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Ravenheart Reviews: Archived

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(Lion Music) Reviewed 21st January 2013

Lion Music is proud to introduce the debut album by Japanese atmospheric rock/metal outfit Early Cross. The band is a four piece comprising of Natasha Vaichuk (Vocals), Hiroaki Kato (6 & 12 String Guitars, Bouzouki, Pianos, Mellotrons, Organs), Yugo Maeda (Bass) and Yushi Soutome (Drums). With a sound much bigger than the sum of their parts, this 7 track album is a strong label debut full of carefully crafted music, depth, musical richness and emotion with a dark foreboding presence, that will find favour with fans of Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Riverside, Day Six, The Gathering, The Wishing Tree etc. After listening to this recording, the band is sure to make a powerful impact on the Rock and Metal world outside of their native Japan. 'Ashes and Yarrow' is a superb opener, complex, melodic and with an awesome chorus, reminding me to an extent of The Gathering with a little bit of ooommmppphhh! 'Cry Havoc' is a powerful progressive song, showing the maturity of this amazing band, while the beautiful 7 minute + 'Hymn To The Fallen' blows me away - Hiroaki Kato on guitar is awesome and Natasha's angelic vocals are so adorable!! Natasha by the way is of Ukrainian/Japanese decent. 'In The Half Light Of The Canyon' is a brief instrumental that leads into 'Cairn', with it's subtle use of the mellotron reminding me a little of The Moody Blues, before it kicks into gear and ups the tempo. The epic 14 minute 'The Pilgrimage' follows which maintains the formidable quality of the previous numbers. As one would expect for a 14 minute number, the track is complex, intense and powerful, but still very accessible and melodic showcasing the great musicianship of the band. The closer 'The Fog' is my fave from this album, a rather more commercial number reminding me of the bands Embassy of Silence or For Selena and Sin, and some great keys from Bouzouki. Early Cross prove that there is a burgeoning metal scene pushing the envelope of styles in their homeland, and 'Pathfinder' will give listeners worldwide the chance to taste metal by one of Japan’s most promising acts. And another thing I will add - some Japanese acts sound Japanese, and I say that with the greatest respect. But Early Cross offer up a very clean and powerful production, more akin to the acts that Europe or the USA produce. Released on 14th February, this masterpiece of a record from Lion Music should be massive.. 9/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 14th November 2015

EarlyRise was founded by Orly Lari (Vocals, Piano) and Raz Klinghoffer (Guitar, Producer), who combined their different styles and started writing music together. They were later joined by Itamar Goldwasser (Drums), Dima Grossman (Bass), Ido Klotz (Guitar) and finally emerged with their debut album 'What if,' which was self released in May 2011. Now in 2015, we have their newie 'Colors' from this LA based band. And we have 14 tracks of awesome Alternative Rock/Metal, kinda Evanescence with an large element of gutso! Indeed, it could fall into the same category as the Forever Still album that has just been reviewed by this very site. A very good album, with a great vocal performance from Orly. Unlike the Forever Still record that by and large rocked, there are slower numbers here, ‘Sober’ being one such massive song together with ‘Peace‘ and closing atmospheric number ‘Save A Life‘. In summary, this is a massive album that deserves huge recognition... 9/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 27th Sept 2011

Earth Prayer is a 4 piece band from London fronted by Anglo American Heidi Jo Hines, and they offer up pure energy Rock and Blues with powerful soulful vocals, and a great organic sound to boot. With influences ranging from the Stones, Janis Joplin, Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple and many more, this band is on a mission. 11 tracks of pure no frills Rock n Roll with even hints of Gospel...check out 'Halleluja'. And when they slow it down a touch in tracks such as 'Breakdown, it is equally as awesome. This release makes a refreshing change and I recommend the album to fans of the above mentioned bands and the like. The album actually took nine days to record, hence the title, but lyrically it is filled with a lifetime of thoughts, hopes, beliefs and interest. Check them out here. This is an album with balls...8.5/10 (Dave)


(Anova Music) Reviewed 16th November 2011

This is the second full length from the Israeli band who were formed in 2001 by Guy Ben Sherrit, releasing their début album 'Violently Delicate' in 2008, followed by the complimentary titled 2009 EP 'Delicately Violently'. The name Eatliz means butchers shop in Hebrew, it was chosen because it represents the way they chop up and mix all kinds of music as they put into their cooking pot,lean prime cuts of Crowded House, Talking Heads, Radiohead and Frans Ferdinand, then add a zest of zany, and top with lovely Lee Triffon's delicious voice that adds a dash of Bjork to the recipe. They are world famous for their stop motion animation videos, from their début 'Attractive was voted video of the decade by Israeli TV, and millions of cinema goers in America will have seen their video for 'Hey' screened before the Avatar movie. The multi award winning video for this album is for the bossa nova flavoured 'Loose this Child' (video on Female Voices) and this album comes with a DVD containing all these videos together with a live performance from the Barby club in Tel Aviv. Their music simmers and boils from the subtle to the rocking, full of spiky, chiming guitars that are sometimes intricate, sometimes chunky, from Guy, Amit Erez and Or Bahir. These are served on a bed of Hadar Green's fluid bass and Omry Hanegby solid drum groove, all well produced with pin sharp clarity by the band. Particular highlights include the cool funky 'Berlin', the jazzy 'Falling Up', the quirky piano 'Got It', the nifty 'Nine' and the catchy 'Mystical Lady'. Anyone who enjoys artistic pop-rock that's full of originality and verve will relish this album, their delicatessen can be found here, a tasty 8.75/10 (Phil).


(Ascendance Records) Reviewed 20th April 2008

Ebony Ark on this their second release, serve up a menu of melodic power metal, with the vocals of Beatriz Albert a sheer delight. I must admit to not knowing anything about this Spanish band's debut ('Decoder'), but it may well be worth checking out after this. This album is for anyone who enjoys our beloved genre, especially if you are into the gothic, progressive and the operatic side of things. 'When The City Is Quiet' is a consistent affair, and l enjoyed the cd throughout, although to my ears anyway, the best came towards the end. The title track (track 12) and the bonus track 13, 'A Merceed de la Lluvia' being very good efforts. However let's not allow this to detract from the rest of the album that is good, with great guitar and keyboards, without overdoing the solos. The UK label Ascendance Records have hit on a winner here....more please! 8/10 (Reviewed by Dave).


(Red Chord Records) Reviewed 26th July 2009

A four track EP here by UK prog rock ensemble EBONY TOWER. The brainchild of guitarist and songwriter Wilson McQueen, the EP features clasically trained violinist Skye Sheridan and vocalist Rebecca Everitt amongst other reknown musicians. 'Dead Planets New Stars' is a pre curser to a full length album that will be released later in the year. I like this little release...kicking off with 'White Rabbit' a song about environmental meltdown, this track starts with a violin intro that then gives way to powerhouse riffage. 'Ebony Tower' and 'Celebrity Squares' follow and these are impressive tracks in their own right. Finally 'Looking Glass War' harks back to the heady days of LA sleaze. Indeed, in places, the vocal style on this album reminding me a little of my vocalist friend Zennor McGuire who fronts local rock band LYCK. A good little release this one and it is worth trekking to their myspace site for more info 8/10 (Reviewed by Dave)


(OneVision) Reviewed 24th June 2015

In order to make his musical ideas real, guitarist and singer/songwriter Ronny Schuster started to search for suitable musicians in the fall of 2011. He consulted his past contacts and found Bert Wolter (bass), Philipp ‘Nafta’ Dießl (drums) and Yves Merten (vocals, guitar) as his companions to lay the foundation for a future co-operation. All three had already crossed Ronny’s path in bands like Testimony, Fimbulthier and Wishmaster (a Nightwish cover band). They then got to know 17-year old singer Nina Irmscher and keyboard player Denny ‘Malle’ Meitsky, who completed the line up of Ebony Wall in December 2011. And in May 2015, their debut album was released and it is reviewed here. And what a corker from this German band! They ply their trade by way of Melodic Symphonic Power Metal featuring both male and female vocals with great use of keys. And if you need a band that describes rather well the above mentioned style of music, you have found them. The cd opens with the thundering 'Strangers In Hell' and there is no let up as the album continues through tracks like 'Creatures of the Night', the melodic 'Dance of the Dead', the catchy and pounding 'Like A Renegade' and the mid tempo 'Die In Flames'. Then there is the customary power ballad 'Everlasting Game' - wonderful. More info can be found here. And to add, I hear that they have dressed as priests while doing their live shows. Interesting!! - A well recommended album...9/10 (Dave)


(Massacre Records) Reviewed 27th August 2009

Fronted by Francine Boucher, 'As Shadows Burn' is Echoes of Eternity's second record, following on from their 2007 debut 'The Forgotten Goddess'. This is true Melodic Progressive Power Metal, offering the listener a mix of pure technique, catchy metal melodies and the dynamics of a female voice. Kicking off with the up tempo 'Ten of Swords' - superb musicianship with guitar solos to boot courtesy Brandon patton. The opener is then followed by the slower but equally cool and somewhat catchy 'Veiled Horizon'. 'Memories of Blood and Gold' ups the tempo a little but at the same time showcasing this band's awesome talent. With the remaining tracks following a similar formula, including the final track ('Funeral In The Sky') which is an instrumental, all the music on offer should be enough to satisfy the metal fan. To summarise, 'As Shadows Burn' is a logical step forward from their debut 'The Forgotten Goddess', and as a consequence, should take Echoes of Eternity into the premier league. It's release date is scheduled for the 25th September, so place your pre orders now. 8/10 (Reviewed by Aimee)


(Blinding Force) Reviewed 11th October 2009

Echoterra is a new project, started in 2007, by American power metallers Jonah W, keys, of Pyramaze and Yan Leviathan, guitar, of Avian. The duo enlisted soprano Suvi Virtanen of Finland, who was part of Therion’s choir for many years. Joining them are John Gensmer from Epicurean on drums and fellow Avian Brian Hollenbeck on bass and vocals. So this is band with a real top quality pedigree. After the orchestral intro are three Nightwishesque songs, but with two big differences. Firstly, Yan is more of a rhythm guitarist (the only real solo being supplied by guest Bill Hudson on ‘The Will of Life), so this is a real tour de force for keyboarder Jonah. If you like keyboards, you will love this album. The second big difference is the extraordinary multi part vocals, created by Suvi. She has really used her experience singing in a choir, we are all so used to the lead and backing singers singing the same line and notes, that this is a really refreshing change and gives the band a unique sound and style. ‘The Wind Surrounds You’ is an excellent piano ballad (nice to hear a proper classical piano accompaniment, rather that the normal plonking chords), followed by the atmospheric orchestral ‘To Live Again’. Next up is the album’s best song, the wonderfully named ‘Say, Try, Lie, Die’, which features superb male (clean) and female vocal interplay. ‘Beyond the Seven Seas’ has a jolly pirate vibe. ‘Water Falls’ gallops along nicely, and the album ends with an orchestral version of the afore mentioned ‘Say, Try, Lie, Die’, Jonah can really twinkle those ivories. This is a top quality album, a must for all symphonic metal fans. Available on CD Baby and readers in the USA can also buy it on Amazon. 9/10 (Reviewed by Phil).


(Digital download) Reviewed 4th February 2010

Echoterra is a new symphonic metal band featuring female vocals, immaculate production, and world class musicians. In October 2009, their 'The Law Of One' opus was reviewed here. This latest EP offers three songs from that debut album re mastered featuring their new vocalist Melissa Ferlaak, plus two rather awesome instrumentals. Melissa has certainly fitted into the fold well strengthening the Nightwish comparisons, and that cannot be a bad thing. Of interest to fans would be the two piano led intrumentals, 'Bear Mountain' and 'Echoterra Overture'. The full version of the somewhat beautiful 'Bear Mountain' will appear on Echoterra's second full length release due in early 2011. And closing out the EP is the instrumental, 'Echoterra Overture', which is an orchestral medley of songs from the band's debut, 'The Law Of One'. Go to iTunes or cdbaby and download this little opus. And then check out their debut with previous vocalist Suvi. Top quality stuff..8.5/10 (Reviewed by Dave)


(Asylum Ruins Records) Reviewed 13th March 2013

French band ECLECTIKA now fronted by Noemie Sirandre, released their 4th album in November 2012 and this record has now dropped into Ravenheart Music for us to review. The band I understand is basically a three piece, and musically tend to remind me of German Gothic Rockers Mandrake. Noemie is obviously the leading lady, but vocals are shared between remaining members Aurellen and main instrumentalist Sebastien. This is an interesting album combining the death vocals of Aurellen and the operatic vocals of Noemie - Black Metal with an Operatic twist. Not an album that will hit you first time, but does require a few listens to get into. The ten tracks on offer, mainly up tempo numbers do sound a little samey, but overall this release ain't bad, and is a little different to what I would normally listen too. Opener 'Through The Supernova Remnant' is a rather cool instrumental and it would not sound out of place as a movie soundtrack. Second track in and the title track gets things into top gear, with the harsh male vocals immediately apparent before the operatics kick in. Although 'Trauma 835' is an industrial sounding instrumemental and 'Sweet Melancholia' is a laid back number featuring just Noemie's vocals, the similar harsh male vocal vs female operatic style by and large continues, although interestingly enough, the final track titled 'Aokigahara' is a ten minute atmospheric instrumental epic, and I have observed that their last three albums all have final tracks that last 10 minutes - no more and no less! The band's website is HERE ....7.75/10 (Dave)


(Mars Music Productions) Reviewed 9th February 2016

Six piece band ECLIPTICA was founded in 2005 and 2 years later they released their EP 'The Awakening'. In the same year they have played at the Wacken Open Air. The first LP 'Impetus' followed soon and the album was released by Frontiers Records.The follow up album 'Journey Saturnine' underlined the status of the Viennese band and the band rocked at various festivals like Metalfest Open Air, Börsencrash Festival and even repeatedly at the Wiener Donauinselfest. They have also supported many bands like Symphony X, In Extremo, Tim Ripper Owens, Freedom Call, At Vance, Axxis etc. This their third full length, was released worldwide on January 15th 2016 via Mars Music Productions (Distribution: Rebeat Digital). However, the physical Compact Disc has as yet only been released in Austria. The digital release of 'Ecliptified' contains 13 original Songs, the physical release also contains a conversion of Roxette’s 90's classic rock song 'Sleeping In My Car', which is featured on the copy I have here. With Sandra and Tom sharing vocal duties, there is some classic melodic hard rock for the listener to behold coupled with heaps of melody, exactly what we here like at Ravenheart. Highlight cuts include the rocking monster ‘Hate the Pain’, the melodic ‘Road To Nowhere’ with its catchy chorus, the ballad ‘Need Your Love’ with its fist pumping chorus, the pounding metal of ‘Hero Of The Day’ and a fave of mine ‘No Surrender’. Indeed, everything on this album is good and should certainly appeal to the Melodic Rock/AOR fan. The band’s Facebook is here, so get some Rock n Roll medication and buy!!… 8.75/10 (Dave)


(SoundAge Productions) Reviewed 30th June 2015

EDEN hail from Russia and this is another rather good band that has come our way. There are nine tracks of awesome mainly mid tempo Symphonic Metal from a band I know very little about, but they are a five piece fronted by Maya Azarova, well I know that much! All the tracks here offer up an excellent listening experience, with subtle folk elements popping up in tracks like 'Pray' and 'Butterfly'. Not a lot more to say really, except Eden are a band well worth checking out. The album can be purchased here, with a preview viewable here...8.5/10 (The Nugget)


(Napalm Records) Reviewed 2nd May 2008

Before I got into this Femme Metal genre, I always thought that Edenbridge was a small town in the county of Kent here in the UK. Anyway, before I have even started I have digressed. But signing with the awesome Napalm Records in late 2006, has given Edenbridge the opportunity to broaden their horizons, and that's exactly what they've done with this album. Guitar player Lanvall has written eleven great tunes here, and female vocalist Sabine Edelsbacher shows why she is one of the better female singers within the genre. The guitars are heavier and crunchier than before, and the sound is more bombastic, with the addition of the Czech Film Orchestra. The songs are melodic, although the album is not instant, it's a grower. It may not grab you first or even second time out. Anyway, once it does grab hold of you, it will not let go! The best songs from the album to my ears have to be 'My Earth Dream', over 12 and a half minutes of epic music, combining orchestral elements with hard hitting guitar riffs, the bombastic 'Remember Me' and 'Place Of Higher Power'. I have listened to this album a few times, and I had a better listening experience through the good old trusted headphones. For anyone that is missing the epic Nightwish of old, I'll make a suggestion. Check this out and crank it up to annoy the neighbours! Great stuff 8.5/10 (Reviewed by Dave)


(Napalm Records) Reviewed 20th June 2010

Edenbridge is a stunningly consistently good band, that since the year 2000 has brought a little bit of heaven down to earth. And Solitiare carries on the fine Edenbridge tradition and therefore is no exception to this rule. Guitarist Lanvall, once again proves impressively capable of combining musical sophistication with catchy melody lines. Solitaire offers heavy guitar riffs, elaborate orchestral arrangements, and powerful drum parts. The musical foundation is crowned by Sabine Edelsbacher, whose singular voice carries the diverse compositions to new heights. The end result is a multi-faceted kaleidoscope of melodic heavy metal songs such as 'Solitaire', 'Further Afield' and 'Bon Voyage Vagabond', coupled with crunching power ballads such as 'Skyline's End'. Then we have the hideously catchy 'Higher' and 'Come Undone', and if you are able to sit still while listening to these tracks, then you must be unwell :). The final polish is the work of mixing guru Karl Groom (Threshold) and the mastering genius of Mika Jussila (Finnvox Studio). Solitaire is an atmospherically solid and technically masterful album that majestically sets itself apart from all prevalent clichés, and will do nothing less than captivate symphonic metal fans to the core! The Symphonic Metal Crown may have been worn by Nightwish in the past. However, it has now been passed to Edenbridge. And with Robby Valentine and Dennis Ward offering backing vocals & choir parts as well, this release is awesome, totally awesome....9.5/10 (Reviewed by Dave)


(SPV Steamhammer) Reviewed 29th June 2013

The awesome Austrian amalgamation of composer/guitarist/keyboardist Lanvall and sublime siren Sabine Edelsbacher return after a three year hiatus with a new album on a new label. Joining them are their regular team of Karl Groom behind the control knobs, the man who transformed their sound on 'The Grand Design' album, and Robby Valentine on choir vocals, a man who is the very definition of big in Japan. They have used real orchestra before, but here they take it to another level, becoming an integral part of the music, taking it to a higher plane, adding majesty and grandeur, with Lanvall himself doing all the arrangements. Sabine is my favourite singer on the planet, relying on pure tone rather than vocal gymnastics to express emotion, as one of the first ladies to sing metal she showed that you do not have to scream your head off, instead you can float and soar, gliding on angel's wings, I have never met a more graceful person, and that grace infuses every breath. The first half is filled with classic Edenbridge songs, the massive opener 'Mystic River, the uplifting lead song 'Alight a New Tomorrow', the big ballad 'Star-Crossed Dreamer', and the charging galloping 'The Invisible Force'. They then begin to show other sides with the brooding beguiling 'Into a Sea of Souls', the simply stunning 'Far Out of Reach', the headbanging 'Far Our of Reach', one of the heaviest sings they've ever recorded with its jagged riff and even some subtle growls, and the poignant 'Death is Not the End'. It all culminates in the humongous 15 minute epic title track, 'The Bonding', which sweeps across vast sonic soundscapes showing every facet of their creativity, truly Lanvall's crowning achievement, and his guitar playing has never been so melodic and magical, at times he reminds me of Mike Oldfield. It all comes wrapped in a gorgeous didgibook complete with a second CD of instrumental versions, why you would want a CD without Sabine is beyond me, but it makes a nice package. The whole album is a towering triumph that every symphonic metal fan will bond with, showing a band at the heights of their power, a timeless album for all time. You will cross the bridge to Eden at, a bonding 10/10 (Phil)


(Ravenheart Music) Reviewed 23rd April 2014

Edenfall come from just down the road in Gloucestershire and the band is fronted by the angelic voice of Clare Webster. And I think it is fully appropriate to review an English Band who hail from the heart of England on St Georges Day, rather good me thinks. With influences listed that include such bands as Lacuna Coil, My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Draconian and Moonspell, that may give the listener a brief idea as to what path this band is treading. We have here 10 tracks and over an hour of rather good Melodic Gothic Doom Metal featuring the occasional growls of of Clare's partner in crime Rob George. Opener and intro 'The Rhinemaiden's Song' leads us into the heavy 'Thistle's Cairn' that is a massive song featuring both the vocals of Clare and Rob, kinda imagine if you will Draconian in full flow. 'Obsidian' is a radio friendly upbeat track with some great guitar from Rob. The Doom influences return with the track 'Dark Wings, Dark Words' and I can certainly hear Draconian or Moonspell influences here, amongst others - a simple piano melody driving this song along too. 'Wolves' is another great atmospheric Gothic song with great use of keys giving the number a near Symphonic feel. The second half of the record continues the great work with further stunning tracks to sink your teeth into, including the likes of the absolute 13 + minute epics 'Made of Mist' and 'She Brings The Winter', what corkers. Then we have the semi upbeat 'The Wyvern Child' and a mention should be made regards the rather nice track 'Escaping', that takes the acoustic route, although it does build up into a nice crescendo towards the end. I know this is a Ravenheart release, but this is a massive record. The band's Facebook is here - whether you are a fan of Gothic Doom Metal or or not, this rest assured comes well recommended to all fans of female fronted Rock & Metal music. A gem!!! 9/10 (Rachel)


(Self Release) Reviewed 17th January 2011

Edenial are a hot new Chile band fronted by the alluring Francisca Lastra, with the album coming in both English and Spanish versions. Their style is a more prog metal, but no less catchy, Lacuna Coil/We Are The Fallen featuring the highly skilled fretwork of Gerardo Ihle, good grief this guy can shred, the technical clanking/grunting/slapping bass as lead of Cano Graepp, and the pounding drums of Daniel Urdangrin. Francisca has a powerful expressive voice that cuts through the raging riffage and thunderous production ensuring that there is always a good tune at the heart of the music, and she doesn't whine and wail in a faux/real American accent like so many alt-rock/metal singers. 'The Big Day' (Spanish version on Female Voices Blog) encapsulates their style, combining more atmospheric passages with hard rocking, soaring choruses, phenomenal guitar/bass workouts and riffage that comes at you like an express train on heat. They barely pause for breath as they steam headlong through monsters like 'Wind', 'I Love It', and my personal fave, 'It's Too Dark, Too Wet and Cold', bookended by two lighter numbers, title track 'From The End' and 'Stay With Me'. Strangely Amazon has an 'Explicit' warning for the album even though she swears less than James Blunt and you would need the ears of a bat to notice, a case of political correctness gone mad. Their technical prowess, immense sound, and skilled songwriting lift them out of the quagmire of alt-rock/metal bands, this is an album that should go down a storm with alt/gothic/prog metal fans alike. Available for download from the afore mentioned Amazon, their Myspace is, a spicy 8.75/10 (Phil).


(Free download - self release) Reviewed 27th October 2014

I may be the pretty innocent looking Essex girl, but when it comes to my music, the heavier the better. I picked up on Edenian via facebook and this EP is available via free download, the link is a little later in this review. This Melodic Death/Gothic Metal band is a beauty & the beast band from Ukraine and this is rather cool to my ears. I so wanted to review it, and when the gaffer Ravenheart Dave said go ahead, I was in heaven. There are five tracks here, three originals and two covers. Fans of bands like Draconian and the like will lap this monstrously heavy record up, but having said that, the angelic female vocals courtesy of Valerie Chudentsova add a little sanity to proceedings. Meanwhile Max "Eternal Tom" Molodtsov growls maintain the ample dosage of heaviness. The two covers are curious but very good...'Snow White' (Xandria) and 'Eternal' (Paradise Lost). For now the band consists of two main members, the aforementioned Max "Eternal Tom" Molodtsov & Valerie Chudentsova. They use hired musicians to perform live shows. Edenian say they play for passion - not for fashion! Good on them, well recommended - 8.75/10 (Natalie Gold)


(Self Released) Reviewed 1st July 2015

Edenwar was born in January 2014, inspired by the best sounds of the Symphonic Metal and Epic bands of the last decade. The founders, Nicolas Dobernack from Switzerland and Anna Fiori from Mexico, set their first steps in the fascinating world that lays between Metal and Epic music, mixing innovating sounds with complex atmospheric soundscapes. There are 8 songs here that shows the great potential of the band. This album counts on the collaboration of great musicians including Timo Somers (Delain), Fabio Lione (Angra, Rhapsody of Fire and Kamelot) and Christian Vidal (Therion), that empowers the album quality with excellent results. And let us not forget the EdenChoir featuring 20 people from Mexico. Eight tracks of sheer symphonic bombastic power on this cd and not a bad track to be found. The band's website is at This is very good and well recommended...9/10 (Dave)

EDGE OF ATTACK...S/T Nine track album

(Self Release) Reviewed 23rd May 2012

Based out of the frigid wastelands of Alberta in Canada, four piece Edge Of Attack serve us with nine tracks of awesome Power/Thrash Metal with a modern edge. And don't let the word "Thrash" put you off either, as there is always melody bubbling under the surface on this huge sounding cd. The melodic and haunting vocals of Roxanne Gordy control proceedings throughout the album, ably assisted by the male vocals of guitarist Jurekk Whipple, his vocals having more of a Power Metal feel to them. Opener 'Forever' sets things in motion, and is actually one of my fave tracks on this cd. Guitars from Jurekk that could shred an iron bar steamroller their way out of the speakers in typical Power Metal fasion, but what I like about this number is the atmospheric chorus, that does tend to stick around in your head - great guitar solo too. The pounding 'Rise Above' is frikin' awesome, while 'Demon (Of The Northern Seas)' that includes vocals from Ivan Giannini, reminds me instrumentally of the great Thin Lizzy! Another great chorus too. There are other numbers that stand out, including 'The Haunting', the thrashy 'Crimson Rain' and the high octane closer 'Set The World Aflame' with it's awesome choral intro, before the band cuts in and blows your speakers - this track featuring Norwegian Rock/Metal Vocalist Pellek. With great musicianship all round including some excellent guitar work, I understand that this band's fanbase is increasing all the time. I cannot say I am surprised after listening to this album. This is worth checking out...pop to (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed January 14th 2013

I reviewed a promo copy of this album in May of last year, and I was highly impressed with that effort by this band from Alberta in Canada. Now I have the actual copy of the 'real' cd with a slightly amended track listing and different artwork. Indeed, one track from the promo has been removed, and two new numbers pop up. I decided to review the album again, as it is due now to be released in February, and I remain equally impressed with what I have here. Fronted by Roxanne Gordy and ably assisted by the awesome male vocals of guitarist Jurekk Whipple, this band offer the listener 10 tracks of Metal with a thrashy and melodic edge. The Power Metal of new number 'In Hell' kicks things off, this track roaring out of the speakers like a Japanese bullet train. The melodic and mid tempo 'The Haunting' and the quirky 'Demon (Of The Northen Seas)' follow, the latter reminding me a little of UK rockers Magnum or even Thin Lizzy. 'Take Me Alive' is a thumping rocker while the other newbie 'In The Night', is a rather cool but powerful melodic rocker with a slight symphonic edge. The power and the melody shows no let up during the second half of the album, with further highlights like the Power Metal of 'Edge Of Attack', the awesome 'Rise Above', the powerful and catchy 'Forever' and the 8 minute + 'Set The World Aflame' with it's great choral intro. The music on this album is designed to be played loud, the all round musicianship is damn brilliant, and their website is at this location - - check them out.. 8.75/10 (Dave)


(ShredRock Records) Reviewed 28th Sept 2011

Edge of Paradise is fronted by the rather attractive and pretty Margarita Monet, and on this their debut 9 track CD, the band unleash an aggressive, knockout punch of industrial heavy metal. Couple Margarita's vocals with the ferocious and mind blowing fretwork of guitarist Dave Bates, and you’ve got a band that offers something highly refreshing in today’s modern metal sound-scape, especially when you add guest appearances by renowned session drummer Gregg Bissonette (David Lee Roth, Don Henley and major session drummer for hit-TV and movie soundtracks) and bassist extraordinaire Tony Franklin (The Firm, Glenn Hughes, Blue Murder, Roy Harper). This combo proving to be the ultimate rhythm section when it comes to the hard-edged rock sounds contained on this album. The band in music terms is new, formed at the start of 2011 from the ashes of Dave Bates’ former band Bleed, which was fronted by Robin McAauley (MSG). And indeed Robin offers up backing vocals on this album as well as co writing most of the songs. This is in yer face Melodic Metal with some great tracks from the opener 'Falling Down' to the closer 'Fire'. And we are even treated to the track 'Shredenstein', which is a totally awesome remake of Edgar Winter's 'Frankenstein'. Like the aforementioned 'Shredenstein', it is worthy to note that 'I Come In Peace' and closer 'Fire' are also instrumentals, showcasing the awesome guitar skills of Dave. However, if I had a preference, I would like to have heard more songs featuring Margarita's vocals, instead of just the six, and I would have preferred the three instrumentals at different points in the cd running order and not perhaps tacked on the end. Nevertheless, minor gripes aside, this record is good and if their live shows are as awesome as the cd, seeing this band on stage must be a treat. I like this, and they are well worth checking out, so pop to their website and uncover what is behind the MASK....8.5/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 30th September 2014

The Edge Of Paradise is a Hard Rock/Metal band from the USA, and this is their rather tasty latest release that will soon be appearing on the shelves of your local music store. Fronted by Margarita Monet this is a rather good and at times quirky 8 track release. Kicking off with the feisty and quirky 'It's My Show', this track showcases the awesome and at times rather flirtatious vocal style of Margarita. And the quirkyness continues with next number 'Immortal Waltz', a kinda fair ground feel to these opening numbers, so far and so good! The following numbers 'Rise For The Fallen' and 'In A Dream' are great melodic numbers and if you keep still during these tracks, then you must have a serious problem! The album continues in fine fettle with tracks like 'Ghost' that reminds me a little of Queen - a great chorus!, the catchy 'Break Away' with the storming powerhouse vocals of Margarita and closer 'Goodbye'. Produced by Michael Wagener (Van Halen, Megadeth, Metallica, Ozzy...), every track here is a good un and I personally like this record very much. The band's website is at 9/10 (Dave)


(Into Records/Cargo) Reviewed 23rd September 2015

Martina Edoff comes from a certain country called Sweden, and was one of the founder members of the Glam/Rock Band The Poodles. For this her second solo album, MARTINA was supported by Jona Tee, keyboard player in the Swedish hard rock group H.E.A.T. This hook laden opus is effectively an 11 track journey into the fields of Melodic Rock/AOR, and listening to this, those fields are well and truly green and rosy. Some massive anthemic fist pumping tunes here as one would expect, such as tracks like 'Never Let You Down', the catchy single 'World Has Gone Mad', the melodic 'Come Alive' with its memorable chorus, and well, I think I will stop there as everything here is captivating and addictive. Overall, this is strong up tempo Melodic Rock, chock full of radio friendly tunes, coupled with occasional ballads like 'Spirit of Light' and 'Moment of Truth', and is well worth looking into when released in October... 9.25/10 (The Nugget)


(Generation Prog Records) Reviewed 16th January 2012

Effloresce means to bloom or flower, making a very appropriate name for this band who sprout from Nuremberg in Germany. Their first bud was the EP 'Shades of Fate, now they about to blossom with this début album produced no less by the hugely respected and enormously influential musician and producer Dan Swanö (Edge of Sanity, Katatonia, Therion, Star One, producer of Opeth, etc. etc.). They propagate a hybrid of prog and gothic metal with roots in classic symphonic prog and an exotic eastern vibe, a cultivar of bands like Akribi, To-Mera, Ayreon, The Reasoning, Porcupine Tree, Stream of Passion and The Gathering. The opening three lengthy songs feature silky smooth transitions from lighter to heavier passages, producing a variety of contrasts that maintains interest, indeed I was surprised when I checked the actual times (around 8-10 mins each), the songs feel a lot shorter than they actually are. Added to that the instrumental passages are mainly based around riffing and tuneful guitar lines by Dave and Tim, rather than shredding and with no endless noodling, supported by Basti and Tobi's excellent rhythm section, with keyboards used to add texture, atmosphere and substance. So it never drags, this is a band that is as interested in mood, melody and emotion as much as showing off their technical skill. Stunning famed haired Nicki has a pure but powerful voice that reminds me of Anneke van Giersbergen and Marcela Bovio, but she also surprises you occasionally with some growls adding to the gothic atmosphere, a couple of times she even does brief clean/growl duets with herself, how she does it live without ripping her throat apart goodness only knows, and she also contributes some rather nice flute to the gentler passages. After the shorter atmospheric Pink Floyd/Camel like instrumental 'Undercoat' comes the outstanding, mellower and more reflective Porcupine Tree/Reasoning esque and splendidly titled 'Swimming Through Deserts', and it closes with the mighty epic 'Shuteye Wanderer' which is superbly constructed as it constantly builds and subsides before slowing fading into the distance. This is a majestic album that grows with every listen revealing new nuances, with remarkable crossover appeal for both prog and gothic branches of metal as Effloresce are a technically accomplished gothic metal band who like like to stretch out far beyond the confines of a 3 minute song, without ever getting lost in complexity. Shoot off to their website here for more info, a blossoming 8.75/10 (Phil)


(Metropolis Records Import) Reviewed 7th June 2010

Ego Likeness from the USA has an energetic sound, a kinda gothic/electronic/rock crossover combined with triphop/ethereal influences. Most striking elements here are the powerful vocals of Donna Lynch, that remind me of acts like Collide. Ego Likeness is like a good wine - getting better the older they become. 'Breedless', their third album like their other releases, offers up some dance floor favourites like the title track, the awesome 'Inferno' and the catchy 'Séance'. Then we have the thumping 'The Devils in the Chemicals', the drum pounding 'Now Until Forever' and the atmospheric, haunting and rather touching 'Song For Samael', as other good examples of what this album has to offer. Ego Likeness can even rock out - 'The Lowest Place on Earth' in-fact being one of my fave tracks on this record! There is hardly a song on this album where it is impossible not to keep still. So how about getting the lasers out, cranking up the stereo, annoying the neighbours and losing yourself in the music. I have their previous two releases, they are good, but this is frikin' good if I may say so! 9/10 (Reviewed by Dave)


(Metropolis Records) Reviewed 23rd July 2015

Ego Likeness is an American rock band from Baltimore, Maryland. They were formed in 1999 by artist Steven Archer and writer Donna Lynch. After a hatful of releases, 2015 sees the release of this, their latest epic album that was released mid July. There are 12 tracks here of what can best be described as catchy up tempo darkwave/industrial rock, which will have you bouncing around the floor in no time whatsoever. Despite being a so called metalhead, I do like all types of music, as long as there is melody, and this album is included, being yet another awesome ‘dance floor’ release from Donna and Steven. A host of goodies here including the atmospheric closing title track. Well worth looking into, a decent album…8.5/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 21st January 2013

Eidon come from Tours in the heart of the romantic Loire valley renaissance château country, and I reviewed the wonderful album by Adrana who come from exactly the same place, it must be something in the historic cultural ambience that provides the inspiration to create symphonic metal. As you would expect, they are in the cour d'honneur with fellow French bands Wildpath, Whispering Tales, and the afore mentioned Adrana, with a hint of Nightwish here and there, and captivating chanteuse Gabrielle has that distinctive light operatic voice that is so characteristic. However, what makes Eidon so distinctive is that drummer Damien foregoes double peddling and instead creates a beat that will have you jumping, in fact the whole music has a joyous bounce that's guaranteed to get you moving, and a joie de vivre that's hard to resist with Gabrielle really letting rip, they must be terrific live and really get the crowd going. The intro builds the sense of anticipation, and then we're off to the mosh pit. At this point I must apologise, but it's very difficult to write while leaping around the room, but while they play the gorgeous ballad 'Night's Outline' it gives me a chance to tell you that you get a whole set full of cracking crowd pleasers packed with great instrumental flourishes by guitarist Thibaut and keyboardist Celile, now you have to excuse me, but they're just started playing 'Devil Soul', and I'm off again. Many albums have numbers that get you rocking, but it is rare indeed to have a whole album full, it like a 11 song encore, and 'Night Heart Passion' is thoroughly stuck in my cranium, I find myself bouncing up and down at the supermarket or strutting down the street. Appropriately Celile plays the reflective piano piece 'At the End of Exodus' at the end while they carry the bodies out the door and sweep the debris off the floor.Here we have a ultra catchy, great fun album with an excellent sound, music to bring a spring into your step and a grin to your face. Trip you way go-lightly to their website here, a crystalline 8.75/10 (Phil)


(Spinefarm/Universal Records) Reviewed 30th Oct 2007

This is a very strong release from Eilera, a lass who hails from Montpelier in France I believe. The album is a fusion (soz) of rock/metal/gothic/folk, with excellent use of fiddle, violins and cello throughout this release. Great stuff. I find the vocals quite enchanting, perhaps reminding me a little of UK songstress Dido on just the odd occasion. Standout tracks are a plenty on this cd, but I do rate 'Keep Our Heaven' as one of my faves. And if there is anybody reading this review that finds it hard to believe that girls can rock, check this release out! This is a must buy for fans of the genre, and for those that partcularly love Within Temptation, Nightwish and the like! And the songs on 'Fusion' are fused into your head for ages afterwards! 9/10 (Reviewed by Dave).


(Universal) Reviewed 12th January 2011

This young German band have been causing quite a stir in their homeland. The name means frost flower in English so it is appropriate that they chose a cover of Subway to Sally's 'Eisblumen' (Frost Flowers) as their début single reaching number 3 in the German charts, propelling the album into the top 20 with an accompanying headlining tour. The song's animated video has won top awards and achieved a staggering 4 million hits on Youtube (video on Female Voices blog). Fronted by the stunning Sotiria "Ria" Schenk their style is midway between Within Temptation and Indica, with added Danny Elfman, Enya and industrial, producing romantic symphonic rock. If you love Within Temptation's lighter songs like 'Memories' and 'Angels', then you will be in heaven (all lyrics are in German). By the way, there is another female artist with the same name that has no connection, it confused me when first researching the band. All the songs are full of mean, moody, and magnificent melancholic melodrama lightened by Ria's sweet pop voice, even the driving rockers 'Land in Sicht' (Land Ahoy) and title track 'Unter dem Eis' (Under the Ice) and the more Indica like 'Liebe heisst Schmerz' (Love Means Pain) and 'Sieben mal' (Seven Times). Even the most upbeat number, the bouncy 'Leben ist Schön' (Life is Beautiful), has a minor key dark edge that stops it becoming a banal pop tune. This gives the whole album an aura that is both enchanting and captivating, an aural equivalent of a Tim Burton dark gothic fairytale, rarely has a band been so appropriately named. Like Silent Force, it is an album best listened to as a complete piece of music, rising and falling, softening and soaring, drifting you away into a different state of consciousness. Should be easily available, and their website in German with relevant links is, a sublime 9/10 (Phil)


(Premium Records) Reviewed 26th March 2012

Four rather attractive and damn sexy ladies decided to take it upon themselves to offer the world their classical interpretations of pop, rock, gothic and soundtrack scores. The result is this amazing 10 track offering that sees this string quartet giving the listener their very own interpretations of songs by Depeche Mode, Coldplay, Linkin Park, David Bowie and Kate Bush amongst others. And one of those 'others' is the number 'Run' originally recorded by Snow Patrol - a touching and very awesome interpretation indeed. Okay, there are no vocals here, it is all instrumental, but they are ladies, and they are set to explode onto the scene. And on their upcoming ‘Imagenaerum’ tour, Nightwish asked for a string quartet to support them. That string quartet will be the sexy and very talented Eklipse. This record is different, very different, but it is good, really good! 8.75/10 (Dave)


(Rock Up Records Germany) Reviewed 25th April 2010

2004 was the year we first heard from ELA: Sony/BMG released ‘Out Of My Universe’, ELA’s debut CD under the band moniker Com`N`Rail. This was followed by numerous concerts, nationwide support shows in Germany – and then in 2006 the split between lead singer ELA and Com`N`Rail occurred. Fast forward to the present day, and 'Make My Day' is the second solo offering from German lass Ela, and all I can say is that if this record appeared in the 80's, it would have been a total smash. This is pure unadulterated 80's hard rock that has been dragged into the 21st century and given a modern makeover. The album also features guitarist JR Blackmore (son of guitar virtuoso Ritchie - a hero of mine) on one of the tracks (Out Of Time). Ela's awesome first solo album 'Passion' is a very good effort, a kinda Euro pop/rock affair. On this, her second release, Ela has upped the ante, and this is more of a Euro melodic hard rock/metal affair - huge on hooks and huge on melody! Opener 'Mad About Your Love' is kinda sexual..."I want your hands to touch my body, I want your lips to kiss my lips" Ela sings. And a chorus to die for too. Next song in, the slightly slower 'Who (Won't You Tell Me)" remains awesomely melodic with subtle hammond organ. Indeed, the hammond pops up on a couple of occasions through this album too. Overall, 'Make My Day' is chock full of melodic hard rockers and ballads - just check out the power ballad 'When Love's Gone' and the up tempo and melodic 'One Wish' and 'Right For The Devil' for confirmation. There are also three bonus tracks, two of which also feature on her debut 'Passion', including 'Out Of Time' (feat the aforementioned Mr Blackmore). This is a damn cool release from this attractive German girl, so get it!...9/10 (Reviewed by Dave)


(Curzweyhl) Reviewed 7th August 2010

The third album by these German mystic folk rockers sees them add a touch more electronica and melodic rock to their sound. This is what Clannad would sound like if they were a gothic rock band. Joran Elane’s deep golden voice floats dreamily over the beds of lush keyboards, orchestral sounds, acoustic guitars, violins, whistles, harps and those Clannad ahhhhh sounds, but they are not afraid to add a touch of crunchy guitar and some rock drums to their songs, which adds power, tempo and dynamics, pushing them at times towards Mostly Autumn and Mike Oldfield. A perfect example is ‘Paperplanes & Silverboats’ (on the Female Voices Blog), dreamy, wistful, atmospheric, ethereal, but with an injection of drums and electric guitars to give it some oomph. Intertwined with the more up-tempo numbers are lovely gentle pieces like the title track Silverleaf. The centrepiece is the remarkable Crimson Lullaby, the first part a waltz, the second a samba, showing the band’s diversity and skill. The whole album is lovingly crafted for your listening pleasure and the variety of tempos and dynamics means it is restful but never dull. Their Elven Land can be found at and it is available from their shop and various other outlets. This is Celtic music that transports you far away from the stresses of modern life, indeed, a rather lovely listening experience, 8.5/10 (Reviewed by Phil).


(Curzweyhl-Rough Trade) Reviewed 1st March 2011

In my review for their last album Silver Falls I mentioned that this Celtic folk rock group from Germany was moving towards melodic rock. This brand new album sees the quartet of lovely singer Joran Elane, guitarist Skaldir, keyboardist Nico and violist Simon head towards epic symphonic rock, Clannad, Enya and Eisblume with added power and majesty. The album is inspired by the works of German author Kai Meyer who has written many historically based fantasy books for both adults and children. There are 15 tracks containing 5 song cycles based around his books which are mainly in German, although the album lyrics are predominantly in English, 'Göttin der Wüste' ('Goddess of the Desert', set in Africa in the early 20th century), 'Surmkinde', ('The Storm King', based on Arabian Nights), 'Herrin der Lüge', ('Mistress of Lies', set in Europe and the Holy Land in 1210), 'Loreley' (based on the Rhine's legendary Loreley Rock siren) and 'Das Zweite Gesicht' ('The Second Face', set in 1920's Berlin). Each cycle is a mixture of songs featuring Joran's wonderful pure voice and instrumentals. Highlights range from glorious symphonic rock numbers 'Heart of the Desert', 'Arcane Ride', 'Deae Noctis' and 'Goddess of the Night' to the sublime 'Magdalena', 'My Ivory Fairy' and 'Lurlinnight'. There is a strong essence of the mystic east running throughout the album, especially on instrumental pieces like 'Samarkand' and 'Wasser Und Fels' ('Water & Rock'). Another remarkable track is 'Masken' sung by Nico in English which reminds me of Leonard Cohen. The whole album is like a sumptuous magic carpet ride through mystic lands, so float along to their magical web kingdom, Elane Music, and it's available from most bountiful bazaars, a glorious 9/10 (Phil)


(Self Release) Reviewed 10th April 2014

In 2009, Eleanore & The Lost released 'Parlour Game'. A rather good album which in-fact only came my way last year from this Guildford based band. The music of the band being compared to the likes of Jeff Buckley, Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, Bjork, Kate Bush and Evanescence. I now have the pleasure of reviewing The Gift (Part I) which will in-fact be released in three parts, with part II scheduled for later this year. Clocking in at around 11-12 mins and featuring just four tracks, this litte gem is rather good, vocally reminding me of Kate Bush amongst others. We have the rather nice 'My True Nature', the mid tempo 'Leap Of Faith', the beautiful 'Sorry, Child' and the closer which is a cover of the Gershwin classic 'Summertime Blues'. This recording I must say I rather like, okay, it is fairly laid back stuff, but rather divine nonetheless. Will be interested to hear Part II as and when - check out the website here .... 8/10 (Dave)


(Self Release) Reviewed 29th July 2015

Electra Barakos was born in Los Angeles California, but raised in Athens, Greece. Influenced by her father who is a professional Bass player, Electra started her music career from a very early age. She started playing piano when she was 6 years old, wrote her first song and recorded it when she was 8, was involved in a professional children’s choir in Greece, performed for the Greek President, and attended a Performing arts high school in Athens. Now in 2015, this is the rather talented girl's debut full length release, offering the listener 11 tracks of rather good catchy Pop/Rock. This review is actually a re-review as the original seems to have disappeared from the website, but if you like the aforementioned style of radio friendly and inoffensive Pop/Rock music, offering tracks like 'Push Me', 'I Gotta Go' and 'Life's A Bitch', then this release is well worth checking out. Electra's website is at check it out, you know you should. Recommended to all and sundry out there..8.75/10 (The Nugget)


(O.R.A Music) Reviewed 12th March 2012

Formed by singer-songwriter Minna Ora and guitarist Kari Ora in 2007, the story of this Finnish band took a dramatic twist when Minna met French journalist and artist Nicole Morgan who persuaded the band to broaden their horizons and take their music worldwide. A strong friendship was born and Nichole went on to contribute several of the lyrics on this début album. They are a classic, high energy, hard rocking band with catchy melodic hooks and a huge heart that could have released this album any time in the last 40 years but for the fact that the top quality production by drummer Pepe Lindholm is totally modern, and not surprisingly the drum sound is superb. They have their own distinctive style, but to give you an idea just think around Pat Benetar, Pretenders, Lita Ford, who Minna has been compared to, and rock era Gary Moore. In fact Kari Ora does remind me of Gary Moore before he went blues and started doing 3 hour guitar solos. They hit you with a terrific collection of songs, the catchy driving rockers 'Secret Love', 'Who Cares' and 'A Man of That Kind' with it's superb intro (video on Female Voice blog), the stormy windswept 'Waterproof' and 'Let It Rain' with Samuli Jokinen's rippling piano outro, the brooding bluesy 'Through Ice and Snow' and title track 'Black Moon', the country tinged mellower number 'Your Heart Is 100 Times Bigger Than Mine', and the closing emotive moving ballad 'That's the Way'. I'm not not surprised that Nicole told the band to spread their music, this is the the sort of rock that British and American audiences love, it would certainly not sound out of place blasting out of a T-Bird on Route 66, or a MG on the M6. You can plug into their website here, an electric 8.75/10 (Phil)


(Sweet Poison Records) Reviewed 10th October 2009

Italy seems to a hot bed of symphonic gothic music, and Elegy of Madness are a new entry in the field with this, their debut album. This is for fans of Epica and Sirenia, but with prog flourishes, that remind me of Camel. Singer Anja has a soft operatic voice, in the same style as Simone Simmonds, which suits their music that lies on the lighter side of metal. The songs alternate between softer and heavier numbers, but there are always twists and turns, and a few surprises. Stand outs include the lovely instrumentation of ‘Elegy of Madness’, the eastern flavoured ‘Another Path’, and the deep, emotional ‘Agony’ parts 1 & 2. This, as befits an album called Bridge of Sighs, is melancholic, thoughtful, reflective music. If you don’t like the way that Epica have lurched into death metal, then I highly recommend you do as I did and invest in this rather than their new album. Available at and at Gatti’s shop on EBay, as well as other reputable outlets. 8.5/10 (Reviewed by Phil)


(WormholeDeath) Reviewed 11th October 2013

Following on from 2009's 'The Bridge Of Sighs', and what we have here from Elegy Of Madness is yet another awesome offering from their label WormholeDeath, who are fast becoming the next Napalm Records. Fronted by the Soprano vocals of Anja Irullo, this album like the recent album from LEVANIA typifies the Melodic Gothic Metal genre rather nicely. The opening duo of 'Suad' and 'Sinner' kick things off, up tempo Gothic Metal with a subtle Progressive undercurrent. And then when the band do slow it down a touch with third track 'For You', well what can I say?, this number in itself is massive and bombastic with superb orchestration! 'Run Away' is a Melodic thumper and I am really beginning to like this album, and indeed there is no let up with the title track - a lighter waving awe inspiring mind blowing ballad. 'Red Dust' is another pounding Gothic Metal song, and I must say that the remainder of the record does not slow down. 'Into The Tale' is a brief instrumental of filmscore proportions followed up by the massively sounding ' The Sacred Willow', reminding me a little of Tarja era Nightwish! I am slowly becoming lost for words regards what I am listening too here and the band prove that not only can they rock, they can really pull out the stops with regards the slower ballady tracks - 'Holding Your Hand' is one such number of film score proportions yet again, and the vocals of Anja showing such powerful emotion. The closing duo of '21st March' and 'Uomo' are just so good - enough said! In summary, this is a massively sounding, bombastic, well produced and beautifully crafted Gothic Symphonic Metal album from Elegy Of Madness and to be perfectly frank, this could be on my best of the year list come year end... just love it and if I do, I know there are a lot of others out there that will as well. The record is due soon!.. 9.5/10 (Dave)


(Cardiac Records) Reviewed 12th September 2015

Eleine is a Symphonic Metal band from Sweden, fronted by a female singer with the same name. On April 18th 2015 they released their debut album, and it has been well received to say the least. Eleine herself is also known as an alternative model. Working world-wide with brands/companies like Elegant Curiosities, Odium Clothing, Heartbreak Tattoo, to name a few. So what about the music? There are eight tracks here of Melodic Metal with Symphonic influences, ‘Land Beyond Sanity’ being the opener, a pounding track also featuring the male vocals of guitarist Rikard Ekburg. ‘Destiny’ is another heavy number with soaring guitar riffs to ‘ blow your speakers. ‘Gathering Storm’ offers up vague similarities to Within Temptation or Delain, while ‘Devotion’ just simply carries on the awesome start to the album. ‘Turn To Dust’ is an emotional ballad that builds into a ballad of mammoth proportions, with following number ‘A Glimpse of Hope’ being a brief piano led instrumental. ‘A Sin’ has an awesome organ led intro, starts slow and ballady before the band kicks in big time and turns it into a hammering tune with a progressive undercurrent. Closing the album is the number ‘Death Incarnate’ and what a way to close this awesome record. Another absolute heavy melodic belter to leave you wanting hit the repeat button. This is good!…. 9/10 (Dave)


(Delicious Records) Reviewed 28th October 2008

Elena signed to Delicious Records in 2005 and started recording her amazing debut album 'Glimpse'. 'Paint It Gold' being reviewed here is her second album. This record is not metal and it is not hard rock. Let's say indie rock, and there are some catchy little songs on this release, including the awesome single 'Pink Punk', that has been picking up airplay on BBC Radio. I find 'Paint It Gold' a very enjoyable release with it's highly infectious tunes coupled with Elena's smokey and somewhat sexy vocal style. The album is well worth a listen, with the release date expected on 24th November here in the UK. Elena can also be caught live at The Dublin Castle in Camden London on Nov 20th. Great stuff! 7.5/10 (Reviewed by Dave)


(Bakerteam Records) Reviewed 13th January 2016

Eleventh Hour was born in 2014 out of guitarist Aldo Turini's need to express some musical ideas that have been kept in a drawer for years. Aldo arranged all the songs and wrote the orchestral parts with Giuseppe Carella, whose background was so distant from Symphonic Metal that the final result was very peculiar and musically challenging. In November 2014 the band's line-up had finally been confirmed and included Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline, Revolution Saints, Edge Of Forever) on vocals, who also co-wrote most of the songs with Aldo and Giuseppe, Luca Mazzucconi (N.F.D, Lahannya) on drums, GianMaria "Black Jin" Godani on bass and Alberto Sonzogni (The Black Phoenix, Timesword) on keyboards. Vocals also include soprano Susanna Carboni on the tracks, the rather nice and well orchestrated 'Sleeping In My Dreams' and the brooding 'Here Alone'. There is a melodic and cinematographic orchestral flavour to the compositions that are on this release, well showcased within the 10 tracks, ’Jerusalem’ and the beautiful power ballad ’Back To You’ being just two awesome examples. This release is a real stunner, well worth checking out… 9/10 (Dave)