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PLEASE NOTE: As from 27th October, this site is temporarily being used as a holding site for music news and current reviews too! (Newest Reviews first)..... Also here you will find music reviews that have been reviewed on our main RAVENHEART MUSIC site, and have now been moved to this site for 'storage'. There are some awesome cds that have been reviewed too over the past few years, and many will be found here. The website is continually updated, so take a look to see what you may have missed! It will not cost you a penny!! The reviews are in ALPHABETICAL ORDER and were last updated on Oct 30th 2017. And indeed, if you have any problems purchasing a cd, please contact us and we will try and help if we can!

Latest Reviews:

EIGENSINN.. 'Persona Non Grata' - 27th October 2017

LUCID DREAMING .. 'The Chronicles PtII' - 27th October 2017

GRAI.. 'Ashes' - 31st October 2017