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(Self Released) Reviewed 19th August 2014

I know I have said this before and I will say it again. Every now and again a band comes along that totally blows my mind. This time it is 4th Circle from France. Fronted by the angelic and sexy (if I may say so) vocals of front lady Audrey Adornato, this band means business. Released in 2013 I believe, 'Lifetimes' is an awesome blast of Symphonic Metal that has taken the wind right out of my sails. Opener, the appropriately titled 'Opening', is a track of pure unadulterated cinematic proportions, what a start. This then leads us into the second track 'Past Isn't Everything' which with its progressive undercurrent is totally bombastic and rather catchy to boot. Leaving me breathless, we come to track number three, 'The Beginning' being a Power Ballad to beat all Power Ballads - a total blast. 'Neverending Madness' is a Symphonic Metaller's wet dream, with the first four numbers from this album offering 20 + minutes of pure heaven for the female fronted music fan, and it does not let up there. The album continues in a similar vein and I find very little to fault within the ten jewels that make up this recording. Just listen to the piano led ballad 'Eternal Stream', the melodic thumper, 'Wild As I am' with it's subtle background growls, the Symphonic sounding tracks 'Path To Eternity' and the grandiose 'One Blink', closing with the duo, the operatic bouncer 'Stopping The Time' and the rather good 'Breathing Again'. Having said all that, everything on here is damn awesome, this band is dynamite and I urge everybody to check them out at their website: 9.75/10 (Dave)


(D-Trash Records) Reviewed 6th July 2012

What I am beginning to like about Ravenheart Music, is that we are now attracting bands that fall outside of the Gothic, Symphonic, Operatic mold, and FFT ERROR is one of those bands. The band is the studio and live music project of Tsunami Killcore, pseudonym of Spanish music producer and song-writer Sofia TK. With a background in electroacoustic music, noise and proto-punk, and a long run playing guitar and singing in rock bands, she started to develop her characteristic electronic sound and solo project in Manchester, in the year 2000. For a few years, she played and improvised sets of noise and experimental techno in the free-party scene of UK, Spain and Portugal, absorbing key influences from the rave scene. In 2008 she teams up with electronic drummer, visual artist and former dj Nelo Olmos. Now hailing from Berlin, FFT ERROR on this EP offer us some kick ass Industrial Punk Rock coupled with some harsh Electronica - a total wall of distortion, that I can see being played in the rock, metal and rave clubs all over the land. Comparisons musically are difficult, but I suppose Marilyn Manson teaming up with The Chemical Brothers? - well something like that anyway. This EP is rather interesting, and if you feel it may float your boat, pop along to their website - 7.75/10 (Dave)

50ft WOMAN..'Ménage á Trois' EP

(Independent Release) Reviewed 22nd September 2010

50ft Woman is a female fronted London based band, fronted by the 6ft Diva who goes by the name of Minki. 'Ménage á Trois' is kinda rock/punk/pop, and with Minki's fetish for high heels, their live shows never fail to delight, where the punters are in-fact encouraged to dress up and wear something outrageous. First track out '(Strictly) Only Swinging' is an awesome little number, and an interesting title as well I hasten to add. 'Psycic Hygiene' carries along the momentum, while the catchy closer 'You're In Love With Love (But You Ain't In Love With Me)' ends this little offering. Think Aerosmith, The Bangles, Debbie Harry, The Ramones and The New York Dolls, and that may give you a rough idea where this band is coming from. Check them out at This ain't bad, not bad at all. 7.5/10 (Reviewed by Dave)


(Rocksector Records) Reviewed March 30th 2012

Classic Hard Rock with a modern crunch from Greece. Well that is what this Athen's based (for now!) 4 piece combo offer the listener. Singer Fofi Roussos certainly packs a punch with her vocals, her vocal style certainly hailing from the old school of Rock - awesome! There are some good old swaggering hard rockers on this platter like opener 'Burning The Candle', 'Let It All Burn', 'Live 4 Today' and 'Games U Play' as stunning examples of their craft. 'A Different Fate' lowers the tempo slightly, certainly at the start of the number, before the 'swagger' kicks in :) 'Far From Grace' is a very commercial and catchy number while for you growl haters out there, you may not be too keen on 'Not This Time', but they are the only growls you will hear on this record, and to be frank they are not too in yer face!. This is a good album for you lovers of good old classic blues based rock and is worth checking out...8.25/10 (Dave)


(Maple Metal Records) Reviewed 26th February 2013

I must confess to having known about Face Off for a few months now. The Serbian based quintet was established in 2006 by vocalist Marija Kovacevic and guitarist Stefan Vitasovic. The Band has already won a few competitions in their native homeland, toured across Serbia, been broadcast by national radio, and performed on Serbian national TV in their short career. This debut album is a solid release from the band, featuring nine tracks of radio friendly alternative rock to capture one's musical senses. I suppose comparisons could be made to a more up tempo Evanescence or maybe Florida band Faces Of March (where are they now?), who released 'Confessions' several months ago. There are some really good commercial numbers here including the title track, the catchy 'Dream Chamber', the heavy 'Close Enough', the glorious 'Fragile' and the thumping closer, appropriately titled 'The End'. All nine tracks are good and to be honest, this album is worthy of a place in any Rock fan's album collection. The band's music can be found here... 8.75/10 (Dave)


(Kurfew Records) Reviewed 18th March 2010

Straight from Miami comes this young up and coming rock foursome with their first album based around the theme of confessions and hidden truths. The fifth member is producer Paul Trust, and the result is immaculately polished, finely crafted, ultra commercial, driving gothic rock, in the mould of Evanescence, Lacuna Coil, Paramore and Delain, with the vocals of the stunning Gia giving a Natalie Imbruglia style infusion. Picks for me include the string laced opener, ‘Not Enough’, the groovy electronica of ‘Broken, the piano ballad ‘Too Late’, which really launches off, the Nickelback like ‘Turn Around’, and the My Chemical Romance style ‘Wanna Be’, but there is not a filler in sight, and you are bound to have your own favourites. The whole album screams radio play and heavy rotation on MTV, this has massive crossover potential, and the fact that they are still relatively unknown defies all logic. I have to confess I rather like this, and I believe you will want to own up to having a copy as well, so it’s easily available from their Myspace, 9/10 (Reviewed by Phil)


(ProgRock Records) Reviewed 4th September 2008

Ravenheart Music has put me in a position that has made me truly grateful to be able to listen to some great music. Now let's add the awesome cd by Factory of Dreams to the list. Factory of Dreams is a project by Portugese musician Hugo Flores, and this album 'Poles', features the angelic vocals of Swedish lass Jessica Lehto, and is a kinda Melodic, Progressive, Gothic, Atmospheric, Industrial Rock/Metal album. Yep, the whole lot! 11 enchanting tracks here that take the listener on an aural journey of musical bliss, that is captivating and atmospheric, until the journey brings you back to Earth again. I am not going to list individual tracks here, but the whole cd that lasts nearly 50 minutes is a lovely record, and is a worthy album to purchase for any fan of the Femme genre. And I want to add that the standard of musicianship on this record is very high, as is the artwork in the accompanying booklet. We are pleased to say that there is also an interview with Hugo and Jessica on this very website, so check that out, and then go buy this album. Trust me, you will not be disappointed, I promise! 9/10 (Reviewed by Dave)


(ProgRock Records) Reviewed 12th November 2009

Portugese outfit Factory Of Dreams previous opus 'Poles' was reviewed here back in Sept 2008 and I was highly impressed with that release. Now what about 'A Strange Utopia'? This is another good record from the busy Hugo Flores and Jessica Lehto, and although I do admit that this will not be to everyone's taste, it should appeal to the fan who enjoys his Prog Rock/Metal. Again, the songs on offer are very well structured and quite technical. I call this type of music thinking person's music - do not expect verse chorus, verse chorus as it ain't gonna happen. 'Voyage To Utopia' gets things away, immediately giving us a feel for the music on offer. 'Inner Station' has an atmospheric intro and this track ranks as one of my faves on the cd - awesome violin too. But I have a feeling that on subsequent listens, other tracks will unveil their hidden qualities to me. 'Sonic Sensations' is another good tune that highlights the quality of Jessica's voice, while the awesome 9 minute + 'E-Motions' is another highlight on this album. Okay, this release is a grower, do not expect it to hit you immediately. But like most albums that grow, they are the ones that tend to hang around the longest. This sure is worth checking out, but if you like bands like Evanescence, or you are not very open minded regards your music, then perhaps steer clear. 8/10 (Reviewed by Dave)


(Progrock Records) Reviewed 24th January 2011

This is the third album from the project masterminded by Hugo Flores, with Jessica Lehto on angelic Tarja esque vocals who we last met on Beto Vazquez's recent Infinity album Existence. Hugo also supplies some excellent vocals as well as playing all the instruments. For those new to the band, their music is around Ayreon, Star One and Mattson, producing gigantic sci-fi prog metal of epic proportions, with immense imagination, intelligence and ambition. It tells the story of the evolution of an electronic molecule into a living entity. The songs swirl from quiet reflection to frenetic power, full of dreamy melodies, soaring refrains, rich synths, twinkling piano, driving guitars and skilful technical musicianship, all superbly produced. Highlights include the monumental 'Protonic Stream' with it's touch of Mike Oldfield and lovely melodies at the start, the heavy but rocking 'Obsessical', the more ethereal and soaring 'Back to Sleep' and the suitably thundering and pounding 'Dimension Crusher'. I do have a couple of problems, firstly with the clattering drum machine that bashes away frenetically rather than keep a steady beat, does things that are physically impossible (unless the drummer is an octopus), and changes speed, all very disconcerting. Secondly the music can change suddenly without warning and sometimes it sounds like three different songs being played simultaneously. At times this can lead to a confused, disjointed and over complicated sound, it could do with a touch more of the KISS method, keep it simple stupid, because when they get the balance right the music is absolutely awesome. This is an album that will take a fair few spins to get your head around and if you don't mind the drum machine then you will find that this is a richly rewarding album for prog metal fans, with something new to discover with every listen. Their website is and it it should be available from all good dream factories. A sublimely complex 8/10 (Phil)


(ProgRock Records) Reviewed 8th April 2013

'Some Kind of Poetic Destruction' is Factory of Dreams 4th album. A conceptual sci-fi album that follows the adventures of Kyra, a unique and mysterious character who holds the key to our fate. Something is closing in on the Earth. What is it? What will happen to Earth? the storyline is full of surprises and mysteries, as we follow Kyra on an epic journey to find her purpose. This new album pushes beyond the boundaries of the Electronic Progressive Metal genre. And Hugo Flores and vocalist Jessica Lehto sure know how to push out those aforementioned boundaries when recording an album, and they yet again deliver another epic for one to get their ears around. This is not a record that will hit you on the first listen, but it will take repeated listens to get into, and indeed into the story line too. Angela Merrithew (Kyra) narrates the opening of 'Prelude', which siegues perfectly into 'Strange Sounds' with it's great synths coupled with a pounding guitar beat, and Jessica's operatic vocals shining as well! 'Escaping The Nightmare' is another pounding guitar/synth driven number with Hugo joining in with the vocals. The catchy 'Angel Tears' centred around Kyra sees Raquel Schüler (Hydria) taking on the reigns of lead vocalist, and is one of the more commercial numbers on the album - totally awesome! 'Seashore Dreams' continues this magical piece of musical genius, the song featuring some awesome synth and violin, and lets not forget that dreamy voice of Jessica, this track is epic! The pounding 'Dark Season' features Magali Luyten's (Beautiful Sin, Ayreon, Epysode) powerful vocals, while 'Sound War' has such an atmospheric and haunting synth intro before the piano takes over, another pulsating number! 'Hope Garden' and 'Travelling' maintain the momentum with some magical electric guitar from Chris Brown and some electrifying synth solos from Tadashi Goto. Entering the closing part of the story line now, and 'The Neutron Star' continues with some in yer face guitar from Chris Brown and yet more turbo charged synths to delight the senses. 'Join Us Into Sound' and 'Playing The Universe' close this totally epic and grandeur 12 track recording, the latter being a revamp of an older song. However, there is a track 13 (bonus) which is a video clip version of 'Seashore Dreams'. To summarise, this is simply an astonishing album that has everything, pouding guitars, impressive synths, breathtaking vocals, and an interesting storyline. My advice, shut yourself of in a darkened room, put on the headphones, and listen allowing images of the story to form in your own mind. The rest is up to you - massive!! ... 9.5/10 (Dave)


(Gray Records) Reviewed 23rd April 2015

Fake The Attack come from the county of Hampshire here in the UK, and this is the band's first new music since their 2011 'You Call This Freedom' EP. Fronted by Ashlyn Marshall, this CD is an energetic and diverse work bristling with ideas, embracing sparkling synths and subtle electronics along the way. There are 11 tracks of catchy pop/rock to embrace and it is all rather good. The release is consistent and nothing within the 11 tracks really disappoints. Okay, it may not appeal to the metalheads out there, but by and large this is damn good and ultra commercial in the process. If you enjoy acts like Paramore, Fireflight, Eowyn, The Material and the like, this should be right up your alleyway. The band can be checked out here... nice one - release date was 8th June but it has been postponed for the time being... 8.5/10 (The Nugget)


(Noisehead Records) Reviewed 5th December 2013

Fallen Arise fronted by a young lass known as Spyla, is a Symphonic Melodic Metal Band from Greece, and when I say Symphonic Melodic Metal, this is most certainly just that. Kicking off with the awesome Nightwish inspired 'Burned Ivy', the band set the bench mark, an absolute belter of a tune, with all the ingredients to make this band a force within the genre. The following double whammy of 'Eternity' together with the title track are Melodic Symphonic thumpers, the latter featuring the clean and rather nice vocals of guest musician Jon Soti, together with those of Spyla - great stuff! The magic continues featuring at times both vocalists, with tracks such as 'Under The Bliss Of The Sun', the catchy but bombastic power metal influenced 'My Fall', the magical piano led power ballad 'Never Forget Me' and the 7 minute + album closer 'Fly To Horizon'. This is a very good effort from the band, and this is yet another album I find myself whole heartedly recommending ...9/10 (Dave)


(ROAR Records) Reviewed 3rd November 2015

Fallen Arise is a band that has been around for six years or so and here offer up their second full length album. The Greek band fronted by Spyla (with male vocals from Chris), tells the story on this record of a young girl Adeline, who is doomed to die at the young age of eighteen. And within the music that provides this story, are all the ingredients that give us the listener, a rather good Gothic/Symphonic Metal album, with a full 40 piece orchestra as well. Plenty of highlights within the 13 numbers, but I do rather like the track ‘My Last Breath’, a bouncy in yer face melodic number together with the power ballad ‘As Far The Memory Remains’ - awesome stuff! This album will sure appeal to fans of this style of music most certainly, and as a consequence this is a recommended release… 9/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 8th August 2014

Here we have a corking 7 track EP from Scottish Band The Fall Of Eve. This is rather good Melodic/catchy Symphonic Metal with the emphasis on the Symphonic and the vocals of Laura Tracey go down rather well me thinks too. The vocal style not of the Operatic variety, mainly a Pop/Rock style. Yes, I admit I do rather like this record and the tracks 'Original Sin' and 'Shields Of Faith', are two such tracks that lovers of this style of music I am sure will rather like. Indeed, this whole little effort is epic, bombastic and extremely good, and the band on this showing will surely soon get the call. Great stuff and well recommended from the Ravenheart team. Their Facebook is here and the album can be purchased from iTunes, Amazon UK etc.. 8.75/10 (Dave)


(Self Released) Reviewed 3rd June 2015

False Hope Fades, born in late 2012, proudly hails from the city of Chicago. They are four unlikely characters who have united to create something soulful, unexpected, and genuine. Rosie delivers her twisted marriage of mighty melodic vocals and killer gruesome growls with regal determination. Kham's guitar saturates their sound with a heaviness and groove unique to modern metal, while Johnny empowers the group with punchy, heavy riffs that set their sound unequal to most. Brian's drumming guides the band with energy, skill, and unrelenting power. And if you do not believe me, then give this 5 track EP a listen. Opener 'Coward' is the ideal showcase to what this band offers the listener, and I would imagine they are a blast live. The melodic 'Clean' keeps the momentum going as does 3rd track in 'Break'. 'Wake Up' introduces Rosie's growls, while the mid tempo closer 'Words' ends this little album. This is rather good... 8/10 (Dave)


(Big 3 Records) Reviewed 7th January 2008

SOAK was originally released in 2003 in the USA (it is that copy I have here), but it will now be released internationally by Big 3 Records in 2008. And with a production team of Dino and John Elefante, plus Rachel herself, this debut album is a wonderful taste of modern melodic rock. On it she proves she's a little princess in this genre of music too. We have the opening salvo of 'You Think', the single 'I'm Not The Girl' and 'Soak', and listening to these great tunes, you know this release is something a little special. The pace slackens a little thereafter, but this is a little gem to track down, and hopefully, with a worlwide release it shouldn't be that difficult. We here at Ravenheart Music pride ourselves in the fact we are not stuck in a goth metal rut. Let's hope other people can say the same too. Rachel Farris is the name, and the cd is called SOAK. Get it! 7.5/10 (Reviewed by Dave).


(Self Release) Reviewed 3rd January 2014

Fatal Clichè is a Metal band from Italy. Fronted by Hellenoir Dearbone, the band present to us here a seven track EP of rather good Symphonic Metal, with vocals that veer from a Rock Vocal style to an occasional Operatic style. The opener, simply titled 'Fatal Clichè' is a catchy number that offers up a folky vibe with some awesome operatic vocals from Hellenoir. Second number in, 'Dark Way' is a Melodic Pulsating number, while third track 'Flashblack' is a fave of mine, another catchy number with Rock/Operatic style vocals - awesome! 'Lost Lands' is the customary Power Ballad and damn good it is too. 'Flaming Heart' has a rather cool piano intro before it kicks into gear while 'Illusion' is a grand blast of Symphonic Metal. Closer 'Alegria' (being listed as a bonus track) is a thumping Folk/Metal number sung presumably in the band's native tongue, and is fast becoming another fave of mine from this EP. The band's FaceBook is here - okay, what you hear on this EP is not original and has been done before, but that does not mean this is not good, because it is....8.25/10 (Dave)


(Blue Freya Media) Reviewed 11th January 2011

After 8 years and 4 albums this American duo of Richard and S. Lee Baysinger have decided to polish up some faves and release this best of so that people new to the band can literally hear what they have been missing, whilst existing fans get new improved versions of seminal songs. This is classic gothic metal, halfway between Evanescence and Delain, with a touch of prog and doom, topped by S. Lee's expressive voice. You get 6 sold slabs of metal plus a couple of excellent atmospheric emotional ballads, all with decent production. Sometimes when the band threatens to take off, the doom element puts the brakes on, not quite gothic, not quite doom, it could do with some va va voom. Available from CD Baby, their website is, a solid 8/10 (Phil)


(Self Released) Reviewed 3rd December 2014

Fate Prevailed is a six-piece metal band from Ontario with a full and addictive sound. Combining melodic female vocals with heavy instrumentation and screaming vocals, the band appeals to a wide variety of listeners. The music is progressive, technical, and changes with every song. Although this album is being classed as an EP with only 5 tracks, it runs in at around 37 minutes, so could even be put into the full album category. Apart from the opener 'The Hunt Is On' that runs at just a little under five minutes, the remaining four numbers all run at over 6 minutes with the epic 'Merciless' well over 10 minutes. So one gets their monies worth here. Vocally, Ariane Ganga reminds me at times of Vicky Johnson from UK band WINTER IN EDEN. This album is tuneful and rather good, and despite the harsh vocals, they are not over the top, the clean female vocals working well with the mainly death male vox. Coming from different musical backgrounds each member of the band brings new life to the music as they come together. Dark lyrical themes, raging solos, and haunting melodies make Fate Prevailed a band one needs to hear. And to add, closer 'Surrounded' is a fave of mine - great keys/guitar interplay. The band's website is at, and to be honest, this release is well recommended... 8.75/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 30th November 2015

Fatum Aeternum fronted by Evelyn Shor and Steve Gershin (on male vox), is an Israeli Rock and Metal band, founded in 2006. The band went through major line-up changes during its first years, until the current line-up was formed. This is the band's 4th release, although only one of those is a full length effort ('The Dream Is Dead' released in 2011). After a short intro track which so happens to the title track, there are four further tracks here on this EP of Gothic Metal with Doom elements. Evelyn's vocals are highly original and tend to grow on you, maybe reminding me a little of Kate Bush at times. This is an interesting release featuring the violin, these violin duties taken care of by vocalist Evelyn. I would say that this EP is not an instant hit, but it does grow with repeated listens... 7.75/10 (Dave)


(Self Release/Distro Nightmare Records) Reviewed 10th January 2013

There are bands that are so obscure that they probably have not even heard of themselves, they must go to band practice and say, who are we? This is a case in point, this band from the Netherlands, the spiritual home of female fronted metal and not outer Mongolia, has just 73 Facebook 'Likes', even a Peruvian nose flute band has more, but believe it or not they been around for ten years, added to that this is, even more remarkably, this is their second album, their début 'Barefoot and Naked' was released back in 2006. There must be a reason, logic dictates, i.e., they are rubbish, but in the strange case of Feedforward, a band I stumbled across accidentally, they are anything but rubbish, as we shall see. They feature Patrice on vocals, Pi on Sloggi underwear and drums (his drumming certainly is not pants), Jan on bass, Mario on snake guitar, and Job on keys. The first thing that strikes you when the intro 'Ahead of Echoes' burst out the speakers is superb professional sound and musicianship, then 'Deepest Thoughts' shows that they have the same combination of skill and songwriting as top melodic prog rock/metal bands like Akribi, Souls of Diotima, Touchstone and Efflorescence, with Patrice revealing that she has a terrific powerful voice. 'Thin Ice' glides effortlessly from subtle to catchy to rocking, cleverly constructed, carefully crafted, lots of super musical escapades, good grief, this is impressive stuff, and the quality never lets up through the following six numbers culminating in the epic 'For Now'. This is such a thoroughly excellent collection of accessible prog rock/metal with great crossover appeal that it is baffling why they are so unknown. Easily available from CD Baby, their website is here, this is a hidden gem, 8.75/10 (Phil)


(Self Release) Reviewed 26th August 2015

Feridea was founded in 2012 by Henrik Airaksinen, who had been making filmscore music for some time. Originally Feridea was formed by: Henrik Airaksinen - keyboard, Aleksander Viitanen - guitar, Jukka Ahlström - drums, Miika Hänninen - bass, Heidi Mankinen - vocals. Heidi Lahtinen, who had long history of playing classical and folk music joined Feridea as violinist, while Heidi Mankinen is since no longer the vocalist, having been replaced by Katra Solopuro (remember the band KATRA?). On this CD, the band offers the listener basically a straight forward Symphonic Metal sound, revolving around traditional Symphonic and Power-Metal, but with some pop-ish melodies - without forgetting orchestrations of course. Four bombastic tracks of totally awesome music can be found on this album including the closing 9 minute epic power ballad ‘Song Of A Longing Heart’, leaving me wondering when we can expect a possible full length album. And despite running in at nearly 28 minutes, the EP (due 28th August) flies by quicker than a speeding Japanese bullet train, totally brilliant… 9.5/10 (Dave)


(Stygian Crypt Productions) Reviewed 28th July 2015

The history of this Russian band under the mysterious name “Fferyllt” is deeply rooted in the autumn of 2003, when the keyboard player Dmitry Elissev had thought over making a musical project devoted to Western European paganism. The first line-up was gathered in spring 2007 and the band begun active creative work. In 2009 the label Stygian Crypt Productions released the debut album of the band. A year later in 2012 the same label released the second album 'Prediction'. In 2015 FFERYLLT finished work on the third full-length album that is reviewed here. The main features of the cd is the female voice of Ekaterina Godlevskaya, the male growl of М. Chikviladze, choirs and orchestral arrangements, also parts of Western European folk instruments (bagpipe, Irish flute) and more traditional for Symphonic music, the cello, violin, viola and double bass. And it all adds to a Folk Symphonic Metal masterpiece - 11 tracks (my version) of it, with the tracks ‘A Sprengisandi’ and the bombastic 'A Missing Page' being current favourites of mine. Actually, I think Folk Metal has generally become the domain of Beauty and the Beast Metal, with the female vocals now quite often accompanied by male growls. But if you like a good old shot of Folk Metal with your pint of mead, together with plenty of orchestration, pipes and the biz, get this album. Available at CDbaby amongst other locations and recommended… 9/10 (The Nugget)


(Nova) Reviewed 1st May 2011

The Goddess of melodic prog is back like a phoenix with her first solo release. When she left Mostly Autumn last year it created a stir the likes of which have rarely been seen. She has decided to do something different and release a series of EP's, each in a different style. This one is produced with Chris Johnson who played on Mostly Autumn's Heart Full of Sky album, his 'Silver Glass' is a great favourite of mine, and it features Dave Kilminster on guitar who has performed with the likes of Roger Waters and Keith Emerson. I am not a great fan of EP's, by the time you have got yourself comfy with a cup of tea they're over leaving you frustrated and half satisfied, and they tend to be almost as expensive as a full CD. The second major concern that set alarm bells ringing was that in her interview she said that this one was inspired by the late great Jeff Buckley, now Heather is a terrific singer but Jeff was a very unique and extraordinary talent who was a bit like musical Marmite, some considered him the most emotional wonderful singer ever, others just thought he wailed hysterically. So I made my cup of tea and got myself comfy well before pressing play and waited with some trepidation. First track 'Red Dust' shows she has decided wisely not to totally adopt Jeff's singing style, but it's more expressive than with Mostly, and musically I can certainly see the influence. The result is stripped down guitar rock that drifts along pleasantly through the five tracks without getting particularly exciting, in contrast to Jeff who love him or loath him always provoked a reaction, or artists like Grace Potter and Celleste who put some va-va-voom and swagger into their music. The lack of keyboards is odd seeing as Chris is also a keyboard player, they could have added some zest into the mix. Mostly Autumn fans will be rather nonplussed by this release, which was the intention so she can distance herself from the past. Putting that aside I cannot help but compare it to the classic Grace, Jeff's only completed album, which is asking a awful lot from a début EP, probably too much. Trying to put myself in the shoes of people who don't know Heather or Mostly or Jeff, this a good rock record with some enjoyable heartfelt songs. Her website can be be found by a click here...Heather Findlay, a pleasant 8/10 (Phil).


(Life on the Moon Records/Cargo) Reviewed 6th February 2012

Fiona's last release 'Squeeze' was way back in 1992, and now Melodic Rock's sexy looking music maker is back with her latest release. And needless to say, this album harks back to the 80s. Teaming up with the people that were involved in Robin Beck's latest, this will satisfy all those Melodic Rock Fan's out there. 'Loved Along The Way' kick things off, a track co written with Tommy Denander, and sets things going in a very nice sorta way. 'I've Released You' has that Gospel vibe being hideously catchy in the process, while 'Shadows of the Night' is the Pat Benatar cover given the Fiona treatment. 'This Heart' so happens to be a duet with the aforementioned Robin Beck, with 'Get Your Kix' proving that Fiona can rock with the best of them. 'Salt on my Wings' is another rocking number more akin to the House of Lords - no surprise really as this is the House of Lords front man James Christian co-write, together with Tommy Denander and Bobby Messano. The Prophet cover 'Everything You Are' is the power ballad, and closes the album in fine style. The mighty James Christian has produced, mixed and mastered this little gem, and I must say that being a fan myself of the 80s Melodic/Hard Rock scene, I really do like this. Time has been very kind to Fiona, she not only still sounds good, she still looks good too!! This cd is worth checking out, some admirable tunes with great choruses, and it can be purchased from Amazon, ST Records in Dudley here in the UK (+44 (0)1386 230726), or download from iTunes etc. A good record...8.5/10 (Dave)


(Self Released) Reviewed 9th September 2011

Here we have an epic debut album from a band whose name sure has aroused my curiousity. Indeed, that could be the name given to a new genre of metal music. Anyway, I digress, they were formed in 2004, and this Edinburgh based band plays classic heavy metal, with the soaring and epic female vocals of front lady Laura Donnelly a joy to behold. And during their career, the band has supported Slayer, Trivium, Mastodon and Amon Amarth amongst others, so they have been about. There are 10 tracks here of listenable but powerful heavy metal, with thundering riffs and screaming solos. There are various influences surfacing during the 43 minutes or so, but they do tend to keep a sound of their own as well. In a world where the Female Fronted scene tends to get associated with the Gothic or Symphonic genre, this is something refreshingly different and I like it. This album will be "re-released" worldwide on 5th December through Rising Records and if you are a true Metal fan, this should be on your Christmas list without a shadow of doubt. Meanwhile, check the band out at their Facebook page. With a spot on production that enhances the music even more, this is damn good!! 8.75/10 (Dave)


(Flicker Records) Reviewed 7th August 2007

Fireflight is a Christian Rock Band from Orlando. They have produced an awesome cd of modern melodic rock. 11 tracks, and 35 mins of melodic mayhem. 35 mins seems a little short, especially when what's on offer is this good, but when it is this good, who's complaining! The best track to my ears is 'You Decide' which is a duet with Josh Brown who is with a band called DAY OF FIRE. Listen to the lyrics on this track and then you decide! But one decision you must this cd! 8/10 (Reviewed by Laura).


(Flicker Records/Sony BMG) Reviewed 17th April 2008

Another Christian Rock album to review. They are like London's buses, you go ages without seeing any, and then two turn up together. This effort by Orlando based Fireflight is a modern melodic rock album. 10 tracks of catchy and very accessible rock music. My faves on this cd include 'Unbreakable', 'Brand New Day', 'Forever' and 'Wrapped In Your Arms'. I like this cd, and I urge punters whether they are of faith or not to buy this album. Fireflight’s music offers a haven for the accused and beaten down, and gives an inspirational spark to trust and dream again. And as the title track proclaims, for all those who are broken and have lost their way, there is a hope and love that is Unbreakable. Buy the album and support their music, enough said. 8.5/10 (Reviewed by Dave).


(Self Release) Reviewed 30th July 2015

Christian Rockers Fireflight fronted by Dawn Michele are back with their latest offering. Due to a website glitch, we are having to do this review again, as the original seems to have zapped its way into cyberspace and not come back. Anyway, the band was formed in 1999, so they are well established on the music scene. After having been on a label that is a major player within the Christian Music scene, the band decided to self release this record, with the help of a crowd funding campaign. Anyway, the 12 tracks here are an awesome helping of Pop/Rock with touches of electronica, giving the listener a solid release to get their grubby paws on. There is a message within the lyrics, but the band do not overly preach the message. Furthermore, I myself admit that I am not an overly religious person, but I sure like good music when I hear it. There are standout cuts galore here, that will have you bouncing around like a demented lamb in a field full of dandelions. Listen to tracks like ‘I’ve Got The Power’, the power ballad ‘Here and Now’ and 'The Fallout' from a record chock full of nuggets. The band’s website is at (The Nugget)