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(Self Release) Reviewed 5th November 2013

Erain hail from Sweden and feature none other than Jessica Lehto (Factory of Dreams, Beto Vazquez Infinity, Once There Was) on Vocals, lyrics and various musical arrangements. Her partner in crime on this awesome and rather tasty music project is Johan Holmström (ex-My last escape) and this EP offers up four tracks of up tempo Symphonic, Gothic Metal. 'From Far Away' gets this little platter going, with second up, the epic sounding and pounding 'Perdition' moving the whole shebang into top gear - rather good if I may say so! 'Oceanbreath' is a slower ballad of such beauty while closer 'Hurt' is a great Symphonic Metal number. Jessica's vocals suit this style of music very well indeed and I can well recommend this little EP. Erain's Facebook is here - for fans of Leaves' Eyes, Xandria and Nightwish!..8.75/10 (Dave)


(M.O.S. Records) Reviewed 11th December 2009

Erben der Schopfung's 2001 debut 'Twilight' has a pride of place in my cd collection. The band were then fronted by the late Sabine Dunser, who then went on to front Elis, before her untimely death. Unfortunately, to put it mildly, problems arose in the camp in those early days, and there were fallouts, certain people behaving out of turn, court actions etc. I could make a film, but I won't! In 2005, mastermind Oliver Falk re formed the band (boy, am I glad he did!), and we now fast forward towards the end of 2009, when 'Narben Der Zeit' has been released. Fronted by the Weltenbrand lass, Dina Falk (who I must thank for sending me this promo), this band has now upped the ante with this release. It is heavier, it is more metallic but with some awesome splashes of Electro and Techno to spice things up a little along the way. The opening salvo of 'Frequency' and 'Jane Churm' get things underway, before the jaw dropping 'Homeless' slows things down. I like this release, but I have always been partial to a little electro/techno, and when this is mixed with some goth, rock and metal, it is near heaven for me! Lovely stuff. 'Der tote See' speeds things up again, and if one is unable to tap their feet to any tracks on this release, then you must have a serious hearing problem, or you are just plain miserable. Check out the ultra cool 'Freeze My Soul' as another example of an awesome tune. To be honest, this is a splendid release, and I just want to wish Oliver, Dina and the gang all the best with it. I would like to see some publicity over here with this record. If Enter Shikari can do it here with their style of Techno Metal, then I am sure Erben der Schopfung can! Great stuff! 9/10 (Reviewed by Dave)


(Inverse) Reviewed 2nd December 2015

The debut album by the Finnish Pop Metal newcomers Escalane fronted by Hanna Uimonen, sees the light of day December 11th 2015 in Finland and January 22nd 2015 internationally. A year in the making, the album was recorded, mixed and produced by the band themselves. Their music can be described as modern metal with heavy pop influences, catchy choruses and crushing riffs. And this very well describes the band's music, heavy but very catchy, with the rather kool track 'Seven Months' reminding me of fellow Fins FOR SELENA AND SIN. But in general, anybody out there that has a liking for bands like Paramore but with a bit of bite, and bands of a similar ilk, then yep, this is for you - rather good actually. Escalane's website can be found at ...8.75/10 (The Nugget)


(Self Release) Reviewed 5th June 2013

Estoria fronted by Meagan Reeves is a band from Alabama that has sent me three tracks that make up this EP 'Learning To Breathe'. And I must say that this is another independent band that has sent me some rather good music. A kinda female fronted Linkin Park - Melodic tunes with occasional male Rap style vocals. All three numbers here are good, although I do rather like the title track. And thanks to Estoria, my list of "bands to keep an eye on" gets longer by the minute. Check out their FaceBook. Not bad, not bad at all :) ... 8/10 (Dave)


(Incendium Records) Reviewed 13th April 2007

"An Urban Gothic Fantasy. Elements of Heavy Rock, Industrial, Ambient, and Experimental, fused with Romantic film score arrangements bring this story and its characters to life".

The above was lifted from'Eternal Descent's' myspace site. Tell you what. I enjoyed the CD. Bear one thing in mind here. It seems 'Losing Faith' was produced entirely' in house' and with no label backing as such. I would love to see a major get behind this band. As we then may have a band on our hands. The words and music are by Londoner Llexi Leon, with vox by Aussie girl Elysha West. I assume this is Llexi Leon's project. This guy is a musical genius, and I enjoyed this cd immensely. It may not be to every hard rocker's taste, but we at Ravenheart are open minded musically! What I will say is that 'Eternal Descent' are British based, and any Brits (and anyone else of course) reading this should support them. Because based on this, if they can shift some copies of 'Losing Faith', then there could be album number two, and to be honest, I cannot wait! The album is available from cdbaby, and Amazon USA. Why not Amazon UK? I am not sure. And check out their myspace site too-the link is on ourlinks page. 7.5/10 (Reviewed by Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 14th February 2012

Spaniards Eternal Dream deal in massive, almighty, Ancient Bards/Rhapsody esque, speedy, sword waving, galloping, symphonic power metal. The production by guitarist Niko Hartmann is most professional, talk about thundering, they must have reduced the studio to rubble. Leading the troops into the fray is adorable Ana Morinta with her excellent authentic operatic voice, not only does she does a remarkable job keeping up with lads, but she also doesn't get stampeded in the roar of the charge. Orchestrations are most effective, with loads of fleet fingered fretwork by Niko and Álvaro, the flying synths of César, very impressive bass by Antonio and all propelled by Andy's pummelling percussion. After the grand orchestral intro 'March of the Immortals' you get seven wonderful weapon wielders, including the dynamic 'Symphony of Horizon', interspersed with the lighter waving swaying power ballad 'Farewell' featuring Alexis Serrano (Anámnesis) and the gentle instrumental 'The Rising' with Irina Rivera's lovely violin. Then, after the flowing, melodic, folk flavoured 'Waters of Reality', you are just about to sheathe your mighty broadsword and have a lie down in a darkened room when they launch into the closing 3 part multifaceted epic 'Memories of a Lyliac Dawn', at times it reminds me of Yes, showing they have other strings to their longbow. You want 56 minutes of quality no holds barred speedy symphonic metal? You've got it! Hack your way through the melee to their website here, a thundering 8.5/10 (Phil)


(Self Release) Reviewed 26th July 2012

This progressive rock rock from Southern New Jersey started life as an instrumental band, releasing four albums between 2004 and 2010, but now they have brought singer Maria Vastano on board as they seek to break out this rather niche market into the broader prog rock scene. After this introduction you are probably expected endless noodling with a bit of singing, but you'd be wrong, this is a set of proper songs in the vein of British melodic prog bands like early Karnataka, The Reasoning and Touchstone. Not surprisingly the lads are all experienced and skilled musicians, with guitarist Gary and keyboardist Greg using a wide palette of sounds and styles to colour their excellent music and superb instrumental passages. In contrast, Maria is an inexperienced singer who is obviously more inspired by the likes of Amy Lee than British singers (Essence is in the band name), however I am not always convinced she's in tune, perhaps some vibrato would help. They begin with a quartet of shorter highly melodic songs including the excellent opener 'Rise Above' and 'Within a Dream' with it's explosive chorus, leading to the first epic 'Riven' which rises into an almost Horslips/Nightwish style jig. An instrumental is followed by special guest James Hatem singing the Wishbone Ash/Camel esque 'Cool Gentle Rain'. A couple of mellower numbers are the calm before the storm before they launch into their piece de resistance, the 13 minute prog metal epic 'A Tragic Subconscious', and the album is rounded off by the delightful ballad 'Let You Go'. This is a thoroughly well produced and performed collection of quality songs that will have great appeal to melodic prog and rock fans, together with people who enjoy the lighter end of prog metal, but perhaps let down a touch by the vocals. Their essence can be found here, a highly promising 8.25/10 (Phil)


(Underground Symphony) Reviewed 9th June 2015

Eternal Silence was born in Varese in 2008 from an idea by Marika Vanni (voice) and Alberto Cassina (guitar and vocals) to which are added Alessio Sessa (bass) and David Massironi (drums). The band began its live activities in northern Italy initially proposing covers of bands like Nightwish, Epica, Within Temptation and After Forever. In 2011 they recorded their first Ep of 4 original songs titled 'Darkness and Regret' that was published in 2012. The band galvanized by the great response decided to continue writing their own songs, until 2013 when they joined the studio to record their debut album entitled 'Raw Poetry'. The album then immediately gets the interest of the label Underground Symphony and in the same year Davide Rigamonti joined the group as lead guitarist. Now in 2015, we have the pleasure of their 2nd album 'Chasing Chimera', and what a jolly good record it is, offering up an abundance of good Symphonic stuff - a mixture of Heavy Metal, Orchestral epicness and an amazing vocal duo (featuring the vocals of Daniele Scavoni from Spellblast!) Most of the tracks run it at around the 4-5 minute mark, but the epic 'Hell On Earth' runs in at a bombastic 7+ minutes. As previously mentioned, this is great stuff and the album sure deserves one's attention. Their facebook is here.. 9/10 (The Nugget)


(Self Released) Reviewed 8th January 2016

Eternally Yours from Hermosa Beach, California consist of Sarah Uhle (vocals) and Guitarist Luis Palacios. Sarah and Luis had been searching for years to find musicians who shared their passion for music, both of them were coming from different musical experiences. Sarah had been in bands where her band mates were just not taking music seriously and weren't willing to put in the hard work causing Sarah to take up many roles from lead singer, writer, manager, and band promoter. She had enough and decided to part ways with her beloved project. On the other side of town, Luis had been struggling to find consistent musicians for over 6 years. He had a large selection of music that no one would ever hear. Sarah and Luis met up and they realized they both had the same drive and passion as the other for making and playing music, but they were both skeptical because they both still had bad experiences with other musicians in the past. Anyway, musicians they eventually did find and hey presto Eternally Yours was born. They list their influences as Staind, Lacuna Coil, Godsmack, Evanescence, Black Label Society, Megadeth and by and large this does come out within the music showcased on this 13 track album. There is a tsunami of decent mainly mid tempo rock/metal music, but I particularly like the tracks 'Black Winter', the tuneful 'Sweet Delusion' and the power ballad 'Been A Long Time'. Great stuff!.. 8.5/10 (Dave)


(Wind Up Records) Reviewed 26th September 2006

Pre release reviews have been a little mixed on this release. So it is our turn at Ravenheart Towers to have our say. Well, it ain't bad. It could have rocked out more in places, with the pace certainly slowing down during the second half of the album. The triple opening salvo of 'Sweet Sacrifice', 'Call Me When You're Sober' and 'Weight Of The World' make for a promising start, before 'Lithium' slows things down. Thereafter, the album offers the typical trademark Amy Lee vocals, coupled with the just as typical trademark Evanescence guitar style. I would have liked to have seen more rockers on this album, although don't get me wrong, this cd is a fine effort. 'Good Enough' finishes the cd on a slow note, which begs the question, is it good enough? 'The Open Door' will get a mixed reception from the rock press I reckon, but fans will lap it up, female fronted anoraks (me included) will lap it up too. Not as instant as 'Fallen' but this is certainly a grower. If I was a comment would be..'well done, but could have done just a wee bit better'..7/10 (Reviewed by Dave)


(Wind Up/EMI) Reviewed 11th October 2011

Here we have an album (the 16 track version) that like the latest Within Temptation opus, looks set to divide opinion (and in-fact is aleady doing so) amongst fans and non fans alike. This is the long awaited follow up to 'The Open Door', which although a good album, I never quite rated as highly as their official debut 'Fallen'. So after their hiatus, what about this latest self titled effort, their third studio album from Amy Lee and her band. This is rather good in-fact. The opener and lead single 'What You Want', carries the lyrics "Hello Hello Remember Me", but to be honest I do not think anybody has really forgotten. A stomping opener that is already picking up heavy rotation here in the UK. And although we know Amy as the singer of the band, she can sure tinkle those ivories aswell, the piano led intro to 'My Heart Is Broken' will testify - a piano, synths led anthemic rocker against a wall of guitars. And talking anthemic rockers, there are plenty of those here on this record! And what I also like about Amy and Evanescence is their ability to churn out some wonderful ballads, check out 'Lost in Paradise' and the electro hip hop sounding 'Swimming Home', both awesome numbers in their own right. I do not at times understand various 'versions' of albums that get released, but I have the 'deluxe version' here that features four 'bonus tracks'. But bonus tracks or not, these are equally as dynamic as the rest of the album. This is a strong and powerful album with stadium filling choruses, and proves that Evanescence is alive and truly kicking. And although the band revolves around a certain Ms Lee, we must not forget the other musicians that make up this awesome combo. Whole heartedly recommended...9.5/10 (Dave)

EVANHELL..3 Track Demo

(Self Released) Reviewed 20th April 2011

Here we have a band that hails from Buenos Aires in Argentina, and from what my spies tell me, South America seems to be kinda becoming the next hot bed of Symphonic Metal. Here within this review I present to our readers the band EVANHELL fronted by Daiana Sanchez, and three tracks comprising demo recordings. The band also tell me that there are other finished recordings in the pipeline, and to be honest I cannot wait. The band list Nightwish, Lacuna Coil and After Forever amongst their influences, and I certainly detect the Nightwish influences here. Three epic bouncy melodic tracks full of Symphonic arrangements, Guitars, Bass, and Double Bass (drums). Indeed, a solid, powerful, and contundent structure ably supported by keys. This leaving vocalist Daiana to play with commercial and modern melodies. The key to a good song is not only the structure and the melodies, but also the lyrics, and there are three good ones here climaxing in the near 8 minute 'The Exorcist'. Enlighten your soul by taking a trip to their Facebook here, a listen to their music is meanwhile recommended - 8.5/10 (Dave).


(Self Release) Reviewed 26th January 2011

My brother in arms Dave reviewed the fantastic Narwhal Tusk album a short while ago, and here we have their friends Evdemonium with their own début opus. Their style is rather different, sci-fi themed gothic metal with loads of terrific electronica that floats around bands like Lacuna Coil, Elysion, Delain and Lahannya, but with bursts of power metal that pushes them towards Nightwish and Dawn of Destiny at times. They are fronted by the lovely Anastasia Kalinichenko who has a superb clear powerful voice. After the burbling electronica of the intro, the suitably titled 'The Future is Coming', they open up with a quartet of superb catchy anthemic rockers including title track 'Web Around Us' (live video on Female Voices blog) that motor along at a cracking pace, packed full of subtle variations and all sorts of ingenious ingredients making for an absorbing listening experience. The second half sees them moving towards power metal with the instrumental 'Millenium', followed by the more symphonic mini epic 'Starlight', the powerful strutting 'Total Destruction', the moody and magnificent 'I'll Search for You', and ending with the dramatic electronica outro 'After The End'. Production is very good and powerful, perhaps a touch more vocal would have been nice, and all the performances are most professional. For some baffling reason they have decided to make this little beauty available free of charge from their website,, so what are you waiting for, but before you dash off I'd better give you the score, a futuristic 8.75/10 (Phil)


(Self Release) Reviewed 13th April 2011

I am trying to avoid reviewing singles as to be honest, I could be inundated with music, leaving me no time to do anything else. But for some reason, this band has caught my eye. Fronted by the rather eye catching Izabella, I have here a two track cd, that I believe will showcase what is to come from their forthcoming album. Eve of Poison is basically Izabella and producer/bassist Rob Varley. Guitarist John Mitchell from the band 'Arena' and producer for 'Funeral For A Friend' and 'Enter Shikari' is also in the frame, plus Justin Hammond on drums who completes the line up. The two songs on offer here are good catchy gothy numbers. Powerful, extremely melodic and dark sums them up quite nicely actually, and if the songs on the forthcoming album are anything like these two numbers, then we are onto a winner. No operatic warblings here either. On the basis of what is here, this music is worth checking out as is their website - downloadable from iTunes. 8/10 (Dave)


(Demo) Reviewed 26th May 2011

The album kicks off with the lyrics "sex is a dirty word", which caught my interest straight away :) British Band Eve of Poison is fronted by the lovely singer songwriter Izabella. She writes songs with producer Rob Varley who also plays bass in the band. Remaining band members consist of John Mitchell - well known guitarist from the band 'Arena' and producer for 'Funeral For A Friend' and 'Enter Shikari', while Justin Hammond completes the line up on drums. This cd is in-fact their debut album in demo form, and it is not a bad effort. Izabella has a powerful voice, and is well suited to the band's melodic and dark style of music. There is indeed certainly a dark undercurrent running through some of the music/lyrics, with further occasional references to death (Back From The Dead) and twisted love (Original Sin). Indeed, I am also reminded at times in a subtle way of the early musical style of Ravenheart faves, the Californian Gothic Rockers Saints of Ruin. I understand that Eve Of Poison is waiting for a label to release this album. Certainly, an interesting record and a band that we here at Ravenheart Music will keep an eye on. Check out their website here. 8.25/10 (Dave)


(Scarlet Records) Reviewed 4th April 2012

The magical other worldly folk tinged symphonic gothic metal of this Italian band is unique, a mix of bands like Mother Earth era Within Temptation, Edenbridge, Materdea, Elane, Renaissance, Jethro Tull, Focus and Blackmore's Night. Floating above is lovely Lisy Stefanoni's extraordinary voice that has a range of styles from folk to rock to semi-operatic to operatic that manages to be both ethereal and powerful, just like the music, quite a feat, at times she even duets with herself, and she also contributes some wondrous woodwinds to heighten the atmosphere (but not standing on one leg!). I'm not surprised that Gentle Giant are one of their influences, although all of a piece, their lengthy songs (averaging around six minutes) are full of unexpected twists and turns, making for an enthralling listen. Production by Mario Lochert and Jan Vacik at the famous Dreamscape Studios in Germany is outstanding, full of amazing sounds, it balances the ethereal and powerful perfectly. Alessandro Gervasi's guitar work has wonderful variety, from delicate acoustic picking to fluid metal leads, bassist Marco Binotto reminds me at times of the great Jon Camp, and Daniele Foroni's highly skilled drumming is full of terrific fills. After the mystical scene setting intro 'Vitriol' every song is superb and subtly different, the Edenbridge/Lyriel esque lead single 'Days of the Blackbird', the catchy eastern infused 'Misleading Paradise' which features Gaby Koss from Haggard, the charging/sublime 'Forever Gone', and the brief delicate acoustic 'The Prayer'. Then the rocking dramatic 'Girl By The Lake' with some staggering vocals by Lisy, the folky reel 'Minstrel of Dolomites', the dynamic 'Alchimia' which even features some yodelling, nice touch, and the incredible prog tinged final number 'Wise King' with a super synth solo. I have always loved progressive folk rock and Mother Earth was my first introduction into the wonderful world of symphonic metal, so I find this album simply adorable. Their realm can be found here, a powerfully ethereal 9.5/10 (Phil)


(Scarlet Records) Reviewed 15th April 2014

Following the success of their debut ‘Vitriol’, Symphonic metallers Evenoire has announced the release of their sophomore album ‘Herons’. The band combines Gothic and Symphonic Metal with a very distinctive Medieval/Folk approach, with a special mention to extraordinary lead vocalist Lisy Stefanoni, whose ethereal and powerful voice and evocative flute add an extra dimension to the melodies, and make her one of the most promising female singers around. And if ‘Vitriol’ was centered on “water” themes, this new album focuses on “fire” and all those mythological creatures that represent it. The music is heavier than ever within the 11 tracks on this cd, although the lyrical side of the band is still very prominent, keeping themselves well and truly on the Gothic, Symphonic Metal path - as I have said before, "if it ain't broken, why fix it". To be perfectly honest, 'Herons' is simply stunning and if you thought their debut 'Vitriol' was good, well this release is even better! Not a filler to be found here with the track 'Tears Of Medusa' featuring a duet with Linnéa Vikström from THERION. We must fully recommend this album to all and sundry, it has just been released so dig into your wallets yet again for another awesome album.. 9.75/10 (Dave)


(Parat/Self Release) Reviewed 23rd December 2010

Let me shine some light on these symphonic gothic metallers from the Czech Republic. They first released a demo way back in 1999 so its taken 11 years of twilight to release their début album. Their style reminds me of British bands like Apparition and Seasons End, but there is also some Lyriel folk in there as well. They are certainly not doom as they are often described, although melancholic and in the minor key they are far too lively and they can really pick up pace when they want to. Seductive Hana Vajènerová switches from deep rich gothic to soaring operatic at will, quite incredible, and she is supported by the occasional contributions of guitarist Zdenýk Kaczor with his dramatic narrations, pirate growls and gruff clean vocals which are excellently done, adding terror and theatre at appropriate moments (lyrics in English and Czech). With a keyboard player, lovely violinist Jana Hartlová, and Hana's flute they have a big rich multi-layered sound, and the production is excellent with superb musicianship. You get 7 lengthy multifaceted epics (plus an instrumental closer) full of twists, turns and surprises. Opener 'Succuba' starts as a stately march but then really gathers momentum with dramatic narrations, 'Scales of Death' is a more folky jig with a plaintive refrain, and title track 'Return to Darkness' combines a demonic waltz, a deranged polka and tribal folk, bonkers but brilliant. 'The Farewell' is another slow builder, beginning with strings and piano it then swells in power, pace and grace, with some wonderful rippling piano by Jan „Prastar“ Štencl. 'Oraculum' veers wildly from mournful doom to frantic polka to galloping to ecclesiastical to the Pogues gone metal, yet is somehow works, extraordinary. Creepy harpsichord, strings, thunder and howling wolves appropriately introduce 'Vampiria' before it develops into a bounding strut, with a shanty thrown in for good measure, 'Tears of Heaven' swaggers, gallops and soars, and finally it closes with the instrument waltz 'A Gleam of Hope'. They are never going to challenge the big boys, but you have to ask yourself, did I enjoy listening to this album, and the answer is a resounding YES! It was given away in the Xmas issue of the Czech music magazine Parat, so you can either purloin a copy or try contacting the band at their website (Czech and some English), a glowing 8.75/10 (Reviewed Phil)


(Self Release) Reviewed 23rd November 2012

Everlasting Dawn from Graz in SE Austria started as a project in 2010 by multi instrumentalist Dave Slut, and is now basically a Symphonic Melodic Death Metal Band. Female vocals are provided courtesy of Lisa Tomantschger, and growls by Dave himself. The band provide the listener with 13 tracks and nearly 70 minutes of daunting guitar riffs, charming female vocals and catchy but complex keyboard arrangements, courtesy Adrian Wolfgang. This is the band's debut full length album, and I am very impressed at the press package this band has put together in support of this release. And indeed, I am very impressed with the music on offer too. Basically we are provided with what it says on the 'tin' - Melodic Symphonic Death Metal sums it up quite nicely, bags of melody, great female vocals, with the growls fitting in rather nicely too. One I suppose would make Epica as an immediate comparison. The tracks come out of the speakers with the power of an express train, with the melodic and catchy 'Frozen Inside' being a fave featuring clean male vocals as well as growls. 'Testament' is a power ballad that showcases the vocal style of Lisa to a tee, maybe instrumentally, shades of Nightwish here. 'World Domination' flirts with Power Metal, while 'Rotten Love' has a great instrumental intro, and is a massive number to maintain the listener's interest - great stuff and cool keys midway!!! 'Lost Thoughts Of Dying Days' is a 7 minute metal epic, while the remainder of the album maintains the ruthless aural assault with occasional touches of warmth - 'Winterhearts Nightmare' such an example. I just love it when an unknown band comes along and blows me away, and that is exactly what Everlasting Dawn has done. They are a Beauty and the Beast Band that offer some intense ferocity coupled with some great female vocals and some elements of tenderness. Their Facebook is here, this is damn good! 9/10 (Dave)


(Self Released) Reviewed 6th February 2014

Everlasting Dawn is a Metal Band from Graz, Austria and was founded by Dave Slut in 2010. Everlasting Dawn combines components of Symphonic Metal with charming female vocals from Lisa, elaborated orchestration with brutal guitars, complex drumming and harsh growls compliments of Dave Slut. This is their forthcoming second album and basically is another very good effort from the band to follow on from 'Of Frozen Hearts And Bloody Whores' that was reviewed by us here at Ravenheart in November 2012. 'Seduction - Passion - Death' is another 13 track feast of Melodic Symphonic Death Metal to sink your teeth into, and I must say like their previous recording, there is a strong emphasis on melody on this record. Some great corking tunes including 'Slave', the very catchy 'Seductive Death', the uptempo 'Faint', the Symphonic 'Final Words', the rather good 'Suicidal Fantasies' and the closing ballad complete with choir and operatic vocals from Lisa, the appropriately monikered 'Epitaph'. This album is very good and well recommended. Their Facebook is here..9/10 (Dave)


(Self Released) Reviewed 14th October 2013

Eve’s Fall from The Netherlands fronted by the lovely Liesbeth Cordia, present here a catchy and accessible mix of hard modern metal with strong pop influences on this their debut offering. Indeed, when Liesbeth told me via FaceBook that she was sending me a copy of this album, to be honest, I couldn't wait. There is a fresh and varied sound on the record and I like what I hear very much. The cd gets off to a thundering start with the thumping 'Her Absence' which takes us into one of my album faves 'No Compassion'. A great way to start things off with Liesbeth's vocals reminding me to an extent of Sharon Den Adel, but there again, as we all know, they are both from Holland :) The impressive start to the album continues with the up tempo and very catchy 'Insignificant', the bouncy 'Flawless' and the spirited 'A Change For The Better'. And the second half of the album continues in an uptempo mood with 'Enough' before things slow down with the piano led ballad 'A Touch Of Fate', a great song with great vocals. That is followed by another great rockin' track that has got into my faves list, the melodic metallic belter 'Long Forgotten', while one has very little time to gather their breath before 'In Denial' comes hurtling out of the speakers. The awesome duo of 'Reflection' and 'The Spiral' ends what to me is a very good album from a very good band of musicians. In summary, the fresh and varied sound is for the majority owed to the different musical backgrounds of the members, but if you take a mix of Evanescence, Within Temptation, Anneke Van Giersbergen and Autumn, then that will give you an idea as to what this awesome band sound like. This is rather good and I must say is well worth checking out (Band's FaceBook here) for all your lovers of Female Fronted Rock & Metal out there.... 9/10 (Dave)


(Independent Release) Reviewed 21st August 2010

Evil’s Desire is a Dutch Symphonic/Gothic Metal Band, founded in 2005 by the members of the Dutch heavy metal band Violent Queen. Fronted by Daphne Gobius du Sart with male vox by Eric Mol, the band offer up a technically accomplished mix of Gothic Metal Music with a Progressive undercurrent apparent on some tracks. The rather haunting 'Intro' gets things underway, leading us straight into 'Red Death', and what is apparent straight away on this track is Daphne's awesome operatic vocal style, coupled with great keys (compliments Johan Seinen). 'Mountain of Fate' is another awesome track offering superb musicanship throughout coupled with those great vocals of Daphne. 'True Lies' leans slightly towards a Progressive Power Metal style, with a rather cool laid back interlude mid way through. I am liking what I hear. I must say that for an unsigned band, Evil's Desire sound very professional and accomplished in what they do. I could go on and on about this record, but with tracks like 'Ignorance', 'Destructive Union', 'Ego' (feat both Eric and Daphne on lead vocals), 'Perfection' and the ever so slightly angry 'The Outcast' to satisfy those taste buds, I would recommend checking them out for yourselves at This is an impressive record and I can see this band doing well on the strength of this release. 9/10 (Reviewed by Dave)


(Bernett Records) Reviewed 3rd June 2015

Evolvent fronted by the majestic vocals of Emma Elvaston, is a band from France and this is another good Symphonic/Gothic Metal album that has come our way. There are some good Melodic Symphonic tunes here coupled with the occasional ballad or two that are jolly well done. We also get to hear subtle deathly growls, but these are never over done. This is a record that is well worth checking out. The band's website is at, and I want to add that although this is a brief review, it is a rather good album. Fave tracks including the symphonic pounding 'Love Doesn't Love Me', the ballad 'We Are' and the slow to mid paced title track - a well recommended cd... 8.75/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 11th March 2015

EVYLTYDE is a female-fronted British metal band based in and around the London area, who bring the sound of traditional classic metal into the modern age, with a mix of killer riffs, searing power chords and melodic vocals!!! Established in August 2013 by Danny Merton (guitars) and Hannah Delany (vocals), after both were recruited for a project to reform a cult UK metal band from the 80s, the band throw at us on this release some classic metal with melody that will leave you screaming for more. Indeed, there are some classic cuts galore here from the opener 'Down Below', the riff tastic 'Kick You Down' and 'Chastity', the acoustic based 'Disappear' and the metallic 'Living To Die'. I have heard a lot about Evyltyde on the underground music scene here in this part of England (Essex), and listening to this release confirms all that I have heard. The band's website is here - this is rather good me thinks, played with lots of venom!... 8.75/10 (The Nugget)


(Lympdead/Continental Record Services) Reviewed 21st March 2010

I discovered this Dutch bunch through researching Jobert Mello, the cover artist of Magion’s Close to Eternity, otherwise they would still be hiding in the musical undergrowth. Here, the sinister, haunting artwork welcomes you into the nightmarish, spine tingling world of these gothic proggers. They present within these bindings six mind boggling Nightwish/After Forever meets Dream Theatre/Opeth epics that combine the delicate and the brain battering, the subtle and the complex, the beautiful and the frightening, the ethereal and the thundering, and the calm and the raging. The delectable Dianne van Giersbergen has an outstanding pitch perfect operatic voice, but she does use other timbres as well, and there is no growling. Her lyrics are not for the faint hearted, ‘Dark faced blood drops, empty thy wall, Cursed but filled hate traps, rape the small’ (Breathe With Me), and when she sings ‘No matter the journey, Death becomes us all’ (….Out to Farewell) it is truly chilling. The amygdala is the part of the brain that processes emotions, and my amygdala was certainly working overtime listening to this. At the heart of the album is a two parter, ‘Sail….’ is a mesmerising combination of delicate acoustic guitars, ethereal vocals and keys player Koen Stam’s spoken words, it then grows in power, and as the thunder roars, it segues into the almighty raging storm of ‘….Out to Farewell’, a truly thrilling and terrifying piece of music. You might think that the final number, ‘The Day Our Paths End’ has finished and nip out to put the kettle on, but if you wait you get a lovely tranquil coda. Strangely the songs on the back cover are in the right order, but they are numbered 4, 5, 1, 6, 7, 1/2, 9, 11, could this be some sort of code? We need Robert Langdon on the case. There are some elements that are akin to other gothic metal bands, but there is so much more to Ex Libris, their operatic classical gothic prog is truly unique. They could have gone down the easy route and copied the proven, but they chose their own path, and they should command a lot of respect for that. If you are a prog metal fan then this is a must buy, but the more adventurous gothic, power and neo classical metal fans will also love it. This food for the brain and soul is easily available from Amazon and other fine stockists, and you can find out more at 8.5/10 (Reviewed by Phil).


(Musea Records) Reviewed 12th March 2011

This Italian band are proud to call themselves “old skool prog metal”, they even have the T shirts to prove it, but this does them a disservice, it just means that they aren't trying to shock you into stupor with heaviness and technicality, which seems to be the current trend, they want to keep you entertained, not boggle you with science. A mix of Dream Theater, Kamelot, IQ, Yes and Argent, the surges of musical skill are more than matched by superb melodies creating a diverse and fascinating listening experience. They were founded way back in 1991, but didn't get round to releasing their début album, Time Frames, until 2005. Since then they have added captivating Cecilia Mengh to their ranks, her outstanding dynamic rock vocals juxtaposed with Luca Benni's lighter Colin Blunstone style voice making for an interesting combination, and as the album unfolds she becomes the dominant partner. This is like putting on your favourite woolly jumper, comfortable, comforting, familiar and warming. Ten great songs full of variety packed with loads of great tunes and some terrific Moog and guitar solos by Andrea Corsetti and Daniele Palloni. I am particularly taken with the catchy 'Tomorrow', the uplifting 'Garden of the Dark Lord', the delightful 'Awake in the Cosmic Dream', the strutting 'Lucid Dream' and the mighty 'Wounds' which starts like a Roman epic. To cap it all, the hidden track after 'Stand Before I Crawl' is a cracking version of Supertramp's 'Breakfast in America', written by Roger Hodgson when was just 18 and had never ever even been to America. The old adage is that if it aint bust, don't fix it, “old skool” it may be, but who cares, this is great stuff that will appeal to rock and metal fans as well. Charge along to their myspace, Exawatt Myspace and the album is plugged at the Musea shop, click here. A fully powered 8.75/10 (Phil)


(Eat The Beat EU/Gracie Prod US) Reviewed 4th November 2015

Exilia formed in 1998 in Milan (Italy), when vocalist Masha met the guitarist Elio Alien. 'Purity' is their sixth full length album bringing the familiar mix of pounding nu metal/alternative metal that the band is well re known for. Some real belters here like the melodic thumping 'Bliss' that will have you jumping around your living room before you can say the word "bliss". This album so happens to be nu metal of the highest quality and they can even throw a little prog metal into the mix - the title track being one such number. EXILIA has conquered audiences with their songs that haunt the mind hours after they've stopped playing. If you have not already done so, this is well worth checking out... 8.5/10 (Dave)


(Independent Release) Reviewed 15th December 2008

Exoterik so happen to be a UK based band fronted by the rather awesome Anneka Latta. Their music is a fusion of goth and metal to create a record that showcases this bands style with immense precision. This offering was recorded in both Finland and Latvia, and features eleven tracks, eight of which were produced and mixed by John Fryer. John has previously produced albums for Him, Cocteau Twins, Depeche Mode and Cradle of Filth, amongst others. There is some very good stuff on offer here, including 'The Catalyst', 'Salvation', 'Complicity', the catchy 'Alone', 'Preservation' and my fave track, the somewhat haunting 'Raping The Reverie'. I can pick up on occasion vague similarities to Evanescence and more so Lacuna Coil. They have even gigged with Lacuna Coil. Having said that, Exoterik do have a sound that I think they could call their own. This is a good release, so what are you waiting for. Go to and order. 8/10 (Reviewed by Dave)


(Independent Release) Reviewed 12th November 2009

After recording the previous album 'Don’t Swallow' between Finland and Latvia with producer John Fryer (Him, Cocteau Twins, Depeche Mode and Cradle of Filth etc), Leeds based Exoterik have this time decided to keep to their roots and record their second album in England (Northampton). And like their debut offering, 'Butterfly In Your Hand' is an awesome slab of Gothic Rock/Metal. Fronted by Anneka Latta, this little platter kicks off with the up tempo 'Reason To Live' which is followed by 'No Happy Ending' with it's catchy little chorus. There is no resting as third track in 'Scream To Be Heard' comes screaming from the speakers after a quiet intro - just screaming to be heard. The album continues at a similar pace throughout, although things do slow down on occasion, 'Pressure' being one of the slower tracks, albeit a rather powerful song and 'Uninvited' is another slower one with interesting and somewhat personal lyrics I would imagine! The band have a winner here, the standard is high and I would imagine a great band to see live! And they are British. A great record and well worth checking out! 8.5/10 (Reviewed by Dave)


(Century Media) Reviewed 28th Sept 2007

A good melodic gothic metal release we have here featuring Gas Lipstick of HIM on drums. Century Media have got us a good un. Dortmund based Eyes Of Eden are fronted by Franziska Huth, she reminding me in places of Liv Kristin. And this is hauntingly beautiful, mystical rock music, being generally mid paced gothy stuff, the sort of style that got me into the genre in the first place. No real standout tracks as they are all pretty good. But the last track, 'Not Human Kind' is a 10 minute plus epic worthy of a mention. 'Faith' has a UK release, and is worth parting with your hard earnt cash (£9.99 in some UK stores), if you are into this type of music. And if you have stayed with this review to here, then you must be. A good effort!! 8.5/10 (Reviewed by Dave).


(Inspur Music) Reviewed 9th September 2014

EYES OF VERONA is a high energy alternative sounding rock band from France and I do like receiving music like this, as it makes a welcome change from the Gothic Symphonic stuff that often comes our way. Heavily influenced by both English and American contemporary rock scenes, the band draws its inspirations especially from their European roots. Fronted by a young lass called Sophie, I must say that this is another excellent album that we have received here at Ravenheart. The band initially released the EP 'Chapter 1: The Fight' and the remaining part of the trilogy is here with this album. The opener 'Chapter 2: Trust' is a brief instrumental before 'Restless Nights' explodes from your speakers, a melodic rocker with a progressive undercurrent. A rather good start and it continues with 'Our Little Friend', a catchy alternative sounding rocker with crossover potential if you want my honest opinion. There is some further good stuff here including tracks like the pounding 'Renovatio', the catchy 'Annie', the brief haunting 'Chapter 3: Glory', the hi tempo 'Free the Swan', the acoustic 'My Odyssey', the awesome 'The End Of Babel' and the powerful and atmospheric 'Hare and Hounds'. Overall a very good effort from this French band...8.75/10 (Dave)