainly mid paced Gothic Rock/Metal, all consistently good although nothing initially jumps out and grabs ya, but subsequent listens may produce fave tracks! One of mine is the catchy opening title cut. The album will also be available as a digipak with 2 bonus tracks – recommended!.. 8.5/10 (Dave)


(Napalm Records) Reviewed 6th July 2016

Deadlock has always been about extremes – and always will be! Fans will love these Germans for every emotional force that runs through the raging depths of Death Metal on this cd, technical prowess, borderline pop-laden melodies, some keyboards, nods to classic metal, and casual flirtation with trance and beats. As expected, Hybris turns out to be a multi-faceted monster in terms of both shape and content – and at the same time painfully digs through the last events in the Deadlock camp. Despite the tragic death of founder and drummer Tobias Graf (immortalized with a minute of silence on the album) and the departure of singer Sabine Scherer (now replaced by Margie Gerlitz), the megalomaniac creative urge could not be suppressed: 2016 sees Deadlock rising from the ashes, scarred, but heads held high. This is a blistering 10 tracks of Melodic Death Metal with dare I say it, those aforementioned pop laden melodies. Margie's vocals reminding me of Sirenia's Ailyn to a certain extent at times, while John Gahlert provides the growls. Fans of true Death Metal may well turn their nose up at this and I know a certain zine here in the UK that has literally ripped this album apart. But if you like your music hard, heavy but truly melodic, then certainly check this out. There are standout cuts a plenty from the opening blistering ‘Epitaph’, the title track that even features within its midst a part of the Lords Prayer, ‘Wrath - Salvation’ with it male choir, 'Ein Deutsches Requiem', has Margie flirting with the operatics - this track also featuring the minutes silence, while the pen-ultimate track 'Vergebung' is an acoustic instrumental enabling us to catch our breath. In summary, I myself will admit I am not a fan of Death Metal, but with it’s melodies and pop sensibilities, I do rather like this release! Despite what that other zine says, I do feel that this is another winner from the Napalm stable - due 8th July! 8.5/10 (Dave)


(Maple Metal) Reviewed 5th July 2016

Maple Metal Records has re-released the Crimson Sun EP that we are reviewing here, this coinciding with Crimson Sun’s performance at the Tuska Open Air Metal Festival fest that happened on July 2nd. And like their debut full length 'Towards The Light' that was released in August last year, this is an awesome 4 track slab of melodic metal. Not a filler to be found from the opening title track to the closing number 'Fire Within'. If you like your metal melodic, then certainly check this out!... 8.5/10 (Dave)


(Self Released) Reviewed 20th June 2016

Here we have the second CD that I am reviewing today that is more Pop than Rock/Metal, and I am glad I am reviewing them too. London/Cambridge based singer-songwriter, Sarah Kayte Foster created Daisy and The Dark after leaving the internationally acclaimed band Mediaeval Baebes in 2014. In 2016, we now have her magical EP release ‘Circus’ to review. This is an EP that will send chills down your spine. The title track and leading single kicks things off and Sarah's vocals are awesome and haunting. This awesomeness continues through second number 'Be Your Blanket', with vocals reminding me at times of Kate Bush. The beautiful angelic tones of Sarah's voice continue through the track 'Fox, while 'Like Somebody Good' is magical. Surely mainstream radio has to pick up on this EP, Daisy and the Dark's second in-fact, their debut EP 'Red Planet', having been released on 10 July 2015. The closing number is a remix of the opening title track. Overall, this is a good record from a young lady with the voice of an angel. This album with its pop sensibilities is well recommended. Check out the website here… 8.25/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 10th June 2016

This is a three track EP from Southampton (UK) metal heads Cairiss. This five piece fronted by a young lady named Freyja offers the listener clean vocals coupled with harsh black-metal inspired vocals, together with crushing guitars, powerful orchestral harmonies & choral arrangements, this in turn creating a unique sound that is rich in both beauty and depth. They released their first demo track, ‘Disgraced’, in 2014, which has generated over 70,000 views on YouTube and over 600 downloads via their Bandcamp, so this band means business! And the aforementioned phrase 'Beauty and depth' springs to the fore when listening to this little epic. Although classed as an EP, the total running time is approx 29 minutes, the tracks offering up some blisteringly heavy music coupled with more sedate beautiful moments. When this style of music is done well, it ranks high in my pecking order, and this little album is rather good! The closing and somewhat beautiful title track 'Fall' is the shortest at just under 8 minutes, and features solely the angelic vocal style of the awesome Freyja. I would imagine this little release would appeal to fans of Angellore, Blackthorn, Draconian, Tiarra and bands of a similar ilk. The Facebook pages of Cairiss can be found here… 8.25/10 (Dave)


(WormholeDeath) Reviewed 6th June 2016

Dark Oath was formed in 2009, in Coimbra, Portugal, by guitarists Joël Martins and José Bertolo, joined shortly after by vocalist Carlos Pereira, bassist Emerson Nunes and drummer Pedro Galvão. In 2012, after vocalist Sara Leitão joined the band and took Carlos Pereira's place, they recorded what was their second EP, 'Journey Back Home'. After multiple rough patches along the band's journey, Dark Oath's first album, has now been released through WormHoleDeath Records. The album falls very neatly into the Symphonic Melodic Death Metal mold, with Sara's vocals very easily competing with many guys who front bands of a similar style of music. Basically this album does what it says on the tin - opener 'Land of Ours' is a near ten minute epic that after a brief orchestral intro, knocks you against the wall as it hammers out of the speakers like a turbo charged rhinocerous! And the album is relentless in its power, as further tracks like 'Battle Sons' and 'Thousand Beasts' pound their way into your head, these being just two examples from the album that will hammer you into complete submission. I always feel that like Marmite, you either like Death Metal or dislike it. If you like it, this album should be added to your music collection asap... 8/10 (Hannah Cooper)


(Self Release) Reviewed 2nd June 2016

The Complication is: Annie B (vocals & rhythm guitar), Dave “Roaddog” Bishop (drums), and Ashleigh Ali (lead guitar). Award-winning singer/songwriter and founding member Annie B started her career out on the West Coast. She moved to Los Angeles in 1999 and headlined L.A.’s best clubs with her punk-metal band SHUT UP MARIE for 7 years. S.U.M. picked up loads of press and college & commercial radio airplay all over the U.S. & appeared on national airplay charts alongside Death Cab for Cutie and Coheed and Cambria. Hard-pounding drummer from the Midwest, Dave “Roaddog” Bishop has played with numerous bands throughout his career, from the West Coast to Chicago, to Texas and in between. As The Dog says: Drums are his life, and he’s very thankful that he has the opportunity to do what he loves, and share this passion with the world! From the village of Six Lakes, MI, Ashleigh picked up the guitar after hearing Metallica’s Master of Puppets, and has performed in various metal acts around Michigan. Always a metal head and music nerd, she went to school to focus on audio production. After that brief bio, let us now talk about the album in question, 'Fancies of a Random Heart'. And you know what?, this is good! Annie B's powerful vocals will endear you from the start and there are some quirky catchy numbers that will stick around in your head long after the album has finished, take a listen to ‘Coffee Beans’ (pop and rock versions) and the up tempo ‘Give Me Pain’ that will have you tapping your feet before you know it – great stuff! But the band has a more metallic side to them too, like ‘Everything’, ‘No Surprise’ and ‘Over Me’ with its grunge like chorus. Then there is a subtle bluesy side like the numer 'Hope' and the closing cut ‘Fille Chatte’, which when translated means ‘Girl Female Cat’. And regards ‘Fille Chatte’, as with the awesome third track in called ‘Cat Girl’, is there a cat theme here? Indeed, there is a wide variety of music on this album that will appeal to a wide range of Rock music fans and to my ears is well worth checking out. I do have a fave on the CD and that currently is ‘The Shining Light’, and there is a decent cover too – ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking’ (written by Lee Hazlewood and recorded by Nancy Sinatra). So we have an enjoyable album, the band’s website can be found here… 8.5/10 (Dave)


(Artery Recordings) Reviewed 23rd May 2016

Based in the United States and England, Conquer Divide (For Fans of Asking Alexandra, Flyleaf, Pvris and In This Moment) have certainly made a name for themselves with their catchy hooks and attitude. The six-member all female band (consisting of Kiarely Castillo, Janel Duarte, Kristen Woutersz, Isabel “Izzy” Johnson, Tamara Tadic and Ashley Colby) has managed to capture the attention and gain the respect from their ever growing fan base and critics alike. In this, their recently released self-titled album, the band has created one hell of an album offering ten great tunes with monster hooks coupled with clean and ‘not so clean’ vocals. The album to my ears having that ‘Gothenburg feel’, and is certainly a real belter of a record. Indeed, Conquer Divide was pushed to their limits and thought outside the box as they worked with gold record producer/engineer Joey Sturgis (Asking Alexandria, Blessthefall, Of Mice & Men). As a result of a stellar album and a lot of hard work, this album ranked #13 on Billboard’s HeatSeeker charts. Check them out here. If you feel this album is for you, it is well worth checking out, and don‘t be fooled by the premature ending of the final track, the band does actually close the whole shebang showing their ‘softer side‘… 8/10 (Dave)


(Painted Bass Records) Reviewed 11th May 2016

Belgian Progressive Metalband with a Gothic twist, Circle Unbroken was formed in 2015 by classical-trained keyboardist/composer Franky De Mangelaere and drummer Martial Bonnetain. They soon found vocalist Marieke Bresseleers who just had finished her vocal studies at Fontys Hogeschool in Tilburg (Holland). They were joined by bass player Rutger Meert and guitar players Kevin De Brauwer and Matthias Jacobs. This their debut album was produced by Daan Janzing and was released in April and you know what? this is rather good, with a subtle symphonic undercurrent running through some of the tracks. Opener, ‘Portrait’ is one such number and a catchy track it is too while the rather good ‘Black Fire’ has a slightly more progressive feel together with an orchestral backdrop, and at this point I shall say that I adore the vocals of Marieke. Other goodies include the power ballad ‘The Call’ and I am a sucker for the odd power ballad, the upbeat, catchy and AORtastic ‘There’s More’ and indeed there is more too. Check out the progressive tinged ‘Warrior’s Wife Lament’, the beautiful ballad ‘Insomnia’, the symphonic sounding 'Vampire' and the closer 'City Lost', reminding me of Sabine from Edenbridge. The band's Facebook is here, well recommended... 8.75/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 5th May 2016

Cyclocosmia is a Symphonic/Doom project from the UK, the main man behind the project being London based James Scott, the whole shebang being recorded in the home studio of James and produced by the man himself. Leading vocals come compliments of Venezuelan/Italian vocalist Lorena Franceschini who joined the project in 2014, with the best part of 2015 being spent by the pair writing and recording the material for what it seems is a rather classy album. ‘Deadwood’ is a record that explores the darker side of the human mind covering such topics as mental illness, grief, homesickness and abuse of power, drawn from James and Lorena’s personal experiences. The album is an emotive one drawing influences from Draconian, Nightwish and Within Temptation, bringing a darker, bleaker sound to the Symphonic Metal genre. Albums like this however, always carry a certain amount of beauty that is combined with the heaviness that goes with it, and this is one such record that to my ears carries a definite ‘wow factor’ too, and as a consequence is highly impressive. There is nothing here that I can really fault, I know James to be a perfectionist and I am sure he will not mind me saying so, and this to be frank is a near perfect record. Everything here is epic, one such track among the tsunami of epicness is the 9+ minute ‘Little Girl Lost’ and there are others, the whole lot to be precise! I must admit I was not quite sure what to expect when I started listening to this, but all I will say is that this is well recommended so buy it! Meanwhile, check out the track ‘Faceless’ at 9.5/10 (Dave)


(Claiming Neptune Music) Reviewed 3rd May 2016

The interestingly monikered Claiming Neptune is a female-fronted alt rock band from Austin, TX with a throwback kind of 90s smooth and groovy sound. The band started in September 2014 with the idea of making folk music, but as the lineup solidified, the sound took on a life of its own - a progression documented with this debut record. The band fronted by the near seductive vocals of Lisa Borjon offers up 10 cool numbers on this CD, starting with the nifty ‘Two Worlds Apart’ that takes us into second up, the laid back ‘Misery’. The band laying their cards on the table from the onset, with their cool and aforementioned smooth and groovy sound. No Hard Rock or Heavy Metal shenanigans here, we have the lighter waving and by far the longest track on the album ‘Let Me Let Go’, the more upbeat and fans fave ‘Lonely’, the sedate ‘It’s Happening Now’, the Traveling Wilburys sounding ‘These Days’ and the closing track and first single ‘Apparition’, a rather cool mid tempo track. This album from this Austin TX band is a good un and should go down well with lovers of rather more laid back Alternative Rock. Their Facebook is at 8/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 21st April 2016

Canadian band CELESTIAL RUIN is styled after European Symphonic Rock/Metal, but executed with a decidedly North American flavour. Combining a heavenly destruction of heavy riffs with beautiful melodies, the band create catchy singable melodies, and rich symphonic textures. Indeed, I would say that this EP is certainly a step forward from their debut full length 'The Awakening'. The production is much improved although let that not be a criticism of the debut, which in itself was a very good album. The five tracks here from the opening chords of ’Murder of Crows’, through the epic track ’Sense of Exile’ to the closing bars of ’Firestorm’ are bombastic, infectious pieces of music and certainly a step in the right direction. If a second full length album travels along the same lines shown on this EP, then we will be in for one helluva listening experience. The lyrics on this release come from a mix of personal experiences and fantasy elements. Most of them were written during a time when Larissa was going through recovery from a surgery and was unable to speak, sing and barely able to stand up. So the frustration, sadness, anger and fear she felt during her recovery created this EP. For fans of Evanescence, Nightwish, Revamp, Delain, Kamleot, Within Temptation and the like, Got the idea? The release date is 20th May and I would well recommend this! Digital and CD pre-order of the EP will be available as of April 22nd on iTunes and CD at 9.25/10 (Dave)