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Reviews A Cont (3)


(Femme Metal Records) Reviewed 24th August 2010

Ancestral Legacy is a Norwegian Band that play Symphonic Black Metal, I suppose at times reminding me of an up tempo Draconian. The band makes good use of two vocalists, Elin Anita Omholt on female vox (she has since left the band I understand) and harsh male vocals are offered up by Eddie Risdal. 'Out Of The Dark and Into The Night' gets things underway, and can only be described as a totally awesome start to the album. Uptempo and heavy, and the two vocalists supplement each other well. And if you thought 'Seperate Worlds' was going to allow you to catch your breath. Well no chance as the second track in hits you like a turbo charged Japanese Bullet Train. 'Chosen Destiny' slows it down a bit, but what is now becoming apparent with this record is the high standard of musicianship. There are highlights galore here, too numerous to mention, although I have taken a shine to 'Shadow Of The Cross' that closes the album, and the slower and rather cool 'Trapped In The Wind'. Pounding Melodic Symphonic Black Metal sums this album up quite well, and this recording is a pure tasty morsel of the genre. Widely available so buy it! 9/10 (Reviewed by Dave)


(Whispering Voice Records) Reviewed 29th Sept 2014

'Terminal', the latest 12 track 70 minute epic record from Norwegian band Ancestral Legacy has just hit the shops, and in true Gothic/Doom tradition, this album is a monster. With angelic female vocals from Isadora Cortina and harsh male vox from guitarist Eddie Risdal, we have an album that will tear your ear drums apart with some stormingly heavy tracks, but you will always find some quieter softer moments in store, as is now common with this style of music. 'Bone Code' is an awesome way to start the album, with second track in 'Lethe Part 1' offering no let up to the barnstorming start to the cd. Very good indeed. 'There is No Birth and Death' follows - a laid back opening start to this track with the angelic vocals of Isadora shining through. The ante is upped as the number moves along but it is a pleasant melodic number. 'My Wretched Lord' hits the gas pedal again featuring additionally Anette Ødegaard and Sune Berthelsen on vocals. They also feature on 'Dawn of Time', 'Lethe part 3' and the closing track. The near 8 minute 'Lethe part 2' is a blockbuster as is 'Dawn Of Time'. We have had 'Lethe' parts 1 and 2 and the aforementioned 'Lethe Part 3' completes the trilogy of tracks. The remainder of the album is a tsunami of heaviness closing with the near 9 minute epic title track, that is preceded by 'Shedding You', a nice little one and a half minute piano led number - lovely . Special note here should be made regards vocalist Isadora Cortina who is originally from Mexico, but moved to Norway in 2009. She is classically trained, but as is clearly evident by her performance on this album, deep down inside she has a strong "metal heart!” You can find the band's website at this location: 9/10 (Natalie Gold)


(Limb Music) Reviewed 22nd March 2010

Hailing from Italy, that land of mighty metal, comes a new warrior force, unleashing upon us their Rhapsody style, anthemic symphonic power metal par excellence. The Black Crystal Sword can give almighty powers, and the dark wizard (that chap really gets about) has learned of its existence, hidden in a dark cave that can only be opened by the five weapons of the five kings. After the grand introduction you get eight heroic sagas (plus a brief choral piece) that gallop along at a cracking pace without getting silly, with loads of sing-along choruses to wave your sword to, as well as lots of fancy instrumental flourishes and interesting musical interludes, all superbly produced and performed. Bass players seldom gets a look in, but here Martino Garattonihe puts in some sensational fills, he can really twank that plank, he must have hands like an octopus. The gorgeous Sara Squadrani has a mighty warrior maiden voice that easily soars above the battle raging around her, and there is a magnificent choir to help her rouse the hoards. Every song is a winner full of wonderful melodies and variations in pace, but the highlights are ‘Lode al Padre’, with it’s lovely gentle beginning before it charges into another phenomenal chorus, and the closing epic ‘Faithful to Destiny’ with it’s stirring refrains. If you are a symphonic power metal fan then this will really get you joyfully waving your weapons about, and is available from all good merchants of musical mayhem. 9/10 (Reviewed by Phil)


(Limb Music) Reviewed 18th November 2011

The Italian masters of symphonic metal mayhem are back with the second instalment of the Black Crystal Sword saga. In the last instalment we learnt that Sendor the dark wizard has discovered that the sword can give him supreme powers and is determined to seize it, but it is hidden in a dark cave and locked in a casket that only the four rulers of Lastworld can open. A mysterious stranger called Dorus warns Queen Shena and the other three kings, can they save the sword from falling into the wizards evil clutches? We left it as King Daltor is taken away by the Black Dragon, Dorus now takes his place, and they set forth upon the cave only to find Sodor has stolen the casket. They pursue him to his castle but who is Dorus, and what is the wizard's cunning plan to open the casket? Stay tuned for the answers to these and many other questions. Their Rhapsody esque metal has been honed to a burnished sheen as shining warrior maiden Sara Squadrani once again leads her troops on their quest. Steady yourself for an onslaught of rousing refrains, sword waving anthems, dramatic orchestrations, massive choirs, Daniele Mazza's rapidly rippling synths, Martino Garattoni's superhuman bass, Fabio Balducci rapier quick guitar, and Federico Gatti's grease lightning drumming and double peddling that would put a lesser man in hospital, with Sara soaring high above the carnage. After the intro comes three songs including the lead song 'To the Master of Darkness' (video on Female Voices) that the are the aural equivalent of being stampeded by a massed cavalry charge of French chevaliers led by Jeanne d'Arc. The beginning of the mighty epic 'All That Is True' gives us the chance to mop our brows and tend to the wounded, before once more into the breach, dear friends, once more, when the blast of war blows in our ears then stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood, and disguise fair nature with hard-favour'd rage. Gianmaria Vannoni from Dawn Under Eclipse contributes some ferocious shouts to the almighty penultimate track 'Through My Veins' and if we are still standing by the end, then the final gargantuan 14 minute masterpiece 'Hope Dies last' will apply the coup de grâce. All the songs are superbly crafted with great tunes and lots of variation so it never gets tiresome, and it is all wonderfully produced with an awesome sound that's full and rich without battering you to death. It is staggering that they can play at this level of skill at this pace, they certainly never take the easy way out. With the demise of Rhapsody, Ancient Bards are ready to ascend to the throne, The King is dead, long live The King! They are now the undisputed masters of turbo charged symphonic power metal, so set forth unto their land of legend here, a gargantuan 9/10. (Reviewed by Phil, with special guest appearance by William Shakespeare).


(Limb Music) Reviewed 11th June 2014

This is the new album from Italian Metal outfit Ancient Bards, containing the third and last chapter of the first part of the Black Crystal Sword Saga, which began with 'The Alliance of the Kings' in 2010 and continued with 'Soulless Child' in 2011. Ancient mysteries, entangled schemes, come in succession together with strange revelations, during the long and intense battle this chapter is about, a battle that takes place both inside and outside the characters. The album meanwhile contains 10 songs (including 2 suites): one number running in at over 12 minutes, and one of nearly 17 for a total of over 70 minutes of class, so you sure get your monies worth. Classic cuts worthy of one's attention include the pounding 7+ minute 'A Greater Purpose', the awesome 'Flaming Heart', the aforementioned early Nightwish sounding 'The Last Resort' and the epic 12+ minute 'Showdown'. However, to be perfectly frank, every track here is outstanding, including the sheer brilliance of the closing title track, running in at over 16 minutes. This is in effect an awesome record with an awesome production, pristine Symphonic Power Metal to boot - a worthy addition to anyone's record collection and very difficult to fault... 9.5/10 (Dave)


(Digital Self Release) Reviewed 16th July 2015

Ancient Prophecy is a Power/Death/Gothic Metal Band from Germany dealing with lyrical themes such as Christianity, Biblical and Inner Struggles. There are nine epic bombastic numbers here that deal lyrically with the aforementioned themes, and taking into account the lyrics and the musical content is rather good. Some people seem to be put off the moment the phrase “Christian Rock” or “Christian Metal” is mentioned, but why? There is some frikin’ good Christian Rock and Metal in the market place at the moment, and these bands don’t always preach. Okay, although born a Christian, I am not the most religious person on this planet, but so what. I am here to appreciate good music and good music this album is throughout! Okay, this may lack some of the glorified hooks of some of the music we review here, but ‘Pounded By Our Sins’ is what I would call “thinking person’s metal”. I do not have the lyrics with the music here, but as examples, listen to the tracks ‘True Trinity’ and ‘The Fall of Vanity’ and you will hear where this band is coming from. I recommend this, so before I send the Vicar of Christ Church, Highbury in North London (near to where I used to live) together with his team around to sort you out, download this album now from all the regular digital retailers (iTunes etc). God bless you!. 8.5/10 (The Nugget)


(Irond) Reviewed 10th Sept 2010

This is the second album, translated as Daughter of Moonlight in English, from the Russian metalheads, their name being a clever combination of angels and demons. Although the lyrics are in Russian, I will use the English translations for simplicity. The album is all powerfully and professionally produced, with every instrument clearly discernable, and a nice rumbling rhythm section. Each song is based on their signature motoring mighty sound, but each one is subtly different. You get symphonic power metal sword wavers like ‘Guardian of Swords’, ‘Saints of Light’, ‘Master and Margarita’, and ‘Goths March to Rome’; speedy polkas such as ‘Midnight Guest’ and ‘The Way to Pandemonium; while the title track ‘Daughter of Midnight and ‘The Pray’ are more melodic metal. I think I am safe to assume that ‘Goths March to Rome’ isn’t about a sponsored walk by Within Temptation fans. Alluring Yuliana Savchenko has a powerful rock voice that perfectly fits the music, and she is helped on several tracks by rock singer Artem Styrov and Ilya Alexandrov who sounds like Skeletor. If you like Rhapsody, Holyhell, DragonForce, Power Quest and Fairyland then you will enjoy this. A polkaing 8.5/10 (Reviewed by Phil)


(PMM Records) Reviewed 19th October 2008

Android Soul is a new Dutch band on the scene, and I understand they are based in and around Rotterdam. They are fronted by Linda Aarts who sounds occasionally similar to Floor Jansen of After Forever fame. And indeed Linda has had singing lessons with you know. Musically, I would place Android Soul into the progressive symphonic rock/metal category, and for a debut offering on a new label,'Disappointing Paradise' ain't bad. One of my faves on this record is 'The Butterfly Effect' which is an interesting symphonic metal track that I quite enjoyed. Other highlights include 'So Hard To Let You Go', the symphonic 'A Serpent's Sarcasm' and 'Glory Dies Anyway'. 'Disapponting Paradise' will appeal to fans of After Forever, Nightwish, Epica, Edenbridge and the like, so it is worth checking out by fans of the genre. Okay, this release may take two or three listens to sink in, but it will be worth it, as there is some interesting stuff on offer here.. 7.5/10 (Reviewed by Dave)


(City Canyon Records USA) Reviewed 11th December 2006

This cd is really cool, and what's more, Anemo are British, coming from the rock mecca of Brighton ('ohh errr'..comment from Dave). Anemo's sound combines rock forms with modern drumloops, featuring the edgy vocals and lyrics of vocalist Hazelle Woodhurst, together with the loopy and experimental keyboard layers and rock guitars of co-writers Kingsley Sage and surfing fanatic Matt Palmer. This cd would appeal to fans of Garbage, The Pretenders and I would even say Evanescence, as on one or two tracks, Hazelle does remind me a bit of Amy Lee (the excellent title track together with the danceable 'I Was Taken In' being prime examples to my ears). 12 tracks of music that goes from quiet ballad type material to harder rocking stuff, with a dash of goth!. And I just love the final track 'Hursh'. And I think clubland could pick up on some of the material on offer here too. Well why not!! This is a very pleasant discovery indeed. 7.5/10 (Reviewed by Aimee)


(City Canyon Records) Reviewed 7th December 2008

This band is top drawer, and you cannot get a better intro than that. Aimee reviewed their first cd 'Slowburn' on this site two years ago. On this their second release, Anemo serves up another tasty morsel of British rock. Featuring 11 new tracks, it's certainly DARKER, STRONGER and LOUDER than their first album. It has a more aggressive and live rock sound, and takes you on a journey through war zones, drug addiction, piracy and sibling rivalry. The superb 'Pray' kicks this album into motion, and the record doesn't let up until you hit the repeat button at the end. 'She's Not Me' is another fave, while 'Filthy Figure Skater' showcases Hazelle's voice wonderfully well, and what a great voice she has. Even reminds me a little of Pink on the odd occasion. Okay, I like Pink (yep I do), but if she is big, then so should Anemo be too. 'Anyway' slows it down, before the catchy accoustic sounding 'Shipping News' bursts out of the speakers. Other faves on this cd, and there are a few include 'Fives and Sixes' and the ballad 'Still', but I really ought to add that the whole record is good! This is strictly not metal, just a good indie sounding rock record. Check it out! 8/10 (Reviewed by Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 8th September 2010

The idea for Anemonia came to keys player Philippe Beauvais when his house burnt down back in 2003. It’s taken him 6 years of trials and tribulation to finally get the right band together. Drop dead stunning Cassiopée is an outstanding rock opera singer, it is no surprise she was short-listed for the Nightwish job, and she would have done a terrific job with her striking vampire goddess image and mega powerful voice. The album is packed with 10 marvellous, colossal, Nightwish esque symphonic power metal epics, with more than a touch of vampire gothic. The awesome production fittingly throws the kitchen sink at you, pinning you back in your seat as if you are in the teeth of an aural hurricane. At times it sounds like half the population of Canada are on the album, it takes a few spins to get your head around it all. Perhaps a ballad in the middle would have been a good idea, just to provide a little respite from the storm. In a parallel universe Nightwish would be a vampire fronted fantasy metal band, and if you want to know what that sounds like, then flap your way to, where you can sink your fangs into this album that packs a real bite, 9/10 (Reviewed by Phil)


(Crysella Records) Reviewed 7th May 2015

ANFEL come from from Tver, Russia. They are a Gothic Doom Metal band centered on the composer DENIS LOBOTOROV, who managed to create a project with a power package of great musicians, these musicians include VICTORIA BELCHENKOVA and ELVIRA ALCHEMIDA of BLACKTHORN. Also, we must mention some guest vocal appearances from AINA of BLACKTHORN fame on selected tracks. To be honest, this is an album of majestic beauty, coupled of course with the style of hard rock and metal that we have all come to love. The awesome up beat opening salvo of 'Cry' and 'My Truth And Its Gist' both feature the aforementioned Aina, as does the sixth track in, the wonderful 'Why'. There are a host of other mind-blowing tracks here, all worthy of a mention but space does not permit. 'ICY WORLD' comes in 4 different album versions, 3 of those as plain instrumentals, symphonic & piano versions and pure piano arrangements and of course, this the vocal version. And it is totally amazing how such heaviness can be combined with such beauty, to produce what is such an awe-inspiring album, that will see the light of day in July. We should ask: Could this be the beginning of an Icy World?... 9/10 (The Nugget)


(Frontiers) Reviewed 8th November 2013

An exciting new AOR music star is born: Swedish singer Angelica Rylin (The Murder of My Sweet) has decided to pursue her childhood dream and has recorded an all Melodic Rock album! Her Murder of My Sweet bandmate and partner in crime, Daniel Flores assisted her on the production. "I always wanted to record an album like this" says Angelica, "my childhood heroes were Robin Beck, Ann Wilson of Heart and Leigh Matty of Romeo's Daughter". And I have to say that this album will appeal to all who love those above mentioned bands and indeed Melodic Rock and AOR in general - this record is totally awesome! All 12 tracks rock, are so melodic being musical gems in their own right. I have to say that music like this sends me back to my youth and there are some good memories back then too. Some Melodic Rock songwriting luminaries worked hard to create the music here, Harry Hess, the aforementioned Daniel Flores, Robert Sall, Alessandro Del Vecchio and Anders Wigelius all contributed. Then there are some excellent guitarists such as Jesper Stromblad (In Flames), Magnus Karlsson (Primal Fear), Per Berquist (Smash Into Pieces) also appearing on the album. There is also a very special performance by keyboardist Matt Guillory (James LaBrie). It is also special to note that not only is Angelica a superb muscician, she wrote or co-wrote several songs on this record showing another side of her artistic abilities. Well recommended and I like this very much!! - released end of November/beginning December.. 9.5/10 (Dave)


(Self Released) Reviewed 10th September 2010

Since forming in October of 2006, Angelical Tears has stood as a unique musical voice in the Oklahoma City music scene. The band's heavy but melodic sound is the result of a variety of musical influences such as Gothic, Classical, Metal, and Alternative. These elements all combine to create 6 tracks that offer a metal sound with strong symphonic Gothic elements. The combination of the ethereal vocals of Julia Flansburg, heavy guitars of Derek Teague and Steven Bittle, the melodic keyboards of Jennifer Corbin, pounding bass of Glenn Flansburg, and thundering drums of John Kenerson give Angelical Tears a style and sound that would see them causing quite a stir on the European Mainland I am sure. Check them out at Good stuff..8.5/10 (Reviewed by Aimee)


(Blue Freya) Reviewed 2nd July 2012

Since forming in October of 2006, Angelical Tears has stood as a unique musical voice within the Oklahoma music scene. The band's heavy but melodic sound is the result of a variety of musical influences such as Goth, Classical, Metal, and Electronica. These elements all combine to create a powerful metal sound with strong symphonic Goth elements, coupled very nicely with the angelic vocal tones of leading lady Julia Flansburg. They list their infuences as Lacuna Coil, Within Temptation, Evanescence and Nightwish amongst many others, and those influences are there for all to hear. Opener 'Inceptum Finis'is a brief intro before the awesome 'Pool Of Sorrow' fires it's way out of the speakers. I love the vocals of Julia, that lean more towards the poppy side of things rather than the operatic. 'Queen of Hearts' takes a more Symphonic, Power Metal direction, some great orchestration from JC. 'Missing' is a piano led ballad which is totally beautiful, while 'Falling'and 'Another Day' are awesome Gothic Metal numbers with a great chorus. 'Seperate Ways (Worlds Apart)' is yep, you've guessed it, the Journey cover. I am an avid Journey fan, so maybe I could be hyper critical here. I won't be, but perhaps this could have been a 'bonus cut' - it is good nonetheless. 'Sunrise at Sunset' and 'With The Shadows' return to a more heavier Symphonic Power Metal sound with great use of the piano on both tracks. 'The Eleventh Hour' maintains the up tempo pace while tracks 11 'Ненавиcть' (Hate) and 13 Одна (Alone) are sung in Russian, but bloomin' good I have to say. The combination of the ethereal vocals of Julia Flansburg, heavy guitars of Steven Bittle, pounding bass of Glenn Flansburg, and thundering drums of JC (who also does the Orchestration and Sequencing) give Angelical Tears a style and sound that sets them apart from their peers in the Oklahoma music scene. Check out their website here, this is a worthy 8.75/10 (Dave).


(Self Release) Reviewed 8th September 2010

This is the second release, City of the Birds in English, from the Spanish symphonic metallers, following on from 2007’s Decanimae. Their style hovers around Nightwish and Within Temptation, but they are hard to tag, they pack a lot of different elements into their songs – gothic, power, speed, prog and classical. The tunes must be a devil for the band to learn, it’s not verse chorus, verse chorus, they fly all over the place, soaring and diving, and you never know what’s coming next. It takes a few listens to make sense of it all. Alluring singer Alodia has a rather splendid clear pop/rock voice, no operatics or hysterics, and the lyrics are in Spanish and English. Production is generally pretty good, the drums are a little quiet and pitter patter, but the orchestral sounds are most impressive, especially on the awesome twosome ‘Soul Mates’ and ‘La Conjura de los Necios’ featuring voice and orchestra. Other faves include ‘Sangre de mi Sangre’, ‘La Ciudad de los Pájaros’ and ‘Queen of Hearts’. If you like your metal symphonic, or you symphony metallic, then it is well worth taking off to their Myspace , a high flying 8.5/10 (Reviewed by Phil).


(Realm Ex Music) Reviewed 11th September 2010

This is the brainchild of Russian multi-instrumentalist and composer Timofey Mineyev, who is joined by a cast of little known Ural singers, including ladies Irina Martchuk and Ekaterina Knyazkova. The description on the website and CD Baby may give you the idea that this is going to be some sort of progressive death metal experimental weirdness, but nothing could be further from the truth. I first listened to it with some trepidation, but was pleasantly surprised. The lyrics are in English by Pavel Terentev. This is quite a diverse collection, so I had better take you through each track to give you a flavour of what’s on offer. We open with the speedy power metal ‘Once’ with double peddling and electronica, the growler has a voice so deep he sounds like he is in a bottomless pit, while there is lovely female operatic singing. Second track ‘Memories’ is catchy melodic pop rock/metal, with splendid semi-operatic and operatic vocals. Next up is the melodic heavy-rock/metal ‘After 2000 Years’ featuring a Kiske/Leven style rock/metal screamer. ‘Back to Earth’ is a more symphonic power metal number featuring super operatic vocals, a few growls and some wonderful keyboards. A good James LaBrie type singer takes the lead on the catchy heavy rock/metal ‘Otherside’ before we take a break with the instrumental ‘Infinity’ which sounds like Jean Michel Jarre, with a touch of Tardis. We are back to the power metal with ‘Another Step’, but this time with a male crooner and some growls. Then comes the highlight, the groovy danceable melodic pop/rock title track ‘Between Heaven and Earth’ with delightful operatic singing, those deep growls, and more great keyboards. Finally comes the mid tempo melodic heavy rock ballad ‘Kiss’, with mainly male rock vocals. This is all very well produced and performed by Timofey, and a highly enjoyable and very melodic listen that will appeal to a broad range of melodic heavy rock and metal fans. The growls are so deep that they are acceptable to an anti-growler like myself, in fact, they are rather effective. I presume a drum machine is used, which just goes to show they don’t have to sound like an epileptic carthorse. Available from CD Baby and their Myspace is, a rather surprising 8.5/10 (Reviewed by Phil)

ANGELLORE...'La Litanie Des Cendres'

(Shunu Records/Seasons Of Mist)

Angellore is a French Atmospheric Post-Doom Metal band and this release is their second album, after the good reception of their 2011 debut 'Errances'. There are only five tracks here, but the album spans nearly an hour. However, despite the length of the tracks on the CD, this release is nowhere near boring as some people may think, and comes highly recommended by the team here. Featuring the core of the band which is Rosarius: Clean & extreme vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Walran: Extreme & clean vocals and Keyboards, Ronnie: Drums, plus we must not forget the ladies on this particular release: Lucia doing the Female Vocals and Cathy on Violin. This I know will appeal to fans of Draconian and the like, opener 'Shrine Of Clouds' being a total 13+ minute epic, featuring everything including the kitchen sink! - clean vocals, harsh vocals, female vocals, thumping drums & guitars and cool & atmospheric synths, absolutely awesome. And before one can catch their breath, along comes the 10 minute epic 'Still Glowing Ashes'. A beautiful slow to mid tempo number featuring those awesome growls coupled with the angelic vocals of Lucia. Next up 'Twilight's Embrace' is another slow to mid tempo atmospheric doomy tune, just love the violin!! Two tracks left, 'Inertia' is the shortest number at 6+ minutes, a piano/orchestrated and rather gentle tune featuring Lucia as the main vocalist on this one accompanied with clean male vocals. This track proves that Metal can also be beautiful!! And then we have the cream to top the cake, the epic 18 minute plus closer 'Moonflower', which equals anything Draconian (just an example) has released. I was once upon a time not an avid fan of this style of music, but over time I have grown to like it rather a lot. Bringing together drama, darkness and melancholy, ANGELLORE have become a unique voice in the doom metal scene in France, gathering plenty of interest with their eclectic gothic and folk influences. Recommended if you like: ANATHEMA, TRISTANIA, SATURNUS, DRACONIAN, EARLY WITHIN TEMPTATION and SHAPE OF DESPAIR... 9/10 (Dave)


(Sliptrick Records) Reviewed 11th December 2015

The AngelSeed project was born in Croatia, formed by Damir Marijan Maras, Jurica Baljak and Sinisa Antunovic Medo. They were combining the basic of thrash metal and musical influences of different sub-styles, mostly symphonic and power metal. And then when vocalist Ivana Anic Lara decided to join them, these latter influences became even more apparent. So what about the music from a band that proudly boasts within its CV a support slot to the mighty Within Temptation? Well the lyrics of the songs reflect their attitudes about life, wishes, friendship, desires, love, sadness and happiness and thoughts of death and life in general. Something that I suppose affects us all at sometime during our lives. Musically however, this record is rather good, coupled with some vocal collaborations along the way. The awesome opener ‘Bloodfield’ features Mikkel Sandager Pedersen, while the bombastic but catchy ‘Forever Blind’ features Christopher Amott. Also the pounding and tuneful ‘Dreamer/Breaking Dawn’ sees a collaboration with a guy called Zoran Misic, The melodic track ‘Leaving All Behind’ is purely magical, and then that is followed by the equally as awesome and well orchestrated ‘Fallen Angel’. Indeed, to my ears, there is very little to fault on this album, the closing trio of ‘Soulcollector’, ’The Healer’ and the atmospheric ballad ‘Now’ maintains the momentum and the awesomeness of the preceding tracks. Upon listening to this, I can fully understand how they supported Within Temptation - well recommended, the band’s website can be viewed here where you can also stream the album… 9/10 (Dave)


(Wannsee Records) Reviewed 27th September 2010

Angelzoom, the solo project of German lass Claudia Uhle, caught my attention in 2004 with her self titled album release on Nuclear Blast. Not quite the material one would expect the Nuclear Blast stable to release, but it was a good one nonetheless. Fast forward to Sept 2010, and Claudia now releases 'Nothing Is Infinite' on Wannsee Records. The album is a kinda mix of Electro, Gothic and Dark Pop, and indeed, if one was to cross say Enya and Depeche Mode, that may give one an indication as to where this record is coming from. With her angel-like voice, which seems to float in dream-pieces, she carries away the listeners in a wonderful world of easiness and depth - kinda music to a film that has yet to be made. Like the debut, I like this release a lot and I love this girl's voice...8.5/10 (Reviewed by Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 29th September 2014

Here we have a young US Metal Band fronted by the beautiful angel on vocals and founding member, Holly Hines. This their first album which was a year in the making, and has been produced by Hydrogyn lead guitarist Jeff Westlake. The album includes belters such as the opener 'Angel's Revenge' that hammers its way into your head and second up, the title track with cool guitar solo - what a song!! The album includes further catchy Metal songs like the addictive 'Crazy' and the equally addictive Pop/Metal of 'Sweet Addiction'. Then we have the power ballad 'As Time Goes On' showcasing well the awesome vocals of Holly. Overall, this is a very good album from this American with a strong metal appeal, whilst also maintaining a strong sense of melody. Great musicianship throughout I hasten to add from all concerned - the band's website is here ... 8.75/10 (Aimee)