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Reviews D cont (4)


(Dancing Ferret Discs) Reviewed 24th November 2007

Dutch gothic band The Dreamside is yet another fave band of mine, and have been for somewhile now. This disc celebrates them being together for 13 years. It is basically a strong album of re-mixes (done by various bods), most of which would not be out of place on the dance floor. Some good stuff on offer here, with some great re mixed versions of songs that The Dreamside have committed to disc in the past. However, what has interested me on this specific album are the two new studio tracks..'In Longing' and 'Sticks and Stones'. If these two songs are going to be anything like what The Dreamside may be considering for their next studio effort, then that album will be totally mind blowing. I can't wait! This cd meanwhile, is a must for fans of gothic and electro rock and most certainly one for fans of The Dreamside. Excellent!! 8.5/10 (Reviewed by Dave).


(Lion Music) Reviewed 2nd November 2009

The Dreamside has been on the Gothic Rock scene for 15 years. Blending elements of Electro, Gothic and Metal music, with female vocals and lyrics commonly centred on themes like the supernatural, The Dreamside have built a strong fan base thanks to their four previous albums, and in 2009 they signed with Lion Music for their 5th studio album 'Lunar Nature', which will be released on December 4th. The music on 'Lunar Nature' can be described as real atmospherical Gothic Rock with a good mixture of heavy guitars, electronic elements and a proper shot of alternative rock, all with a good helping of that aforementioned atmosphere. All this interwoven with Kemi Vita’s remarkable voice and her unique way to express emotions in very personal lyrics. And I must say that this band rank as another of my fave acts (the list gets longer!), I actually having all their previous releases. Some brilliant tracks on this record including 'Everlasting', the totally cool 'Silently Awake', 'Sticks and Stones' , 'Carry On', 'In Longing' , 'Sternenkind' and the rocky 'Seeds Of Pain' (a collaboration with the US act “Information Society” ). But to be frank, every track to my ears is a winner including 'Hush', when I thought for a moment that the angels had taken me away, this track even reminding me a little of Pink Floyd! This is a totally mind blowing release that will please fans of the band and indeed, fans of the Electro Gothic genre as a whole. As previously mentioned, it gets released on the 4th December. 15 tracks and 64 mins of music - great stuff and will make someone a great Christmas pressie. And a vital addition to one's cd collection. 9.5/10 (Reviewed by Dave)


(Spin Moon Media) Reviewed 15th July 2014

Of my own admission, Dutch Rockers The Dreamside (, formed by vocalist Kemi Vita in 1993 is a fave band of mine and I have all their cds in my private collection. Sorrow Bearing Tree is the band’s sixth studio album and the first to be released on their own label, Spin Moon Media. The album contains fourteen driving and catchy songs that bridge the divide between Gothic Metal and Alternative Rock. The band has worked on this album with other artists - Flo Schwarz from the extraordinary German Alternative, Gothic, Death Metal Punk Rock legends Pyogenesis sings a duet with Kemi on the Depeche Mode cover 'Walking In My Shoes' while the Power Ballad 'Breathe With Me' was written and performed together with Ralf Mastwijk from the former Dutch alternative rockers Face Tomorrow. This is indeed a damn fine collection of tunes, in addition to the above mentioned songs, check out the rocking 'Perfection In Disguise', the Metallic and catchy feel of 'Miracle Days', the powerful 'Collide' and the bouncy 'Disconnected'. Produced by Kemi Vita together with the very talented Roman Schönsee, who does all the programming and is the band's bassist, this record is certainly well worth checking out. Many thanks also to Roman for sending this album to me - it gets released 31st July 2014... 9/10 (Dave)


(Spin Moon Media) Reviewed 26th May 2015

Co-creations with musicians of various genres and artists was always important to The Dreamside. Another Spark Of Light is just that: an album created in close cooperation with guest-musicians who are closely connected to the band. The Dreamside asked their fans to suggest songs which should appear in an alternative version on this album. The fan-requested songs have been reworked together with musicians who played an important role in the history of The Dreamside. There are thirteen re-worked tracks here, offering mainly an acoustic laid back feel and there are some goodies too. Although I do like everything here (but I am a fan of the band and its music), I do rather like 'Forsaken', but it must be said that I liked the original of that one anyway, 'Spin Moon Magic' that features Wim van Velzen who is a close friend to the band and semi professional brass player, the atmospheric 'Eurylheia – 2015 version' feat. Fried Jan Bruggink, who played the guitar in The Dreamside from 1995–2012, 'Carry On' featuring the vocals of Ralf Mastwijk (who was guitarist with the Dutch Alternative Rock band Face Tomorrow) and the up tempo and rather catchy 'La Tempesta - 2015 version'. I would like to add that the album closes with a couple of dance floor belters that I totally adore!! 'Another Spark Of Light' is an album that has been produced with a lot of effort and love for detail, and although not an album that you would headbang too, it is nonetheless very good...indeed well recommended, particularly if you are a fan of the band. Check out the band's website here - released digitally on 27th May.. 8.75/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 10th July 2015

Dreamslave fronted by a young lady named Emma come from Lyon in France, and play a style of Symphonic/Operatic Power Metal, with occasional growls from Cedric who also takes care of the keytar dept. There are 12 tracks here on this their debut full length, of consistent upbeat Symphonic Metal to keep those taste buds (or should I say eardrums?) happy. There is some corking music on this release and is well recommended for our readers. Check out pounding tracks like the dance floor feel of ‘Masquerade’ , the Symphonic Metal of ‘Doomsday’, the heaviness of ‘Wishes of Revenge’ and Emma’s awesome operatic vocals on the thumping ‘Angel Requiem’ , these being just four tracks from a great array of music on this album. Then in addition to that, let us get bouncing around our living rooms to the track ‘Pirate’s Anthem’ - brilliant. Dreamslave’s Facebook is here, the artwork is as cool as the music and the band’s image, so check it all out… 8.5/10 (The Nugget)


AFM Records (Reviewed 17th May 2010)

The first album by this coalition (they are all the rage at the moment) of Turkish power metallers Dreamtone and Greek folk singer Iris Mavraki was a flawed masterpiece, marred by a slightly dodgy orchestra, some strange song arrangements and an air of confusion, the band not fully certain where they should be heading – power metal? folk metal? prog metal? symphonic metal? For this second opus they have dumped the orchestra, and upped from contribution from now full time keys player Guney Ozsan. The second difference is that they are now a fully fledged touring band, and as a result their music has a far sharper focus, melodic power metal (without the double kick drumming) with symphonic, folk and prog elements. The third difference is far more difficult to explain, although Iris played second fiddle in the vocal department to Dreamtone singer Oganalp Canatan on the first, she has now almost totally vanished, which is rather disappointing and puzzling, what is the difference between Dreamtone and Neverland? To call them a female fronted band is now somewhat of a misnomer, a male fronted melodic power metal band with occasional female vocals would be a more accurate description. They have also lost some of those delightful, eccentric, folky quirks as a result. On the plus side you get an album packed with excellent Sonata Arctica esque songs such as ‘This Voice Inside’ (you can see the video on the blog) and ‘Speak to Me’, with the lovely folk duet ‘Will of God’ sandwiched in the middle. So a split decision, if you are expecting female fronted symphonic metal, you will be sadly disappointed, but if you just want an album with top quality tunes, then you will be more than pleased. A rather confused 8/10 (Reviewed by Phil).


(darkTunes Music Group) Reviewed 2nd October 2015

With this their recently released debut album , the female-lead five piece band from Strasbourg promises not only to fulfil the highest of expectations expected of them, but to surpass them. Catchy melodies coupled with the most dissonant of riffs, that might be reminiscent of HYPOCRISY are presented here, and refined to a mixture of hardness and beauty by the angelic and vigorous voice of the female lead singer JEN. And let us not forger DAM, her male counterpart at the microphone, causing those metal fans to bang their heads with his dynamic growls. This is 11 tracks of pounding melodic metal at its finest, the two vocalists complimenting each other very well. And although we can compliment the vocalists, we must not forget the remainder of the band who throw in a sterling performance. Tracks like the guitar and synth driven ‘I Love As I Hate’ that hammers along like a Japanese bullet train, the cracking title track ‘Never Look Back‘, and the corking number ‘Give Up’ with its catchy chorus as just three examples. And for a taster, listen and watch the video to a another massive track from the album, ‘Frozen Smiles’ here. Awesome!! One thing with this music, it is dynamically heavy, it is melodic and it sure is metal, no sugary ballads here, but I do love the occasional subtle use of synths, that takes the music to another level. Well and truly recommended… 9/10 (Dave)


(Alster Records) Reviewed 5th November 2015

D-Wall is a Hard Rock/Metal band from Hannover in Germany. The band formed in 1999 and released a demo the following year. Following this release, there was a long period of silence as far as new material was concerned. But after eight years, the band was ready to release their first full-length album 'Godfood'. Now in 2015, the band has released 'Black Tree'. They had a dual vocal approach on 'Godfood', but on this release Sandra it seems handles all of the vocals. 'Black Tree' is a good album, the band having an uncanny habit of writing solid catchy foot tapping tunes. They used to include (maybe still do) Deep Purple, Bon Jovi, Whitesnake and Iron Maiden covers within their live shows, which gives a good indicator of what to expect from D-Wall. This a good record, well worth checking out further if you feel it may float your boat - it floats mine! Their website is here and their facebook can be found at 8.5/10 (The Nugget)


(Redblack Productions) Reviewed 2nd March 2010

If you want a band that fuses beautiful melodies, urgent guitars with poignant keyboard parts, to form an untypical mix of 70's psychadely, modern alternative rock energy with gothic doom melancholy, then look no further folks. Dying Passion hail from The Czech Republic and have released four cds prior to this little offering. I have the previous cd, 'Relief' that I obtained a year or so ago, and that certainly aroused my interest in this band. Now we have 'Absorb' that to me is another awesome release from this Czech outfit. A totally absorbing (excuse the pun!) album to my ears that should do amazingly well if put to a wider audience. 'A Silent Witness' gets things underway and that track sums up the kinda music this band offers the listener, while next in, 'Questions' is a slower ballady type song. The vocals are handled by ZuZa who kinda reminds me of Marianne Faithfull at times. Her vocals, well are spine tingling to say the least. A song that certainly has wide appeal I would think is 'Give', what a catchy little number this is. There is little I can find to fault with 'Absorb'. The standard of musicanship is high, the vocals of ZuZa are totally amazing as are the songs on offer. This record is a grand find and has to be worth tracking down if you can, so give their myspace a try at first. Go on, you know you should, 9/10 (Reviewed by Dave)


(Epidemie Records/X Production) Reviewed 9th January 2014

Progressive/Alternative Rock band Dying Passion fronted by the at times sensual vocal style of Zuzana Jelínková, hail from Šumperk in the Czech Republic and this so happens to be their 7th release. And as a consequence, they have a pedigree to be proud of. This album is a 14 track epic that would appeal to many fans out there. There is lot on this record to take in, but highlights to my ears include the heavy and upbeat sounding 'Highlight', 'Futile' with its awesome intro, the metallic 'Afraid of Dusk', the equally metallic 'Intoxicating' the massive sounding 'Vertical Edge' and the rather beautiful 'Enlightenment (Goodbye Wasted Life)'. I have liked Dying Passion since their early days, and I love their sound and their use of guitars & synths that add an atmospheric feel to the soundscapes offered, not forgetting to mention the awesome vocals of Zuzana of course. I would recommend this record to all and sundry - it is damn good, the band's website is at where you can buy this and other albums, 8.5/10 (Dave)


(Epidemie Records) Reviewed 28th Feb 2014

I reviewed a short while ago, Dying Passion's most recent release 'Transient'. 'Amplify' released in 2012 was also sent my way so I thought I would do a review of what is another rather excellent album from this band. Lead singer Zuzana Jelínková again excels in the vocal department as the band deliver 10 tracks of what I can describe I suppose as Alternative Doom Metal, with a subtle Progressive under current. The opener 'Path To The Land Of Visions' is by far the longest track on the cd at over 8 minutes with next up, the equally as good 'Thousand Eyes' maintaining the mid tempo paced momentum. 'My Best Friend' is simply 6+ minutes of awesomeness, with further fave numbers being the atmospheric 'See The Bottom', the heavy 'Illusion', 'A Strange Something' and the closer 'Ci To Husicky' which is sung in Czech by Eliška Jelínková, who was six years old when the song was recorded. I assume she is Zuzana's daughter. I have always liked this band and I like their style of music - heavy, complex and atmospheric but never too over powering. If you have not got this rather slick release, go on, treat yourselves...8.5/10 (Dave)


(7Hard) Reviewed 4th February 2016

Dylem is a Swiss Melodic/Hard rock band founded by Melody Dylem (vocals – songwriter) and Donovan (keyboardist – composer). Melody is also known as the singer in the Swiss band Elferya, who themselves have recently released the album ‘Eden’s Fall’. That album to me is damn good, and to be perfectly frank, Melody and her partner in crime have hit a winner with this release too. Nine tracks of prime Melodic Hard Rock kicking off with the pounding, powerful and mid paced ‘Walk Away’. And by the time you have recovered, the absolutely awesome ‘My Story’ pounds its way out of the speakers – Melody’s vocals powerful and faultless. Some further belters here that is sure going to cement this band’s place among some of Switzerland’s finest, and this is just their debut! Check out tracks like the ballad ’For Always’ and it confirms that Melody sure has a fine set of pipes, backed up by an awesome set of musicians, that I am sure will surely propel this band into the Premier League!! This record is a Melodic Hard Rock masterpiece and will please many people I am sure. Dylem’s website is here, where you can also check out the video to the aforementioned track ‘Walk Away’. Get this album, it will be a highlight of the 2016 I am sure!... 9/10 (Dave)


(Independent Release) Reviewed 31st August 2007

Sheffield based DYONISIS are fronted by Nel Cave and Lou Welsby. This cd by Dyonisis is cool atmospheric rock, and I love it!. This is not really a cd to headbang too, but you could find yourself chilling out to it. The cd has 9 tracks to take the listener on a journey throughout it's atmospheric soundscapes. The cool 'Hunter' kicks things off, followed by second one in, the equally cool 'Reaching'. 'Xact' carries on the good start. Just listen to track 5..'Pretty At A Distance', the girls singing on their instruments. Awesome stuff! The cd continues in fine form, ending with the 10 minute epic 'Rainy Day'. This cd is yet further proof to me anyway, that there is some fine independent female fronted stuff out there, and they are British too. Fine keyboard atmospherics, with some decent guitar work aswell. The band can be found at . I am going to give this an 8/10, a cracking self released effort! (Reviewed by Dave).


(Independent Release) Reviewed 5th June 2010

Dyonisis featuring Nell on lead vox with additional vocals from Lousia, hail from the north of England. However, Nell I understand originally comes from a small riverside town not too far from Ravenheart HQ. 'Intoxicated' is their second full release, although not too long ago, they did release an EP (now sold out) of "musical waifs and strays!". I was quite taken by their debut offering that was reviewed 31st August 2007, and listening to that cd again just recently, kinda reminds me at times of a laid back Lahannya. 'Intoxicated' to be perfectly frank is another good release from this British band, offering 11 tracks of laid back synth infused gothic rock, with cool vocals and cool musicianship throughout. There is some good music by British artists coming my way at the moment, showcasing the strength of the underground British rock music movement, and Dyonisis is no exception. Check them out at and then purchase this album. It is ideal to listen to on a perfect summer's day while getting intoxicated :) 8.5/10 (Reviewed by Dave)


(Singed Records) Reviewed 10th January 2013

I must admit to being a little confused as this 5 track EP by British Band Dyonisis has been presented to me digitally for review. It showcases 4 tracks from the band's 'Intoxicated' CD and 1 number from their earlier S/T cd. So I am not totally sure why I am reviewing an EP of tracks that have already been featured on earlier Dyonisis releases. Anybody familiar with the band will already know what is on this EP - the featured tracks are 'Arachne's Song', 'Eve's Song', 'Of The Fear', 'Smart Mouth' and 'Hunter'. I would suggest that this recording will be the perfect introduction to anybody unfamiliar with their music - Dyonisis fuse elements of rock, electronic and folk into deceptively gentle, hypnotic landscapes out of which the dual vocal harmonies of singers Nel and Lou strike forth with intensely personal lyrics coupled with a flair for melody. Personally though, I am not quite sure of the point of this release, but I like Dyonisis nonetheless, so what is here is damn good and if you are unaware of the band, check them out now! 8/10 (Dave)


(Tenacity Records) Reviewed 13th April 2015

Dysrider hail from Switzerland and used to be known as Trophallaxy, having released two albums under that name. Playing initially an effective but traditional Symphonic Metal, the band has continued to evolve in a more aggressive style by incorporating more elements specific to the Death Metal genre. The contrast between the sweet angelic voice of singer Joëlle, her cello and the keyboard, with the Death vocals of Jonathan, rapid and violent rhythmics of the guitar, the bass and the drums, proves even more striking and original. This however, is their first album using the Dysrider moniker and this is a Melodic Symphonic Death Metal masterpiece. The album by and large hammers along at an awesome pace, searing guitar riffs and pounding drums keeps the listener hooked from beginning to end. This record mixes very nicely the heavier and pummeling aspects of Metal music with the more symphonic melodic traits, 'Time of Decay' being one such number, great cello on this track too btw. 'Blind Avengers' is another fave track of mine, great vocals from Joëlle before Jonathan does his little bit during the second half of the song! This album overall is well recommended from this up and coming band, and an album that will maintain your interest throughout!... 8.75/10 (The Nugget)


(Self Release) Reviewed 5th March 2010

Dominik Geneto began his epic quest into the Symphonic Lands in 2006, calling to arms a courageous band of adventurers, lead by the fayre damsel, Melanie Schweizer. Darkness has been cast over the lands by the forces of evil, a brave knight must journey to a mysterious tower, where he will find the truth that will return light to the world. After the grand introduction, ‘The Tome’, comes eight humungous, speedy, symphonic power metal anthems, with Melanie’s folk singing and Daniel Bosshard’s lightning fluting giving a suitably mediæval flavour. This cavalry charge gallops along at a cracking pace, the BPM’s reach warp speed velocities at times. If there was an Olympic metal for double peddling, Toma Lachat would win it by a mile! I am surprised the band doesn’t spontaneously combust! They only let up the pace once, on ‘Hopeless’, and it ends with the orchestral outro ‘The Tower’, while they put Toma into an oxygen tent and get the fire extinguishers out on the smouldering remains of the equipment. Sadly, many mighty warriors fell on this epic quest, and Dominik was the sole survivor. But he has rallied a new army of brave knights, and Dystera are ready to march on to adventures anew! Fans of Rhapsody, Fairyland and DragonForce epic metal, mount thy noble steeds and hasten ye to and pillage this golden hoard! 8.5/10 (Reviewed by Phil)